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The global warming wager is an application of the principles of Pascal's wager to the anthropogenic theory of global warming. That is, even if we aren't 100% certain that global warming is happening, we have to prepare for the worst case scenario anyway:

Businessweek columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say they believe that, whether the impact of global warming ends up being mild or severe, companies have to adopt a 'here it comes' mind-set and mount a well-reasoned plan. Any other response would be bad business.[1]

Since Pascal's wager has several known logical issues, a critic might accuse this version of suffering from similar flaws; however, there are some important differences between the two. Primarily, the effects of human-generated pollution on the Earth's temperature have been and are being directly observed; God has not.[2]

A more general form of the global warming wager is the precautionary principle.

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  1. The Global Warming Wager, Bloomberg Businessweek
  2. Another is that abstaining from Pascal's wager endangers only yourself, whereas abstaining from the fight to prevent global warming endangers everyone.
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