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Truth in Science, contrary to its name, is a British creationist organization which promotes the "teach the controversy" campaign. They have a sleek website that proudly displays a Bohr atom for its logo to make it seem more sciencey than it actually is.[note 1] In it, they support promoting good science education in the UK though reality begs to disagree.

They promote the idea that there is scientific controversy about the validity of Darwinian evolution, a view rejected by the UK's Royal Society and virtually every science academy around the world.[1]

Truth in Science denies that they focus upon creationism, but instead claim to focus upon intelligent design. They also offer for sale a transphobic DVD entitled Transgender Agenda.[2]

Organisation structure[edit]

According to its website, Truth in Science is run by a Board of Directors who are advised by a Council of Reference and a Scientific Panel.[3]

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Stephen A. Hyde (Chairman), a Chartered Engineer
  • Professor Andrew McIntosh[4], Professor of Thermodynamics at the University of Leeds, an evangelical Christian and creationist [5] and, as of 2 June 2003, was a member of the council of reference of Biblical Creation Ministries[6]. Andrew McIntosh has written a book called Genesis for Today[7] which argues for a biblical literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis. During a BBC Northern Ireland radio debate, broadcast on 10 December, 2006, McIntosh stated his position that a Young Earth was his personal conviction, but that this was tangential to the scientific claims of Intelligent Design.[5]
  • Philip Metcalfe, an evangelical Christian publisher.
  • John Perfect, a teacher.
  • Maurice Roberts, a Minister of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)[8] and former teacher of classics.

Council of Reference[edit]

  • Stuart Burgess, Professor of Design and Nature, and Head of Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University, has a Diploma in Theology from the London Reformed Baptist Seminary (of the Metropolitan Tabernacle) and contributor to Answers in Genesis.[9]
    Burgess appeared on a radio interview with BBC Northern Ireland on 18 April, 2004. Burgess stated his position that the Earth "is around 6000 years old, that's what the bible says". In drawing a conjunction between science and religion, Burgess said that one's choice of explanation was "faith versus faith", and that "either you have faith in evolution or faith in Creation". Burgess went on to concede "that the Earth has the appearance of great age" on the grounds that "the bible says that God created a mature Earth, and a mature universe, with Adam mature, and trees being mature". The interviewer quizzed Burgess on the matter of a deceptive God. In his response, Burgess explained, "when man came into the universe he would have that fully functioning universe ready to enjoy". In response to further challenges, Burgess said that the Big Bang is a religious faith, which contradicts the first law of thermodynamics. In his penultimate question, the interviewer, William Crawley, asked Burgess "You're not concerned that you're messing up the minds of young people by giving them the impression that they have to commit scientific suicide in order to be believers?" to which Burgess responded: "My main concern, is that on the day of Judgment, people will not say to God 'my excuse is the theory of evolution', for not believing in God, because God will say that is not an excuse".[10]
    Burgess wrote a book, called "Hallmarks of Design", which compares biological structures, for example, genetic coding, to sets of engineering drawings. Burgess draws the inference that a designer must have designed such structures.[11]
  • John Blanchard, author of pop culture books including Evolution: fact or fiction? Has Science Got Rid of God? and Does God Believe in Atheists?
  • Gerard A. Chrispin, lawyer and director of Daylight Christian Prison Trust.
  • George Curry, minister of Elswick Parish Church (St Stephen and St Paul), Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • David Harding, pastor of Milnrow Evangelical Church, Lancashire.
  • Russell Healey, mathematics teacher.
  • Derek Linkens Professor and Dean Emeritus, Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield.
  • John F. MacArthur, author of many tracts about Christianity, president of The Master's College, and pastor of a church in Sun Valley, California
  • Albert N. Martin, pastor Of Trinity Baptist Church, in Montville, New Jersey.
  • Steve Taylor, reader in Micro and Nano Technology at the University of Liverpool.

Scientific Panel[edit]

  • Geoff Barnard, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge.
  • Paul Garner, lecturer and researcher with Biblical Creation Ministries.
  • Arthur Jones, science and education consultant.
  • Tim Wells, Senior Lecturer in Neuroendocrinology at Cardiff University.

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  1. In truth, though, it's just another Wordpress blog.