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Sheeple wakers is a conspiracy theory website run by a guy called Mike King. The site touts a variety of New World Order and Rothschild conspiracy theories, as well as Nazi apologism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, white supremacism, and anti-Americanism. The website is disturbingly pro-Hitler, claiming he was a champion of the people. It takes the side of the Axis Powers in WWII, including Germany and Japan.

World War II[edit]

Bombing of Dresden[edit]

The site makes false claims about the bombing of Dresden, saying it was an intentional massacre of civilians by the Evil Jew-controlled Allies. This ignores that the city was a military-industrial powerhouse for the Nazis and was a major contributor to the war effort.

Who started it[edit]

The site claims that the evil Jew-owned France attacked Germany first, therefore justifying Germany's behavior towards it. The Saar Offensive was real, but it was a spectacular failure and did little to halt Germany's blitzkrieg assault on Poland. Instead, the author tries to spin this to say France started it all, which is a patent misrepresentation.[1]


In one article from this site, the author implies ISIS is fake, Western people killed by it were not really killed, and that the beheading videos were faked by America to justify a war. This is despite the real journalists and aid workers having gone missing, photographs of them dead being published by ISIS, and the large ISIS control in the Levant, the last of which the author implies is fake.[2] Great way to honor the dead, huh?

Israeli-Palestinian conflict[edit]

The site takes a pro-Palestine and anti-Israel stance, likely because of the author's intense hatred of the Jews™.[3]


The author claims Bernie Sanders is bad and evil because he's a Jew (even though his views lean more towards secular humanism) and he receives financial backing from the Jewish elite (even though he doesn't accept donations from corporations or unions, and he doesn't have a Super PAC). Also, "he's a Communist!!!!!11!1!" can be observed.[4]



Big shocker, the author claims evolution did not happen and creationism is true instead. He says that Darwin admitted there were no transitional fossils, even though later in the same article the author admits many old fossils exist. He ignores that these fossils indicate old evolution by saying "new life forms came onto the scene suddenly". He also says that evolution is impossible to test with an experiment, and is therefore unscientific and false. This is another variation of the "Well I didn't see it, so it isn't real!" argument, which creationists fail to apply to God or their religion, because somehow those are magically exempt.