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Not to be confused with Vigilant Citizen, despite similar content.
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Efrain "Sonny" Cardona Jr., better known as Truth Never Sleeps (TNS), is a Christian Young Earth Creationist conspiracy theorist YouTuber. His activities focus on hyper-analyzing music videos, end times prophesying, and exposing people as Illuminati shills (including fellow conspiracists The Vigilant Christian, A Call For An Uprising, Alex Jones, and Mark Dice). It is unknown if his videos are a joke or intended seriously.

As of March 2019, Cardona's main YouTube channel has over 93,000 subscribers and 20 million views.[1] Cardona makes $38 per month on Patreon.[2]


On March 18, 2019, Cardona revealed that of his 29 latest videos uploaded since February 15, 2019:[3]

  • 19 (65.5%) have a yellow monetization icon, meaning "not suitable for all advertisers" and with "limited or no ads."
    • One of these ("DEMONIC GAME Momo CHALLENGE IS SHOWN during Peppa Pig video on YouTube!Kim Kardashian IS JUST AS BAD") is age-restricted.
  • 2 (6.9%) have no monetization due to a Content ID claim.
  • 8 (27.6%) have a green monetization icon, meaning that there are no issues.



Instead of fancy animations or a theme song, Cardona subjects his viewers to an intro speech of about 30 seconds in every video. The latest speech typically goes like this:

"Hi everybody! Welcome to the Truth Never Sleeps here on the Internet. Please, please, subscribe, as I expose the Satanic New World Order system like nobody else does on the World Wide Web, where I break things down and I definitely connect the dots. So, please, connect to me by subscribing, by clicking and hitting that bell to get the latest video notifications. In other words, whenever I make new videos, you'll be the very first ones to know. If you're not getting those notifications, just refresh this channel multiple times a week, if not daily. I come out with new videos all the time to keep everybody in the know. The information that I share here, they don't want you to know."

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