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Stephen E. Jones

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Stephen E. Jones is an Australian substitute school teacher, Christian creationist and internet troll.


Jones claims to be a devout Christian and has said that he doesn't believe in evolution because the Bible opposes it. He has a bachelor of science degree in biology and is a school teacher in Perth, Western Australia.[1]


Jones owns a number of old earth creationist websites where he argues with people over evolution and claims there is no scientific evidence for evolution, banning anyone who disagrees with him from his website. He owns another website filled with thousands of quotes from scientists on the topic of evolution yet Jones in many cases has committed devious quote mining and has misrepresented many of the scientists actual comments by moving words around.[2] He claims to be a "truth loving man" yet rejects all scientific evidence for evolution and makes up fake arguments in biology where they do not exist.[3] He also owns a blog where he personally interprets the Bible and rejects anyone else's opinion on the matter as "un-Christian". He has even attacked other Christians.[4]


Jones is actually unqualified in biology since he is anti-science and just claims God did it about everything.

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