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Neil Erikson

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Neil "Nool"[1] Erikson aka "the brain of a 12 year old idiot trapped in the body of a fully grown moron" and "Idiot Boy" is an Australian right-wing activist, convicted felon and self proclaimed neo-Nazi. He was the leader of the now-defunct Nationalist Alternative and Nationalist Republican Guard (what republic were they guarding in Australia?); the second of which he claimed Adolf Hitler would have supported, if he were still above ground. [2]. He is now a member of the United Patriots Front, along with his friends Sherman "The Great Aussie Patriot" Burgess and fellow neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell.

Viewpoints and activity[edit]

Erikson regularly produces videos which consist of him ranting about the left and radical Islam are working together to destroy Australian society and must be overcome. He has accused the left of being "a bunch of pussies" and for being too cowardly to verbally engage with right- wing patriots[3]. Erikson has also hilariously accused the Australian media owned by Rupert Murdoch of being leftist because they are insufficiently critical of radical Islam.

Erikson also regularly attends UPF protests, where he will often be seen with a video camera filming the occurrence and screaming at people of different political persuasions.

Before joining the UPF, Erikson was convicted for verbally abusing, and threatening a rabbi over his "race"[4], and expressed regret over the fact that Hitler did not fully "deal with the Jewish problem"[5].

Since joining the UPF, Erikson has dialled back the Nazi rhetorics, though he did interview Australian Nazi Jim Saleam on how to overcome the left[6]

In July 2015, Erikson offered any leftist who would punch him in the face a $100 gift voucher to purchase deodorant. Because all lefties are unwashed dirty scum, you know[7].