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VenomFangX (often shortened to VFX or Venom, and also known as or PCS or Posterboy for Creationist Stupidity) is a creationist Internet vlogger who makes YouTube videos mostly about religion, God, Christianity and young Earth creationism. To this date, he holds the highest subscribers amongst Christian channels (at one point even more than the Vatican YouTube channel).

VenomFangX is quite possibly YouTube's greatest "leaving and never coming back" champion, having closed and reopened his channel numerous times. He is also known for asking for donations from his viewers to aid him in his evangelist activities.

VenomFangX was brought to Christianity by watching Kent Hovind videos on YouTube. He worked for Hovind for a time.[1]

In 2015 he went off of the deep end after the supreme court gay marriage ruling, and made a video comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.[2]

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