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Neil Erikson

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Erikson (center) protesting against Extinction Rebellion in 2019
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce

Neil "Nool"[1] Erikson (1985–) is an Australian far-right extremist, convicted felon and self proclaimed neo-Nazi. He was the leader of the now-defunct Nationalist Alternative and Nationalist Republican Guard (what republic were they guarding in Australia?), the second of which he claimed Adolf Hitler would have supported, if he were still above ground.[2] He was also a member of the United Patriots Front, along with his friends Shermon "The Great Aussie Patriot" Burgess and fellow neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell.

Viewpoints and activity[edit]

During the peak of the Reclaim Australia movement, Erikson produced videos which consisted of him ranting that the left and radical Islam are working together to destroy Australian society and must be overcome. He has accused the left of being "a bunch of pussies" and for being too cowardly to verbally engage with right-wing patriots.[3] Erikson has also hilariously accused the Australian media owned by Rupert Murdoch of being leftist because they are insufficiently critical of radical Islam.

Erikson also regularly attended UPF protests, where he was often seen with a video camera filming the occurrence and screaming at people of different political persuasions.

Before joining the UPF, Erikson was convicted for verbally abusing and threatening a rabbi over his "race",[4]and expressed regret over the fact that Hitler did not fully "deal with the Jewish problem".[5]

Since joining the UPF, Erikson has dialled back the Nazi rhetoric, though he did interview Australian Neo-Nazi Jim Saleam on how to overcome the left.[6]

In July 2015, Erikson offered any leftist who would punch him in the face a $100 gift voucher to purchase deodorant. Because all lefties are unwashed dirty scum, you know.[7]

In November 2017, a video surfaced of Erikson calling Iranian born, Australian senator Sam Dastyari a "terrorist" and "little monkey" in a Melbourne pub. He was among a group of "concerned patriots" who harassed and racially abused the senator.[8]

In January 2018, during a court appearance over breaching court orders by failing to return a uniform to former employer Toll and publishing online footage and photographs of high-profile confrontations in which his associates are wearing the logistics company's uniforms. During the proceedings, Erikson mistakenly picked up the Koran as he prepared to give sworn evidence in the witness stand in the Federal Circuit Court. After he was corrected by an associate, Neil excused his mistake by saying that he was 'just a simple forklift driver' in a 'David versus Goliath' legal stoush against Toll.[9]

But in a March 2019 video posting on "his" youtube channel, Erikson let his guard down and basically admited he's a neo-nazi thug by stating, "I don't condone the violence (in NZ) - BUT".[10] All of this posted while there is apparently an outstanding warrant for his arrest in NSW for assaulting a place of worship. He also posted memes[11] on his Twitter account of he and other "supporters" of Senator Fraser Anning tackling "restraining" 17 year old "Egg Boy" Will Connolly after Connolly told Anning he is a racist cunt cracked an egg over Anning's head in protest over Anning's badly veiled support of the 2019 NZ Shootings.[12]

Following his commentary on the terror attacks in New Zealand, both Erikson and his former UPF colleague Blair Cottrell were permanently banned from Facebook and decided to continue spreading their nonsense on the platform Gab, a platform known for its popular use among right wing extremists, and by very few others.[13]

In May 2019, Erikson, along with fellow alt-right shithead Dia Beltran, interrupted a church service at the Metropolitan Community Church in Melbourne, a Christian church known for its pro-LGBT views and activism. Beltran filmed Erikson on a mobile phone as he proceeded to interrupt a sermon and launch a series of homophobic slurs at members of the congregation. He then got into a physical altercation with one church member, before eventually leaving.[14]

Erikson is apparently on the short list for the 2019 Person Most Likely to Be The Next Matthew Heimbach Award.