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The National Party of Australia (formerly the Country Party) is a Conservative Australian political party. It acts as the counter-part to the Liberal Party (the mainstream Conservative party) in the Liberal-National Coalition. At the time of writing, it held nine seats in the House of Representatives.


The National Party serves as the clingy, needy little brother of the Liberal Party and is more or less a carbon-copy, only with more rednecks and country hicks.

They supposedly exist to defend the interests of rural people. However, they are more than happy to harm those interests whenever their Liberal masters demand—for example, rolling over on the Liberal's National Broadband Network policy, which is, to all intents and purposes, destruction of said Broadband Network and replacing it with an already obsolete solution that will be far more damaging and expensive for rural areas than it will in the city, even in comparison to the outdated plan, let alone the difference between what the original network would give in rural areas compared to the new national network.

Name change[edit]

The party was called 'The Country Party' until 1975 and the 'National Country Party' until 1982. When the Labor Party developed a youth branch called 'Young Labor' and the Liberal Party had the 'Young Libs' the Country Party changed its name.

Party "personalities"[edit]

The party is graced with several "unique" personalities who continue to contribute to the illustrious and growing field of ignorance. These include but are not limited to:

  • Barnaby "Beetrooter" Joyce - The current Minister for Agriculture, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the party.[1] An advocate of "traditional marriage" when it comes to opposing same-sex marriage, but not when it comes to conceiving a baby with an ex-staffer despite having a wife and four daughters.[2] He loves the traditional family so much that he had two of them.
  • Warren "Hyposomnia" Truss - The former leader, now retired.