Darwin, Then and Now, The Most Amazing Story in the History of Science

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Darwin, Then and Now, The Most Amazing Story in the History of Science is an anti-evolution book written by young earth creationist Richard William Nelson and published by iUniverse in 2009.


[edit] Overview

The book is intentionally deceptive and contains over one-thousand quotations from scientists about evolution however Nelson has been very dishonest and moved words around and misrepresented the quotes on purpose. Nelson confuses "Darwinism" with evolution deliberately in an attempt to pretend evolution is falling apart. All of the scientists he quoted accepted the biological fact of evolution and were only debating the mechanisms which brought it about. The book is filled with dishonest quote mining and has received very negative reviews. Nelson says that he opposes evolution because it contradicts the Genesis account in the Bible.

[edit] Controversy

Nelson is an internet troll and has posted positive reviews of his book on internet forums, he created a fake user called "Kam" and pretended to be a female to give his book extra support but it was later revealed that this user was himself.[1]

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[edit] Footnotes

  1. Nelson exposed as using a fake account
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