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The Brexit Party is a hard-Eurosceptic political party in UK that splintered from UKIP in January 2019 and officially launched on the 12th of April 2019.


Nigel Farage[1][2] and several other UKIP MEPs,[3][4][5] including its Scottish leader, David Coburn[6] quit the United Kingdom Independence Party in late 2018, over infighting about anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson being given an advisor role by Gerard Batten, as well as the party increasingly becoming more Islamophobic and extreme in its policies.[7]

In January 2019, Farage said he was joining the new Brexit Party. It was created on 20th of January and registered with the electoral commission on 5th of February 2019 by former UKIP Economic Spokesman, Catherine Blaiklock.Wikipedia In February 2019, Farage joined the Brexit Party alongside seven other ex-UKIP MEPs: Tim Aker, Paul Nuttall, Jonathan Bullock, David Coburn, Bill Etheridge, Nathan Gill and Julia Reid who are now all (as of 19 February 2019) listed as Brexit Party MEPs on the website.[8] Some other ex-UKIP MEPs e.g. Steven WoolfeWikipedia have said they will support the party, but sit as independents because they don't see the point in joining a new party with so little time left until Brexit is scheduled on 29 March, that is, unless there is an extension to the withdrawal process by extending Article 50, which seems unlikely. On BBC Newsnight in February, Woolfe who still sits as an independent MEP stated that he would consider standing for the Brexit Party.

Amid the chaos of repeatedly delayed Brexit, the party did very well in the May 2019 European Parliament elections, becoming the largest British party with 29 MEPs (the Lib Dems were second with 19).[9] This was despite the fact that Farage's party had no manifesto and no policies other than getting the fuck out of Europe.[10] Eventually in September 2019 they unveiled another policy: abolishing inheritance tax.[11]

Pot, kettle black?[edit]

Farage has been called a hypocrite[12] for criticising the far-right association of UKIP under Batten's leadership, when he himself has long history of making xenophobic statements[13][14][15] and supporting individuals associated with the alt-right such as Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Meechan and Carl Benjamin. In 2017, Farage also campaigned for the Alternative für Deutschland[16] who at that time were adopting anti-Muslim immigration policies similar to those of For Britain, an anti-Islam party that splintered from UKIP after the failure of Anne Marie Waters to take control of the party in the UKIP leadership election, 2017.Wikipedia Yet Farage has heavily criticized Waters, describing her as a racist.[17]

No, but really where's the difference?[edit]

Although Farage criticises Robinson and Waters, there is actually very little different in their views concerning immigration and Islam, only that Farage is more cautious in public not to make outright anti-Muslim statements as he realises it will be political suicide. Despite Farage leaving UKIP in December 2018 to become an independent MEP because of the party being widely perceived as a racist anti-Muslim party and dropping to as low as 5-6% in opinion polls, there were resignations a year earlier such as by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott who said he disapproved of the hard-right wing shift of UKIP on "religious and cultural issues"[18] and by ex-UKIP donor Arron Banks, who as early as April 2017 said UKIP is going in the wrong direction for flirting for the first time with Islamophobic policies in the run up to the 2017 General Election[19] when the UKIP manifesto's "Integration Agenda" was likened to the British National Party's.[20] Farage never left the party at this point nor raised any concerns about UKIP's new Muslim-bashing policies, and so his reasons for leaving might not be what he claims, for example it has been suggested " Farage craves two things: power and the spotlight. UKIP can no longer provide him with either – so why stick around?"[21] On the other hand while his motivations for leaving UKIP are perhaps still questionable, Farage has been praised for distancing himself from Robinson and the EDL's street thuggery and hooliganism that Batten has allowed into UKIP.[22]

Catherine Blaiklock[edit]

The Brexit Party is trying to promote itself as a more moderate alternative to UKIP that Farage has described as taken over by extremists.[23] However, the party's founder Catherine Blaiklock has a history of making inflammatory comments about Muslims, and appears to be a counter-jihad crank with views that are the same as Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters, having even written articles for a pro-Robinson website.[24] Iman Atta, director of Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), which records anti-Muslim incidents, has said:

Blaiklock’s comments are jaw dropping and show a penchant for polarised views on Muslims. When Farage resigned from UKIP in December he said that UKIP was "turning a blind eye to extremist politics" and had become "obsessed with Islam". It seems he has backed another organisation whose head is obsessed with Islam and who has a very skewed view of Muslims."

Blaiklock for example has accused Muslim men of “impregnating white British girls to create Muslim babies”, claiming it’s “pretty well-known” that Muslims in the west think “someday this will all be ours”.[25] She has also been criticized for making controversial comments about race such as black men are violent due to high testosterone,[26] but denies being a racist by bizarrely carrying a large framed photo of her black husband around with her.[27]

Candidates for the European Elections[edit]

Because Brexit fell flat on its face, now the UK has to go through European Elections. Obviously the Brexit Party has a few candidates.

Ann Widdecombe[edit]

  • Former Conservative Party MP.
  • Massively homophobic, including supporting gay conversion therapy.
  • Absolutely awful dancer.

James Glancy[edit]

  • Is a veteran.
  • Is sad that the "democratic vote" of 2016 wasn't fulfilled.
  • Talks up Britain being an open and diverse Liberal democracy.


Richard Tice[edit]

  • Is a former business man.
  • Thinks he can do a better job than "career" politicians.
  • Founded Leave Means Leave. [29]


Annunziata Rees-Mogg[edit]


Ben Habib[edit]

  • Former Chief Executive of First Property Group.
  • Former Tory Donor.


John Longworth[edit]

  • Hates politicians and wants candidates "who have actually done something".
  • Thinks the Brexit Party can breathe new life into British Politics.


Lance Foreman[edit]

  • Owner of H.Foreman and Son.
  • "People are fed up with politicians".
  • "Taking no deal of the table is crazy".
  • Thinks business do a better a job than politics.


Christina Jordan[edit]

  • Is an immigrant of 34 years.
  • She wants to stand up for 17.4 million voters.
  • "Brexit is our global opportunity to connect with the world".


Matthew Patten[edit]

  • Charity Director.
  • Believes that British Politics is broken.


Claire Fox[edit]

  • Former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.[37]
  • Agrees with Nigel Farage on Brexit and nothing else.
  • Feels let down by the Labour Party.[38]
  • Defended a 1993 IRA bombing in her target region, but has since disavowed it.[37]
  • Controversialist articles for Spiked magazine.


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