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Scott Huse

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Scott M. Huse is a creationist who authored the book The Collapse of Evolution, which has gone through several editions and is still in print.[1]

The book is a haphazard compilation of just about every bad argument for creationism and then some. The usual PRATTle is pratted out for our edification (evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics; there are no transitional fossils; radiometric dating cannot be trusted, ad nauseam).

It is riddled with factual errors. For example:

  • Claims that according to evolutionary theory, humans descended from birds
  • Also claims that evolutionists believe the duck-billed platypus is the evolutionary link between birds and mammals[2]
  • Claims that human and dinosaur fossils have been found alongside each other, and this disproves evolution
  • Cites a scientist who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in physics[3] as "winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in science"

It includes an appendix titled "Scientific Facts that Prove Evolution." The page is blank.

[edit] Footnotes

  1. Huse, Scott M. The Collapse of Evolution. Baker Books, 1983; most recent edition 1997
  2. See Jim Foley: "Creationism and the Platypus", talk.origins FAQ for a refutation
  3. http://nobelprizes.com/nobel/physics/1971a.html
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