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Michael J. Knowles
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Michael J. Knowles (1990–) is a conservative talking head and host of the The Michael Knowles Show, a podcast at Ben Shapiro's online tabloid The Daily Wire. He is most well known for releasing a 266-page book called Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, which consists almost entirely of blank pages.[1]

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Knowles supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. He starred in Cruz's campaign ad "War Room" among a circle of political operatives in a dimly-lit room, taking turns criticizing then-candidate Trump.[2]

Interestingly enough, following the Unite the Right rally, Knowles interviewed white supremacist YouTuber James Allsup regarding the rally.[3]

In 2019, while ranting about trans women during a speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, he was sprayed with lavender oil and other liquids.[4]


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Climate change denial[edit]


  • A champion of free speech, he supports a Constitutional amendment to ban burning the American flag.[17]
  • Had Joseph Nicolosi Jr., who, like his father, is a practitioner of conversion therapy on his show as a guest.[18]
  • Claims that trans women are men,[19] and equates being trans to having schizophrenia.[20]
  • Months after Obama granted clemency to whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Knowles whined that she should still be imprisoned.[21]
  • During the Coronavirus epidemic, he seems to be downplaying the severity of the crisis and is using it to instead whine about Draconian policies(even though early and drastic measures seem to help covid stay contained(and apparently with a Republican majority, they still can't fight against Democratic policies???(Or, if he's complaining about states.... why?))) and about "The Left" (Which he doesn't seem to realize doesn't exist at a large substantial amount in America). [22]

Stopped Clocks[edit]

  • In the aforementioned PragerU video, he condemned major alt-right figureheads Richard Spencer, Theodore Beale, Paul Ramsey, and Sam Francis for their rampant white nationalism and atheism. The bar is indeed low for Michael, but IT EXISTS!

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