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VenomFangX (often shortened to VFX or Venom, and also known as or PCS or Posterboy for Creationist Stupidity) is a creationist Internet vlogger who makes YouTube videos mostly about religion, God, Christianity and young Earth creationism.

VenomFangX is quite possibly YouTube's greatest recurring LANCB champion, having closed and reopened his channel numerous times. He is also known for E-begging asking for donations from his viewers to aid him in his evangelist activities.

Considering that geniuses of equal stature often think alike, it comes as no surprise that VenomFangX was brought to Christianity by watching videos on YouTube — featuring, of all people, Kent Hovind. Later in life, VenomFangX worked for Hovind for a time.[1] He made many of his videos by simply reading Hovind's own speeches and arguments, often word-for-word, paragraph-for-paragraph.

Not the hero we need[edit]

At one point, he had a dispute with YouTuber Thunderf00t involving copyright law. In a fit of rage, Venom dressed up as the Joker from The Dark Knight, makeup and all, and made a threatening and batshit insane video towards him. On the upside, it wasn't a bad impression.

Gays are the absolute worst[edit]

In 2015 he went off of the deep end after the US Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, and made a video comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.[2]

The Top 3 Atheist Arguments[edit]

In 2015, VenomFangX created a video about uncommon common atheist arguments. Basically, the video consists of overgeneralizations (if that wasn't obvious from the video name) and a condescending tone. Also just count how many times he says "I think" and doesn't really answer his proposed atheist questions.[3]

  1. If God exists, why is there evil?
    1. God let us choose to have evil as illustrated through Adam and Eve and with so many people, God's too busy to be a babysitter.
      1. But without sex, the human race would be extinct... The hell? To all the readers: Stop having sex, this is the only way to stop evil.
  2. The issue with religious pluralism.
    1. VenomFangX claims you just pick and choose which religion is your favorite.
      1. Just because someone likes something doesn't make it true, it only makes it true to them or makes them want it to be true. No matter how much someone wants to think that eating rocks is healthy, it won't change th fact that eating rocks is seriously unhealthy.
  3. Where is God? Why can't I see him.
    1. We can't. God can manifest himself in ways we can.
      1. So confirmation bias?

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