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Badger's Law states that the content of any website which contains the word "truth" in its name or URL contains anything but that. The law states:

Websites with the word "Truth" in the URL have none in the posted content.

In practice, this means that websites with this word in their name and/or URL can be considered webshites. Citing such webshites as a credible source is in turn a violation of Scopie's Law. WorldTruth.TV is a prime example of this.


The law was named in April 2016 on Facebook by the admin of the page "Genetically Modified Humans for Monsanto"[1] and has since quickly been taken over by other pro-science pages.[2][3]


Badger's Law also seems to apply in the cases of certain other words:

Possible exceptions[edit]

Note the Badger's Law has exceptions; in particular, it does not apply recursively (for example, "" is probably an acceptable primary source about ""). It applies less strongly when the URL is in the form of a question (""), as many such cases fall under the scope of Betteridge's law.

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Exceptions to the rule[edit]


More seriously, there are actually some exceptions to the rule.