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Efrain "Sonny" Cardona Jr., better known as Truth Never Sleeps (TNS), is a Christian Young Earth Creationist conspiracy theorist YouTuber. His activities focus on hyper-analyzing music videos, end times prophesying, and exposing people as Illuminati shills (including fellow conspiracists The Vigilant Christian, A Call For An Uprising, Alex Jones, and Mark Dice). It is unknown if his videos are a joke or intended seriously. Cardona began his career as a Christian conspiracy believer as part of a podcast called The Extreme Society Show which ran from 2008-2014 before being ejected for making anti-Semitic comments and his never ending urge to always be packin' and tossin' on and off the mic.

As of February 2020, Cardona's main YouTube channel has over 96,000 subscribers and 21 million views.[1] Cardona currently makes $54 per month from 14 patrons on Patreon.[2] In August 2019, Cardona made $291.67 in donations on PayPal.


On March 18, 2019, Cardona revealed that of his 29 latest videos uploaded since February 15, 2019:[3]

  • 19 (65.5%) have a yellow monetization icon, meaning "not suitable for all advertisers" and with "limited or no ads."
    • One of these ("DEMONIC GAME Momo CHALLENGE IS SHOWN during Peppa Pig video on YouTube!Kim Kardashian IS JUST AS BAD") is age-restricted.
  • 2 (6.9%) have no monetization due to a Content ID claim.
  • 8 (27.6%) have a green monetization icon, meaning that there are no issues.

On June 5, 2019, the same day that YouTube announced tougher policies regarding harassment and hate speech,[4] the Truth Never Sleeps channel was fully demonetized. Another channel, The Show, was demonetized in 2020.


As of February 2021, Cardona operates several channels:

The original Truth Never Sleeps channel was banned on March 1, 2018, unbanned in May 2018, and banned again in November 24, 2020. Cardona's secondary channel, formerly known as The Life Changer Sonny Cardona Super Trending Motivation Inspiration Daily Show, now serves as a replacement for the main Truth Never Sleeps channel. It is unrelated to the original Motivation Inspiration channel by Murray Newlands, which features over 58K subscribers.

In contrast to his contemporaries, which include The Vigilant Christian and A Call For An Uprising, a much smaller fraction of Cardona's audience is subscribed to his secondary channels. The last video on Sonny's smaller channels (not including TruthNeverSleeps, Trending Streams, Faith and Beyond Daily! and The Original Video Gamer) was uploaded on July 4, 2019.



Instead of fancy animations or a theme song, Cardona subjects his viewers to an intro speech of about 30 seconds in every video. The latest speech typically goes like this:

"Hi everybody! Welcome to the Truth Never Sleeps here on the Internet. Please, please, subscribe, as I expose the Satanic New World Order system like nobody else does on the World Wide Web, where I break things down and I definitely connect the dots. So, please, connect to me by subscribing, by clicking and hitting that bell to get the latest video notifications. In other words, whenever I make new videos, you'll be the very first ones to know. If you're not getting those notifications, just refresh this channel multiple times a week, if not daily. I come out with new videos all the time to keep everybody in the know. The information that I share here, they don't want you to know."


Occasionally, Cardona uses clickbait titles and thumbnails to fool viewers into thinking that he uploaded a TV broadcast on YouTube. In reality, his uploads are merely rants on how he believes that these broadcasts are satanic. (One exception is his Met Gala 2019 commentary, which features many time-delayed clips from NowThis, used without permission and under the guise of a live stream.) Predictably, many viewers thumb down these uploads. Examples include:

Both the opening and closing ceremonies were uploaded by the IOC on September 25, 2016, giving Cardona plenty of time to fish for views. In the Rio 2016 closing ceremony rant, Cardona confused Vybz Kartel with Usain Bolt. For the UFC video in 2018, Cardona uses a thumbnail with official art, only adding the word "EXPOSED" in small print below the art's text. During his bootleg Met Gala 2019 stream, Cardona surpassed 1,000 viewers.

List of Satanic items according to Truth Never Sleeps[edit]

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Cardona has helpfully catalogued many people, places, and things as Illuminati projects. Several of these overlap with The Vigilant Christian's list. Here is a list of Satanic items according to Truth Never Sleeps:


  • A Call For An Uprising
  • Al "Boopis" Jenkins
  • BlueBloodLIVE
  • The Dark Reindeer
  • God's Son (YouTube channel)
  • Johnny Anonymous
  • Rev Will Egan
  • RussianVids
  • The Vigilant Christian
  • The Escape Show
  • Zorkmid123
  • EXS Radio


It genuinely is easier to list things Cardona doesn't think are part of a massive conspiracy.

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