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Laura Knight Jadczyk (hereafter referred to as LKJ) is a batshit insane blogger and crank, who calls herself a "scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman." She is primarily notable for her role in purveying Comet Elenin and Planet X/Nibiru woo, but she is also into free energy,[1] Mossad conspiracies,[2] the 9/11 truth movement,[3] the Denver Airport conspiracy theory,[4] the New World Order,[5] Earth changes,[6] alien abduction, and HAARP.[7] It seems LKJ never met a piece of pseudoscience, she didn't like, and she's a crank and moonbat par excellence in a political wilderness. She's Gene Ray with slightly better writing skills.

More weirdness[edit]

A large section of her Cassiopaea website is about something called The Grail Quest And The Destiny Of Man, which appears to be about finding the Holy Grail, in what appears to be a nonsensical section on alchemy, dreams, the New Age, and Christianity.[8] Another section is called The Wave, and appears to be about souls, the 2012 apocalypse (which failed to appear), and earth changes.[9] She has some rather odd beliefs concerning psychopaths: apparently they control every nation on earth via dominant personalities.[10][11] She knows this because she wrote a book on it with a Soviet professor who allegedly fled with his book in his memory after discovering this.[12] She often rambles on her Sign of the Times website, which is described as "The world for the people who think." It mostly rambles about left-wing politics, smoking, and the aforementioned psychopaths.[13][14] Not to mention the horrible gauntlet of peer review and corporate science obscuring Truth.[15]

Legal troubles and more 2012[edit]

In late 2011, her aforementioned Sign of the Times website started to have some legal trouble, though exactly what the trouble is isn't clear. It also coincided with them asking for donations, with those pledging a certain amount getting "A Telephone Into the FUTURE."[16] The post also states that the 2012 apocalypse is a fake... but because it is so well known and "smacks of a set up." That's right, the 2012 theories are a false flag operation by psychopaths.


Q(L):Who or what are the Men in Black? A: Lizard Projections.[17]

Cassiopaeans are apparently some sort of physic aliens that communicate with humans via, of course, channeling.[18] They may or may not be planning on eating us, it isn't very clear.[19] It has something to do with a 4th way, and the Cassiopaeans' being from the future. Maybe. Or with their being from another star.[20]

Organic portals[edit]

Organic portals are "people whose abilities of imitation are so developed, so much an integral part of who they are, that they can only be discovered after years of observation. The psychopath is the failed organic portal." What this means isn't clear, but there is a page explaining it. [21] It states there are 3 billion organic portals, which means they make up a nearly half of the world population and they are apparently soulless. She then goes on about there being 2 races "pre-adamic" and "adamic" humanity. This apparently Means Something, and they are nearly identical physically, but have different souls. Also, something about density crops up ever so often.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk[edit]

Jadczyk's husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, is a PhD in theoretical physics interested in quantum mechanics. He is published in reputable journals;[22][23] however as with many mathematicians (and theoretical physicists are of the same breed), he veers off into very bad philosophy of physics - an area of expertise completely disconnected from, but often confused with, physics itself. His many thoughts which go beyond his training in mathematics (on the nature of consciousness, mental powers, etc.) are a kind of quantum woo. He maintains a website for his speculations, which is also bizarre.[24]

Diet woo[edit]

God forbid, a crank site could actually put up a page that didn't try to sell you some way to lose weight. I realize we are all fat, and have no body-image self esteem thanks to the Media, but must everyone hawk the "biggest, baddest, bestest" diet? Oh, and it is all the fault of the agricultural industry, as fruit and vegetables are bad for you.[25] The article references the aquatic ape hypothesis and shows hints of promoting the paleo diet.

Views on RationalWiki[edit]

LKJ is not a fan of this site. In Cassiopaea, she had this to say about us:

I just had a look at an entry about me on "rationalwiki". I'm going to archive it here in case they decide to change it. It's so bad its "not even wrong." !! I suspect we get a lot of readers sent our way from there![26]

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