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The Australian Defence League (ADL) is an Australian organisation that claims to be "Standing up Against Islam now, not when its too late" (yes, this is the spelling that they use). They seem to be inspired by the English Defence League.


The organisation is led by Ralph Cerminara. He claims that he served in the Australian Defence Force where he claims he was "dishonorably discharged". However, numerous sources call this claim false.[1] The group has also had the support of other nationalist organisations and prominent figures, including Reclaim Australia, the United Patriots Front; many of their members also consider themselves members of the ADL, and these groups regularly protest together.


The ADL is almost never able to get off the ground. An anti-ADL organisation established itself, known as "Aussies Against the Australian Defence League". Given the inflammatory nature of postings of the ADL on its Facebook pages, ridding Facebook of the ADL has been relatively easy.

On December 23, 2014, Ralph Cerminara was charged for being a public nuisance when he attended a protest following the 2014 Sydney Siege. He was refused bail [2]. This is despite the fact that the organisation posted a call to action on its Facebook page. Of course, nobody turned up, and the page was pulled down.

"The last thing this community needs, bearing in mind what's happened in recent days, is boofheads like this stirring up a certain section of the community,"[3]