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The text reads, "Humorous Mathematics: Things aren't adding up". The penguin on the logo likely refers to the focus of flat earthers on the alleged Antarctic ice wall.
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Humorous Mathematics is a site that, despite its name, is neither about humor nor mathematics but instead promotes all kinds of conspiracy theories, especially QAnon. In its About page, they say the site offers "quality news, where you want it, when you want it". Their mission is as follows:

To challenge the status quo and shine a light of truth upon every citizen of Earth by inspiring and motivating them to research and dig for the facts.[1]

There are three people who post there: Chris Deluge (the founder), Josh Alexandria, and "Operation Q".

Obama is Hitler's grandson[edit]

Operation Q believes at least six impossible things before breakfast:[note 1]

  1. Obama is Hitler's grandson and is also a Rothschild[2]
  2. Operation Q says that Trump is against the Marxist socialist communist Luciferian Ashkenazi Khazarian globalist fascist Zionist Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminati Nazi World Order (NWO)[note 2]
  3. Angela Merkel is daughter of Hitler[4]
  4. Fact checkers are funded by Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Obama, the Clintons and the DNC.
  5. Merkel, Theresa May, & Dalia Grybauskaite are part of the New World Order. The idea is to ensure that the Illuminati offspring are strategically placed into high-level positions in various countries to further the communistic Nazi World Order. Operation Q claims that the U.S supports Azov Brigade.
  6. Obama's birth document is not real.

Supporting links[edit]

Brian Robert Hyland claims that Obama is Hitler's Grandson and a Rothschild at the same time, he claims that Hitler didn't die in a bunker but escaped to Argentina, he claims Nazis didn't lose WW2 but took over the world, He claims that Hitler was a Rothschild. He claims Obama is a pedophile and a homosexual.[5]

"Volubrjotr" posted that communism is Rothschildism, he cites a quote by Henry Makow saying that communism is a plot to establish a Centralized Jewish state. Volubrjotr claims that Rothschilds formed the Soviet Union by financing Vladimir Lenin. Volubrjotr claims that Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the "State" is communism in another guise, which includes socialism, liberalism, fascism, neoconservatism, Zionism and feminism. He believes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is legitimate.[6]

Flat Earth[edit]

Most conspiracy theorists will point out that they reject flat Earth to seem more legitimate but the people on the site are so stupid that they legitimately believe in flat Earth.

Operation Q posted that flat Earth is correct and that round earth is a satanic conspiracy.[7]

Operation Q calls gravity a Freemasonic lie even though Newton was born before Freemasons were founded. Operation Q claims that the reason they don't want you to know that the world is flat is because it would reveal their other secrets. Operation Q claims that NASA is full of Nazis, this is only a half-truth because while Nazis were recruited into NASA,[8] NASA doesn't have Nazis anymore.

Operation Q claims that NASA confirmed that the earth is flat by misrepresenting data, claiming that Freemasons know that the earth is flat. Operation Q uses numerology to determine that globe Earth is satanic. Operation Q claims that Antarctica is an ice wall and that They want to hide it. Operation Q also claims that the Moon landing was faked. Operation Q also claims that Nicola Tesla believed that the earth was flat. At the end Operation Q uses pseudoscientific memes from flat earthers.

Additional resources[edit]

He uses a Bitchute video as evidence for Flat earth, the video is so bad that one comment pointed out how the flat earther is moronic. You know you are stupid when even a bitchute user thinks you are a moron [9]

He links to test the globe site which claims to debunk globe earth but doesn't it instead using Pseudoskepticism to do so [10].

He links to Grand design exposed which Claims that NASA was made by the freemasons and that Globe earth is a Jewish Satanic lie [11]

"What Is Geoengineering: Chemtrails, Cloud Seeding & H.A.A.R.P. Weather Modification"[edit]

Operation Q claimed that Greta thumberg admitted that Climate change is a hoax.[12] Operation Q claims that the government using chemtrails to control the weather. Operation Q claims that contrails are actually Chem trails he uses a TikTok video as evidence. Operation Q also claims that the U.S military is using chemtrails as a weapon. Operation Q claims that chemtrails are Satanic due to Barium and Aluminum spelling Baal. Operation Q claims the government is using HAARP to control the weather. At the end Operation Q links to conspiracy theory websites.[13]

Supporting sources[edit]

Operation Q links to Stop Spraying California, a survivalist website that claims the government is using chemtrails in California.[14]

Operation Q cites Globalresearch, which is ironic considering that the website is left wing and was created by Michel Chossudovsky, who is Jewish. The article claims that HAARP is a project used For weather modification and electromagnetic warfare, the website claims that the EU is concerned about HAARP.[15]

Operation Q cites the pseudoscience website In5d which claims that it found the truth about chemtrails [16]

External links[edit]


  1. "I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. There goes the shawl again!" — Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass
  2. Some of this stuff is contradictory, the Catholic church forbids Catholics from being Freemasons.[3]
    1. Communists can't be Nazis and vice versa (Unless…) and what the Nazis did to Jews is the reason that Jews are not Nazis Unless of course


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