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There is nothing at all gay about this image.
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Not to be confused with a homosexual preacher, or indeed any other person who is gay.
"We never had sex sex. I bought drugs and a massage from him, and he masturbated me at the end of it. That's it."
—Ted Haggard[1]
Forgiven, by Thomas BlackshearWikipedia's W.svg, one of the images decorating Haggard's World Prayer Center. Nothing gay here, move along.
Ted Haggard not attempting to molest Richard Dawkins.[2]

Ted Haggard was the definitely-heterosexual,[3] obviously not gay head of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado[4]. In 2007 Haggard was exposed as a methamphetamine user and a regular customer of Denver's male prostitutes, even though he's not gay. We must assume that money the faithful gave him was never used in this way. After a month of intensive "therapy", he was pronounced "200%[5] 100% heterosexual" and announced that he was going for a master's degree at the University of Phoenix. He is not gay, seriously.

The reason Ted Haggard chose the homosexual lifestyle (but he's not gay) is that Satan has a presence in the Church, which is why people can still have independent impure thoughts in church. Even though Satan can find his way into the Church, rest assured, there is no way that Satan found his way into the Bible long ago and twisted the whole book, because the Bible says so: Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.[6] It has been confirmed that he is definitely not gay.

New Life Church[edit]

Evangelicals have the best sex life of any group.
—The completely heterosexual Ted Haggard [7]

Ted Haggard founded the New Life Church in 1984. Locals often refer to it as "6 Flags[8] Over Jesus" due to its enormous size and bizarrely large number of flags out front. Attendance has been very down since Ted's fall from grace (even though he is not gay).


Rev. Haggard has apparently left the "restoration" process after three weeks, because he's totally not gay. He has been advised to seek secular work and is studying to be a counsellor.[9] We must pity his secular victims. He's not gay.

In 2007 Haggard begged the gullible public for money to finance himself and his wife while studying online and moved with her into rehabilitation. He asked donations to be sent to a tax-exempt organisation that was dissolved several months previously. His resources (none of which point to him being gay) include:

  1. $85,000 anniversary bonus given before the scandal,
  2. $115,000 for the 10 months he worked,
  3. $138,000 in severance,
  4. $700,000 for the mansion hovel where he lives,
  5. Unknown amount in royalties for the morally uplifting books he wrote.

No, seriously. There's nothing homosexual about him at all. We're completely, 169% serious.

Post-scandal career[edit]

After losing his credibility and the possibility of continuation for his ministerial career, Haggard has had to build a new life for himself in the secular world, despite not being gay. The path he seems to have chosen, according to his personal website, is the shady world of life insurance sales.[10] His business model bears a scary resemblance to another certain business practice with a distinct triangular shape and other such get-rich-quick scams out there on the internet, proving once and for all that life in the church really does give you an education in parting the gullible from their cash and that life in the church makes you not gay. By the way, he's not gay.

Haggard and his wife appeared on the reality TV series Celebrity Wife Swap in 2012.[11] Yes, he's married. To a woman. He's totally not gay.[12]

Regarding that wife, in one of his completely heterosexual interviews, Haggard admitted that if he were 21 in today's society, he would identify as bisexual.[13] He clearly said this in jest, because he's not gay or anything approaching it. He noted in the same interview that he's perfectly satisfied having heterosexual sex with his wife - and why wouldn't he be? He's not gay or anything. Obviously.


Scandals aside, there is good evidence that Mr. Haggard was an extremely bad, but not gay, man. When meeting with a ten-year-old with aspirations of becoming a Christian preacher, Haggard mocked the child's speaking skills, informing the child that he could trade on his youth and enthusiasm until he gained some "real material."[14]

By sheer coincidence, Ted Haggard is also the lovely, heterosexual (in no way homosexual) and slightly opinionated preacher who briefly appeared and was interviewed by Richard Dawkins in the documentary The Root of All Evil,[15] which was filmed in early 2006 before the scandal. Also, he's not gay.

Haggard's "World Prayer Center" was lavishly illustrated with intriguing, high-camp (but of course not in any way gay) fantasy art by a number of contemporary figurative artists, including muscular and busty angels (nothing gay about them) depicted by the neo-symbolist fantasy painter Thomas Blackshear.[16][17][18]

He's not gay[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Not gay

Seriously, he's not. It cannot be stressed too highly – no, he's not gay.

Seriously guys, he isn't gay. It has to be said again: Ted Haggard is not gay.

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