2020 Republican Party presidential nomination

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The 2020 Republican Party presidential nomination will likely be an uphill battle for any Republican challengers to Donald Trump. The nomination will take place at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.[1]

Declared candidates[edit]

Candidates are listed alphabetically according to their last names.

Number Name Age Background Views and policy positions
1 Donald Trump[2] Donald Trump NYMA.jpg 72 45th and incumbent President of the United States. Previously a businessman and television personality. Policies can be viewed here.
2 Bill WeldWikipedia's W.svg[3] William Weld 2016 (cropped5x7).jpg 73 Former Governor of Massachusetts, Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President in 2016. Supports LGBT rights, is pro-choice, has increased Medicaid access as Governor, wants to cut taxes and spending, opposed minimum wage increases, wants to strengthen ties with Canada and Mexico, supports denuclearization, supports HB1 work visas, and supports some form of legal status for undocumented immigrants.[4]

Potential candidates[edit]

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