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The weird states are those states in the United States that are often singled out as being particularly strange or undesirable.

  1. Auburn Alabama: If Florida is America's wang, Alabama and Mississippi are the fundamentalism-bestunk, intentionally-idiotic taint. That's really all you need to know about either one.
  2. Alaska: summed up by the adage taught to all women who move to the area: "The odds are good, but the goods are odd." Has the highest violent crime rate in the nation.
  3. Arizona: A vast sprawling playground masquerading as a state; just be sure you like 120 degree weather first. It's a "dry" heat, thankfully.
  4. Arkansas: So far, Arkansas has had two governors attempt to flee the state to seek asylum in Washington, DC. The first succeeded and is now living safely in New York after eight years of government protection. The second is scary as hell and luckily won't.
  5. California: Earthquakes, wine, oranges, and epidemic cluelessness, punctuated with the odd race riot. The northern half of the state used to be a haven for Deadheads, hippie communes, and unemployed ex-loggers who discovered a new, ahem, cash crop, and the southern half a haven for valley girls and surfer dudes...but that was all in the past. Now mostly known for its never-ending forest fires and droughts (at least the one that ran from 2012 to 2017).
  6. Colorado: Formerly, full of cattle and prospectors. Later, crunchy granola-land for hippies. Then the televangelists moved in.
  7. Connecticut: New England's largest concentration of Yankees fans, unfinished highways, and Lyme disease. There's not really a lot to do there if you're not into yachting or staring at the skeletons of long-abandoned factory buildings.
  8. Delaware: The mainland US answer to the Caymans; the state's biggest industry appears to be mail drops and, recently, vice presidents.
  9. Florida: Corrupt government, unending humidity, a lightning rod for strange people. America's wang. Keeps voting for climate deniers in spite of the fact that the state will soon be underwater.
  10. Georgia: East Alabama with swatches of civilization around Atlanta and Savannah. A banjo in a business suit.
  11. Hawaii: Don Ho, Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-O, "Mele Kelikimaka," and other bad tourist schlock. And poi. And wind. Lots and lots and lots of wind.
  12. Idaho: Where we know how to spell p-o-t-a-t-o-e. The Panhandle is where those too weird'n'whacky for even Washington or Montana wind up. Voted for Pedro.
  13. Illinois: Chicago, and the rest of the state. A little like Louisiana with snow. Home of Cheap TrickWikipedia!
  14. Indiana: Illinois' redneck cousin.
  15. Iowa: Corn and politics. Also Slipknot.
  16. Kansas: Because we needed our own Saskatchewan.
  17. Kentucky Fried Chicken: Bourbon. Horses. Lack of any clear identification with any surrounding areas. In other words, Kentucky.
  18. Louisiana: Not so much a state as a sweaty, corrupt train wreck with great food.
  19. Maine: Nine months of snow, three months of road repair. See Washington for the rainy counterpart.
  20. Maryland: Despite its east coast location and D.C. suburbs, has a terminal affliction of rednecks who are still ticked off that the Union put their state under martial law and didn't let them secede with the rest of the Confederacy. Baltimore offers crab cakes and free bullets.
  21. Massachusetts: All those darn gays and libruls, not to mention the Kennedys, an endless stream of Presidential wannabes (left and right-wing), and the world's most ridiculous universal health care system. What's up with that?
  22. Michigan: The rummage sale of the Great Lakes. Rednecks, urban violence, scrubby jackpine forest, Amway, and the second largest university in the country. They claim they're making better cars than they were 20 years ago, but nobody trusts them anymore. The Detroit Craigslist is probably the best place in the country to find an Arabic translator. Also the home of uninspiring loser Ted Nugent.
  23. Minnesota: Not actually all that weird; just afflicted with that annoying Winnipeg-goes-to-Stockholm accent. Also home to "Minnesota Nice," which is the sort of polite reception where you need to check for knives in your back.
  24. Mississippi: Do we need to remind you to see Alabama?
  25. Missouri: Misery. Branson. (Redundant?)
  26. Montana: The nation's largest refuge for isolationist psychos. Call before visiting so they know not to shoot out your tires.
  27. Nebraska: FOOTBALL!
  28. Nevada: Lost wages, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, Area 51, and legitimate businesses with names like the Chicken Ranch.
  29. New Hampshire: North Boston and E I E I O. Ayup. Also GG Allin.
  30. New Jersey: Pollution, beaches, tollbooths, and Springsteen. The state where one describes where one lives by which Turnpike exit they use. Home of teh Schlafly!
  31. New Mexico: 44.3% more American than old Mexico. Has a resort town called Truth or Consequences. Does not have UFOs.Or does it?
  32. New York: Two different things; that little island that still pretends they're the center of the known universe, and the rest of the state which might as well be part of Canada.
  33. North Carolina: beaches in the east, moonshiners in the west, basketball in the middle, and rednecks all throughout.
  34. North Dakota: Nine months of snow, three months of road repair. And wheat.
  35. Ohio: Often singled out for being strange and undesirable on account of its hypernormality, a symbol of all things middle-American. Also Devo, Pere Ubu and the Electric Eels are from Ohio.
  36. Oklahoma: In running competition with Colorado for how many televangelists can be based there.
  37. Oregon: The part of the west coast between California and Washington. Has some good Pinot Noir. Antifa and hipsters in the west, white supremacist militia groups in the east.
  38. Pennsylvania: Acceleration ramps? What're those? Civil engineers? Who needs 'em? We also have scrapple! The first day of hunting season is basically a state holiday.
  39. Rhode Island: Strip clubs, quasi-legalized prostitution, unusual vocabulary even by New England standards, some of the weirdest politicians in the country.
  40. South Carolina: Still fighting the Civil War. Let 'em be.
  41. South Dakota: Still less north than North Dakota. More wheat.
  42. Tennessee: Moonshiners in the east, Elvis in the west, no scratch that, Elvis has been spotted across the state. Also Pigeon Forge, the Baptists' answer to Las Vegas.
  43. Texas: Massively overinflated self-importance masking a painful case of Alaska envy.
  44. Utah: Mormons. Jello. The Osmonds. Prozac.
  45. Vermont: Grouchy rednecks and perma-stoned hippies. And beer maple syrup. Home to one Bernard Sanders esq.
  46. Virginia: Formerly known for being the home of far too many televangelists, but thank God for Colorado and Oklahoma! It's also the moonshine capital of the world. It also has the world's most pathetically stereotypical suburbs in Fairfax County and the country's most uptight beach city in Virginia Beach.
  47. Washington: Rain and boredom. Also Microsoft and oceans of coffee. Bigfoot lurks in the woods, as does the next Ted Bundy or Green River Killer. Southeast part glows and occasionally sets off Geiger counters in Idaho. And don't forget Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier...KA-BOOM!!!! Hahahahaha...
  48. West Virginia: Similar to Vermont, but in this case the grouchy rednecks and perma-stoned hippies are often one and the same, and the state is full of them plus they all carry shotguns. Those who aren't, are hard at work underground so you ungrateful fucks folks can power up your computers.
  49. Wisconsin: Cheese, beer, and widespread denial about Brett Favre's defection to Minnesota football. Has a history of being the home of several well-known serial killers, but living in near constant sub-zero weather while sustaining yourself on a diet of Miller Lite, cheese and polka is sort of a recipe for mental illness. When it's not freezing, it's 90 degrees and 99 percent humidity, and that doesn't help either.
  50. Wyoming: Full of phony cowboys, real oil roughnecks, millionaires, and geysers. Also home to the world's largest volcano, which powers said geysers and will probably blow sky high some day and plunge half the world into a month of night.

Not states[edit]

Note: not colonies.

  • Afghanistan: Over a decade of occupation so it might as well become a state.
  • American Samoa: Chief exports: coconuts, soldiers and professional wrestlers. Chief import: turkey tails.
  • Baker and Howland Islands: Because we just had to have two barren atolls in the middle of the Pacific. They're a procrastinator's paradise, as they are the last parts of the world to experience each new day.
  • Diego Garcia: Technically under illegal British occupation.
  • Guam: Pacific island with a funny name.
  • Northern Mariana Islands: Third world labor practices on American soil. What a bargain! Without an article on Saipan, the mighty RW AI asks whether you're looking for satan - just a coincidence, probably...
  • Palmyra Atoll: The U.S.'s only remaining incorporated territory. Couldn't let Hawaii have this one?
  • Puerto Rico: ¿Como se dice "shit or get off the pot" en español?
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: Are we still in the US? They drive on the wrong side here…
  • Wake Island: A speck of coral in the middle of a Pacific Ocean. Easily mistaken for an aircraft carrier by virtue of having the Airstrip In The Middle Of Nowhere.
  • Washington, D.C.: Disputed territory between MD and VA — neither one wants it. In that regard, sort of like the island of MoosylvaniaWikipedia or Bir Tawil,Wikipedia with more stray bullets. Apparently some sort of governing activity goes on there as well.[1]
  • Iraq: Well we took it, so we pwned it! Could be three more states!

Legally not USA[edit]