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Muslamic ray guns

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Muslamic ray guns (or Muslamic rayguns) is a term used by critics of the English Defence League to mock that group.

The meme originated with a Press TV documentary that was broadcast on the 9th March 2011. The relevant clip, subsequently posted online, shows an interviewer questioning an EDL supporter who appears to be under the influence of alcohol (if not other substances) at a protest.

The birth of a meme[edit]

Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Hello sir, and why are you here today?

I'm here to protest, right, 'cause I'm going on a march 'cause I want Britain to be about British. I want Britain to be about British. We've got interracial law, and the Muslamic infidel, they're trying to get their law over our country. And it's happening, it is happening. It's happening in other countries. Everything... it's happening in every country, it's like... every, like, you've got, you've got the Iraqi law that they've put, they've put down in, in London. Like, we're more or less near London today. But they're trying to put the Iraqi law down on, on, on London, trying to put... they're just trying to put their, their law down on us. And we, we can't stand for that.

Which Iraqi lore is this?

It's the Muslim, Muslamic law. They, they've got, they've got their, they've got their law, obviously it's their law, innit? Right, there's no... we can't do anything about that, but we're just trying to stop Muslamic... you've got Muslamic rape gangs nowadays. Fucking... it's fifteen-year-olds getting raped and everything. It, it just can't happen. That's why all these people are here, all these people around us, that's why they're here.

Thank you very much.

The clip was posted at the Lancaster Unity blog.


A number of posters in the comments section made fun of the individual's slurred speech, in particular the fact that, when he said "rape gangs", he sounded a bit like he was saying "ray guns" [1] (though admittedly, it sounds a bit more like "ray gums", which is much less amusing).

UK Indymedia followed suit in spoofing the EDL supporter's comments: "we suggest that anti-fascist protestors follow our fine heroic science-fiction example, and dress up as characters from B-movie sci-fi space invasion movies, sporting the most outlandish of legal weapons, 'Muslamic Rayguns'", said a post credited to "Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers & Buzz Lightyear". "Turn up in Blackburn wearing your most colourful items of fancy dress, ready to impose 'Iraqi Infadel Law' upon the EDL's 'Space Invaders', blasting the racist losers back to infinity and beyond (or the nearest solar system that has a run-down Wetherspoons)."[2]

The fellow in the video earned the nickname "Minger the Merciless"[3][4] and the clip was widely mocked on YouTube, being turned into a music video.[5]

Not everybody found all this quite so thigh-slappingly hilarious, however. "The clip may be funny, but it’s not that funny", commented Patrick Hayes of Spiked Online. "There are all sorts of interviews with confused protesters on the web – from the G20 riots in London to climate change marches and the recent UK Uncut protests. So what’s behind the particular interest in this clip?", he asked. "[T]he ‘Muslamic Ray Gun’ video clip is a kind of porn for liberals. It bolsters their smug sense of superiority, allowing them to dismiss the EDL as a joke."[6] This viewpoint is generally considered to be accurate, as the EDL are a joke.


On June 17, 2014 the Facebook page for White Supremacist Vigilante Group Britain First posted an image of a Lollipop man; this was followed by the parody page, Language First declaring that Lollipops were the new weapon of White Supremacy movements in Britain to fight off Muslamic Ray Guns.[7][8]

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