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Log in: is a website that allows wingnuts to rant about anything too liberal for them, which is nearly everything. It is further to the right than the National Review Online. Like Salem Radio Network it is owned by Salem Communications. It represents all of the loudest sects of the American right, including hardline neoconservatism, the religious right, and some paleoconservatives.


Townhall is a hotbed for wingnut paranoia. It has a severe persecution complex and sees liberalism everywhere, which is trying to destroy Christianity and democracy as we know it. Like most websites on the radical right blogosphere it has many columns opposing the "gay agenda",[1] abortion,[2] the "liberal media" (which is almost all of the media), universal healthcare,[3] and Barack Obama. It promotes global warming denialism,[4] the Iraq War,[5] torture,[6] and, oddly, Sarah Palin. There is an inherent disdain and paranoia towards Europe, Hollywood, and "liberal elites" such as Al Gore. For whatever reason, random attacks on John McCain and his daughter Meghan McCain for not being "true conservative Republicans" is a running theme as well.


Pretty much any notable conservative can contribute an article to the site regardless of their credentials, leading to the site having too many contributors to name. They pump out tens of articles in no time, which helps counter any fact checkers who would need to go through the massive list of archives to find the absolute worst articles. Here's a list of their most "notable" columnists:

There are some more columnists of note, but for the most part the list is made up C-list conservative celebrities. It's worth noting that not all of the columnists get along with each other. For instance, William F. Buckley wanted to impeach Bush, which went against the wishes of the majority of the other contributers.[7] Another example would be when Michael Medved and Jonah Goldberg criticized Dennis Prager over his attack on Keith Ellison for being sworn into office on the Koran.

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