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PrisonPlanet is a "news" website operated by Alex Jones, a radio presenter and heroic source of truth to people who can't fart without blaming it on a conspiracy of bean producers. The site takes an almost overwhelmingly negative stance towards all recent presidents and regards government and corporations with a suspicious and twitching eye. While the latter is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, PrisonPlanet goes beyond healthy skepticism to a mind-boggling extreme — you'll soon find that PrisonPlanet takes everything to mind-boggling extremes. The bulk of the site is made up of conspiracy related stories and advertisements hawking the kinds of products valued by keen conspiracy theorists.


[edit] Overview and speculation

Alex Jones relies on the paranoia of a dystopian future, and promotes it through PrisonPlanet's blog, his radio show and his online store. The blog features articles that instil fear of vaccination,[1] promote conspiracy theories (see list below) and support alternative medicine,[2][3] because the big bad drug companies want your money and to keep you addicted. Very little of this is actually based in reality, and in most cases, small statements of truth are projected into full-blown paranoia.

[edit] Online store

Alex Jones can't just give you his theories. He needs lots of money to impart his nuggets of wisdom to you. There are two ways to acquire his poorly-researched, unrealistic and paranoid delusions: burned DVDs or streamed online. The Infowars Shop[4] sells his DVDs for just $20 each! And if you want your friends to know just how much more aware you are than them, you can buy T-shirts, bumper stickers and other knick-knacks. He also sells books which, in a normal bookstore would be catalogued under fiction.

The second option requires a subscription to for $5.95 per month, or $54.95 per year. What a deal!

The website has an Alexa ranking in the 5,000s,[5] meaning it is a reasonably popular site. Combining ad revenue with income from the store and subscription fees, it is likely that Alex Jones is quite well off. Ironically, many of his theories talk about how the wealthy elite are conspiring against society.

[edit] Conspiracy theories promoted by PrisonPlanet

The conspiracy theories category lists many more which would also probably be promoted by Alex Jones. This is a partial list.
  • The Bilderberg Group is controlling governments around the world[6]
  • A New World Order is set to kill 20% 40% 70% almost everyone[7]
  • Various secret societies, including Skull and Bones,[8] Freemasons[9] and others are behind contemporary politics, governance, society and economics
  • The devastating December 26 tsunami in south-east Asia was manmade.[10]
  • Hurricane Katrina was an opportunity to test out the FEMA concentration camps[11]
  • If they believe a big-ass ocean event wasn't made by an undersea earthquake but by humans, you bet they believe 9/11 was an inside job[12] (oh, and so were the London bombings[13])
  • The government is using chemicals to create gay people. [14]
  • Hunter S. Thompson,[15] Gary Webb[16] and Princess Diana[17] were all murdered to cover up what they knew about the New World Order, or whatever.

[edit] Advertising

Advertising tends to be targeted, in the sense that adverts attract more responses if they're relevant to the people reading them. For example, water purification systems and handguns are not typically advertised on websites aimed at young girls, but the same adverts would be far more successful if aimed at paranoid survivalists huddling in caves waiting for FEMA to come and steal their precious bodily fluids.

On Thursday August 26, 2010, the following adverts appeared on the front page of Prison Planet:

  • The Understanding and Surviving Martial Law manual
    According to the above site, a former political insider has discovered a that "globalists" have a "vicious new plan to institute martial law". Worry not though! For just $49.95 (plus $9.95 shipping), you can prepare for the inevitable institution of martial law in the U.S. by purchasing their manual. Wait, that's not all! Buy now and receive a free copy of CAMP FEMA - American Lockdown.
  • Don't Tread on Me
    A series of videos in which viewers can learn about the FEMA plans to turn the U.S. in to a police state, Obama's various and nefarious plans, 9/11 conspiracies, survivalism tips (water purification and use of short wave radio equipment), and of course the inevitable coverage of secret societies and their role in the new world order.
  • The Fall of America DVD set
    The Fall of America and the Western World is a general guide to surviving the inevitable Armageddon that will ensue as a mixture of financial destruction and government tyranny brings freedom to an end. It must be true, since it has David Icke in it.
  • The most lethal self defense system in the world
    Can you say "McDojo"? This style of martial arts is so dangerous that they require a disclaimer to protect them should any of their students use their skills for illegal purposes. Although most self-defense systems focus on defense and incapacitation of attackers, this system seems to advocate the killing of every single attacker a practitioner should encounter. The following quote from the website leaves little room for doubt (our emphasis):
    "Get Lethal with the Self Defense Training System and let every attacker know HE made a fatal mistake when he stupidly picked you. We call it “Attackers Remorse” and it’s the last thing he feels before you obliterate him from existence. "
    The last part is probably hyperbole, unless they are teaching people to use balefire.
  • Millionaire Patriot Wants YOU Armed and Trained!
    A millionaire wants to give away free guns, training, and concealed weapons permits to Prison Planet readers so they can be ready to protect America from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Well, Michael Savage supports the scheme so what could possibly go wrong?[18]
  • The Survival Zone
    The items on sale include the "Cold Steel" Recon Tanto Knife, pepper spray, camouflage gear, gas masks, stun guns, military "ready to eat" meals, and everything else a survivalist could need, with the exception of psychiatric care.
  • Heart And Body Extract
    Not quite what it sounds like at first. A blend of herbs that'll provide a strong healthy heart, balanced cholesterol levels, improved hearing and vision, healthy erectile function in men, restful sleep, warm hands and feet, and many more things. It's a fairly standard mixture of easily found items, but their FAQ warns that "The proportion, balance and quality of herbs is crucial", so you'd better buy their version instead of just picking up the constituent ingredients yourself. Curiously, they have a page named "clinical studies", yet there are no studies listed. All they have is a collection of pictures of doctors of naturopathy. Note to the manufacturers: taking photos of "doctors" is not a clinical study.
  • SilverLungs generator.
    A company offering devices for the manufacture of colloidal silver and a system for delivering it through inhalation. You too can join the Blue Man Group!
  • True Health Facts
    How is it that many illnesses in animals have been cured while similar ailments in humans have not? Well, it's either a conspiracy to shorten human lives, or perhaps farm animals are the true masterminds behind the new world order. They're not entirely clear on this matter, but it is explained in the DVD set they're selling. There's also a good dose of vaccine hysteria – including a conspiracy by veterinarians using vaccines to make pets sick to generate more revenue for themselves – along with the alkaline diet and pretty much every other health fad that's popular in the community that won't believe trained professionals but will happily buy products from some random guy on the Internet who calls himself "doctor" and takes the time to make a visually appalling website. (As usual, the juxtaposition of "true" and "facts" is a sign that neither word applies.)
  • Midas Resources
    Of course all good survivalists want to ensure they are well invested come the inevitable collapse of paper money and civilization as a whole. Paper money will be of little use when we're all hiding in caves, engaged in guerrilla war against the government, NATO and UN invasion forces. Gold on the other hand will be very useful because… well, it's not really clear how it's useful or even practical to carry heavy gold coins while running from FEMA death squads and their robotic hounds.
  • Pure Water Freedom
    Fluoridated water is an elaborate government plot to control your mind. Not only does it help prevent tooth decay, it messes with the rest of your head too. Why buy a really inexpensive water filtration device to add to your mains, when Pure Water Freedom will sell you one for over $3,000?[19] Heck, they can sell you the replacement filters too!

[edit] Alex Jones is actually a distraction created by the New World Order

There is at least one website[20] that alleges Alex Jones is simply a pawn created by the NWO to distract us from the truth. No kidding! It's like a Tarantino film in real life!

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