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Bruce[1] Blair Cottrell is an Australian Far-Right activist. He is the leader of two far right political action groups in Australia, the National Democratic Party (NDP) and the United Patriots Front, which he formed along with Sherman "The Great Aussie Patriot" Burgess. After Burgess' departure from the UPF in October 2015, he granted Cottrell full control of the organisation. From late 2015, Cottrell is the self appointed Chairman of the United Patriots Front's political party, Fortitude.

Cottrell has gained exposure in recent times due to his presence both online and at public rallies, where he has openly denounced the left and promoted New World Order conspiracies and nationalism. He has also on occasions criticised radical Islam.

Political viewpoints and activity[edit]

Cottrell's YouTube channel features his rants about how the left are seeking to destroy Australian society. He adheres to New World Order conspiracies (while ridiculing and accusing leftists of conspiratorial beliefs) and has argued that leftists are a product of the global elite who wish to destroy all forms of nationalism, tradition and Christianity so that a one world socialist government can be created. This elite will ultimately destroy the hipster left once they've served their purpose in undermining nationalism and contributing to the creation of the N.W.O[2]. The global elite primarily use public schooling and the media in this indoctrination process.

Cottrell has also argued that anti-racist and anti-sexist activism are false causes and only serve the elite[3], who use multiculturalism, multi-racialism and diversity to further their destructive anti-nationalist agenda. He believes that equality is an unnatural concept, and that all great civilisations which collapsed throughout history, did so because they sought to create a more egalitarian society. Cottrell is also highly critical of Islam, and has accused the godless left of supporting the ideology, simply because both supposedly share a hatred of the "white race" and the West.

Cottrell attended Reclaim Australia/United Patriots Front rallies in 2015, in Melbourne, Perth and Bendigo.

In late 2015, Cottrell announced that the UPF would be morphing into a political party, Fortitude, and that this new party would establish in 2016.

It gets worse[edit]

Cottrell is (it shouldn't surprise by now) a self confessed Neo-Nazi who stated that Mein Kampf should be distributed to all students in state schools, and that images of Adolf Hitler should be erected in all said institutions.[4]

He has also stated that women are incapable of being in positions of leadership, because it is unnatural[5]. According to Cottrell, situations where women are appointed as leaders are always disastrous, and that the end result is the transformation of the young males of into "effeminate little bitches" who ultimately lose their sanity. Cottrell believes that modern feminism is a conspiracy funded by Jewish elites, to take away men's right to use force, which according to him, is the only human right in existence[6]. This is hilarious considering that Cottrell's hatred of leftists and Muslims is rooted in part due to their tendency, in his view, to use force and violence to put forth their rhetoric.

Cottrell is also a raging homophobe, supporting claims that it is "unnatural" and a disease[7]

Cottrell is also a self proclaimed (self proclaimed only!) political philosopher, and operates a Facebook page dedicated to "re-educating" left leaning individuals into becoming far right nationalists, as himself.[8]

Cottrell is a convicted arsonist, and also has criminal convictions in regard to burglary, testosterone smuggling and breaching intervention orders [9]. He served a brief time in prison for these offences.

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