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Ken Ham

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Ham the man.
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Our Board believes Ken's comments to be unnecessary, ungodly, and mean-spirited statements that are divisive at best and defamatory at worst.
—Brennan Dean, Great Homeschool Conventions[1]

Ken Ham, also known as Ken Sham, is the problematic president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, a Christian apologetics ministry, and a Bible-ical literalist. Although he hails from Australia, where all the kangaroos floated during the Flood, he now lives permanently in Kentucky, in his office in the Creation Museum. Ham wants children to be Indoctrinated taught "to think biblically".[2] He is a frequent speaker at homeschooling conferences and creationist events, where one of his favorite "arguments" is "Were you there?"[3]


[edit] The Bible

All [the money spent on Ark Encounter] to defend the delusions of a sad man (lots of them, really), terrified that science is telling him he has no heaven to go to when he dies. Imagine living in so much fear of knowledge that you dedicate your life to moronity on this massive a scale. After all these years I still shake my head at it all.
—David Silverman[4]

Every year Ham expounds on such thrilling topics as: reliability of the Bible, how compromise over biblical authority has undermined society and even the church, witnessing more effectively, dinosaurs, and "races".[5] Ken Ham notes that poll statistics show steadily fewer Americans take the Bible literally and steadily more Americans see the Bible as what it is, a book of fables. This devastates Ken Ham. He is unnaturally obsessed with the Book of Genesis, from the Old Testament of the Bible, to such a degree that he has devoted his life to the mental contortions necessary when taking the book to be literal truth. He considers Genesis more than the rest of the Bible, "to be the most attacked, scoffed at, and ridiculed."[6] Whether he holds very strong personal beliefs about the Bible or simply realized how much money he could get by exploiting popular gullibility is unknown.

[edit] Faith

Followers of Ken Ham/Kent Hovind style creationism are setting themselves up to fail. They’ve created a starkly black and white universe in which either you are completely in agreement with their dogma, or you are completely wrong in all things, which means small cracks in their façade quickly tear wide open into vast chasms. It might mean they’re impenetrable in the short term, but over time, they crumble, and they crumble hard, since losing faith in certain pseudoscientific claims means you are inevitably going to have to question the whole of your faith. So Ken Ham is doing good work for us atheists by building a very brittle Christian wall. It can resist a few punches, but when it goes, it goes in its entirety.
PZ Myers[7]

How about indoctrinating kids with faith?

Telling kids that they have to believe the nonsense written in an ancient book — and that they’ll be tortured in hell for eternity if they don’t accept its core doctrines — is the definition of brainwashing.
hemant Mehta[8]

[edit] Australia

Ham was created and raised in Australia, where he received a degree in applied science from Queensland Institute of Technology, followed by a diploma of education from the University of Queensland. From there, he became a public school science teacher,[9] which makes one somewhat worried about a few years of public-school students from Australia. He was a member of the Creation Science Foundation starting in 1979. He moved to the US in 1987 as a "loan" to the Institute for Creation Research.[10]

[edit] Answers in Genesis

In 1993, Ham left ICR to form, with the help of CSF, Creation Science Ministries,[11] which changed its name to Answers in Genesis in 1994.[11] In 2006, the US/UK branches of AiG decided to withdraw from the general collection of AiG international groups because of the other groups' frustration with Ham's personality, taking with them the rights to the name AiG and CSF. The Australian AiG (originally CSF, which helped start CSM), rebranded itself Creation Ministries International. In 2007, CMI sued Ham and AiG.

[edit] Creation Museum

See the main article on this topic: Creation Museum

Ken Ham is also the man behind the Creation Museum in Kentucky, built in 2007. In 2010, Ham announced the construction of the "Ark Encounter" theme park, which includes a full-scale replica of Noah's Ark.

[edit] Character description

According to esteemed biologist and blogger PZ Myers, writing "to" Ham:

Millions of people, including some of the most knowledgeable biologists in the world, think just about every day that you are an airhead, an ass, a birdbrain, a blockhead, a bonehead, a boob, a bozo, a charlatan, a cheat, a chowderhead, a chump, a clod, a con artist, a crackpot, a crank, a crazy, a cretin, a dimwit, a dingbat, a dingleberry, a dipstick, a ditz, a dolt, a doofus, a dork, a dum-dum, a dumb-ass, a dumbo, a dummy, a dunce, a dunderhead, a fake, a fathead, a fraud, a fruitcake, a gonif, a halfwit, an idiot, an ignoramus, an imbecile, a jackass, a jerk, a jughead, a knucklehead, a kook, a lamebrain, a loon, a loony, a lummox, a meatball, a meathead, a moron, a mountebank, a nincompoop, a ninny, a nitwit, a numbnuts, a numbskull, a nut, a nutcase, a peabrain, a pinhead, a racketeer, a sap, a scam artist, a screwball, a sham, a simpleton, a snake oil salesman, a thickhead, a turkey, a twerp, a twit, a wacko, a close-minded douche, a woodenhead, and much, much worse.[12]

Ham can't consistently maintain peaceful relations with fellow Christians:

The Brisbane-based Creation Ministries International has filed a lawsuit in Queensland's Supreme Court against Mr Ham and his Kentucky-based Answers in Genesis ministry seeking damages and accusing him of deceptive conduct in his dealings with the Australian organisation. (...) A 40-page report, (...) reveals a bitter power struggle across the Pacific that began with a challenge to the power Mr Ham allegedly wielded over the ministries. (...) The joint Australian-US push for reforms came amid concerns over Mr Ham's domination of the ministries, the amount of money being spent on his fellow executives and a shift away from delivering the creationist message to raising donations. In his report, Mr Briese said Mr Ham and the US organisation responded with sackings, bullying and, in some instances, "unbiblical/unethical/unlawful behaviour" towards the Australian ministry that he suspected was intended to send it into bankruptcy. (...) CMI has no option left except to bring AiG-USA before the secular courts, the 'powers that be ordained by God' under Romans 13.[13]

He has been called "willfully ignorant" by Old Earth Creationist Greg Neyman.[14] Journalist Daniel Radosh is even more scathing in his description:

I realized with some surprise that Ken Ham scared me. I wasn't physically afraid. I didn't think he'd haul off and punch me if I told him that I was a humanist. But his grim affect and coldly irrational imitation of rationality struck me as borderline sociopathic… Later I read an essay Ham wrote for Creation magazine on the second anniversary of September 11: "After the 9/11 attack, I had someone say to me: 'I'm glad I wasn't in the World Trade Center — I would have died.' I replied, 'Well, don't worry, your turn is coming.'" Who thinks that way? Who thinks Jesus wants them to think that way?[15][16]

Even those who agree with him criticize him for ad hominem attacks which might be defamatory.[1]

[edit] Debate with Bill Nye

See the main article on this topic: Bill Nye debates Ken Ham
The event went pretty much as expected; Nye presented levelheaded evidence that science works, that evolution is real, and the Universe is very old, while Ham used bad logic, cherry-picking, and blatant twisting of scientific claims.[17]

On February 4th, 2014, the Creation Museum hosted a debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, on the question "Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" Ham attempted throughout to distinguish "observational" science from "historical" science. As any observation of any event necessarily occurs after that event, this distinction is regrettably nonexistent. Further RationalWiki commentary on the event may be found here.

[edit] Opinions and views

[edit] Atheism

The atheist religion -& that’s what is a RELIGION - is intolerant of Christianity as they worship nature & shake their fist at God
— Ken Ham concentrating several mistakes into just one sentence [18]

Atheism is not a religion, atheists do not worship anything, atheists do not shake their fists at God because they do not believe that God exists.[18] Ham also maintains militant atheists want to "suppress the truth in unrighteousness".[19]

[edit] Abortion

As expected Ken Ham is strongly pro-life. Ham suspects 'God is withdrawing the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit' from the United States because The USA has allowed abortion.[20] That must be why Europe is such a hellhole compared to Africa and the Middle East.

[edit] Evolution

According to Ham evolution is a lie and one of many that 'false teachers' will bring out in the 'last days' to discredit 'God's truth'.[21] Ham points out rightly that evidence from fossils is inevitably incomplete but goes on to assume that the Bible must be irrefutable. Why? Ham uses circular reasoning and claims the Bible is true because the Bible says so. Ham cites Colossians 2:3.[22]

Ken Ham appears unable to see the difference between a scientific explanation and a religion.

Evolution,a religion of death-death bloodshed disease over millions yrs supposedly produces life & death is the end–it’s all about death

[edit] Extraterrestrials

Apparently, Ken Ham believes that aliens, if they exist, cannot have salvation (isn't God nice?) because they are not descendants of Adam, although he then uses this as a stepstone in his argument that there are no alien lifeforms.[24][25]

[edit] Gay rights

Churches should warn LGBT youngsters they are at risk of Hell but they should be warned lovingly.[26]

[edit] Transgender rights

Choosing to be transgendered is in Ken Ham's opinion sinful. Ham strongly disagrees with Ontario, Canada which allows people to register as transgender for driving licenses. Ham sees transgender acceptance as a further example of supposed moral decay in western society.[27] It's unclear how Ham views people with genuinely ambiguous genitalia and/or ambiguous sex chromosomes.

[edit] Moral degeneracy

Ham claims modern society has bercome morally degenerate because Biblical standards are no longer accepted as absolute.[28] This amounts to an appeal to the illusory good old days. The nineteenth century United States tolerated slavery in some states, tolerated American Indian Genocide, tolerated child labor among other problems. Traditional society in North America and Europe was more Biblical in some respects but Ham provides no evidence to convince skeptics that traditional society was more moral.

[edit] Publications

[edit] See also

[edit] External links

[edit] Footnotes

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