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Alan James O'Reilly (also known under his pseudonym of alanorei) is a young Earth creationist, geocentrist, biblical literalist, British National Party (BNP) member, author, former chemical engineering lecturer[1] and massive racist born in Australia and now living in the United Kingdom.[1]

As well as maintaining his own blog, he regularly posts comments at various other blogs, particularly Sarah Maid of Albion (which he has written guest articles for), Central News and 21st Century British Nationalism; his ravings have also been featured on anti-Catholic conspiracy site Vatican Assassins[2] and inspired Philip Bryant's blog Blackaganda. His online antics have earned him the attention of Lancaster Unity, which wrote an article identifying him as "clearly disturbed";[3] and FSTDT, which has archived several of his quotes.

He is not, as far as we know, related to the American Bill O'Reilly, a person he actually manages to make look sane in comparison.[note 1]


Alan O'Reilly converted to Christianity in 1967 while studying in Sydney.[4] In 1978 he moved to Britain, and married two years later.[5] He is involved with the Cleveland branch of the BNP, co-running the branch's blog[6] and delivering speeches at party meetings.[7][8]

His oratory has made it into the BNP's official magazine, Identity.[9] Although, as the BNP is trying to shed its bigoted fruitloop image, why it is promoting the views of such a bigoted fruitloop is unclear.

O'Reilly has written two novels about World War II, Sound of Battle and Desired Haven.[10] His non-fiction (so to speak) includes Britain Under Siege, something about the evils of secularism or somesuch.[11]



"Put simply, racial segregation is of God, racial integration is of the Devil", says O'Reilly.[12] On the subject of black people living in England he argues that "according to holy scripture… none of them should be living north of Cairo or west of the Azores. Africa, not England, is the land of Ham, the pro-genitor of the black race".[13] According to him, Adam and Eve had red skin, and black people sometimes eat red clay in an attempt to obtain this hue.[14]

He argues that Satan's plan is "to convert the world into a violent, degenerate, God-defying, mongrelised mess… Such a world is the one most resistant to the Gospel of Christ, Acts 17:24-26 and that of course is the Great Enemy's agenda, to drag as many deceived lost souls down into hell with him".[12] The section from Acts in question reads "God… hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation"; using it to justify racial segregation is a stretch, but such colourful interpretations of scripture are commonplace in O'Reilly's rants as we shall see.

He believes that black youth are driven to gang culture by rap music, which he deems literally demonic.[15] On the subject of white women who engage in relationships with black men, O'Reilly comments "I suggest the appeal for any white women is Satanic, after them having been saturated for years with devil-worshipping African sex-orgy music, otherwise known as rock and pop".[16] He holds that miscegenation can lead to sterility, a view he backs up with the writings of 19th-century religious nut J.H. Van Evrie.[17][18]

He has spoken approvingly of anti-black protests in China, concluding wistfully that "Sadly, only the BNP seems to be capable of orchestrating anything remotely similar in this country, even though a much greater incentive to do so obviously exists."[19]

"Large-scale white and black liaisons are of course unlikely to occur in spite of media and political pressure", he says. "They could, however, be enforced by the EU, via Europol and the Euro-army, when Britain is fully absorbed into the EU Superstate".[20]

To his credit, O'Reilly is generally okay with Jewish people. However, speaking of Zechariah 13:9, he has suggested that "one possibility is that, by means of selective genocide, God intends to cull the mixed race portion of Jewry."[21]


See the main article on this topic: Homosexuality

He has claimed that a third of all paedophiles are gay, and that homosexuals in general are around twenty times more likely to commit child molestation than heterosexuals; this, he argues, is reason enough for the BNP to outlaw homosexuality.[22]

According to him, Genesis 18:20 in the King James Version remarks upon the connection between homosexuality and paedophilia, while modern translations alter the verse to "cover up for the paedophiles".[23] This is a rather curious statement as the verse in question reads simply "And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous;" and is not significantly different from most of the modern versions.[24]

He believes that around 90% of leading Nazis were homosexuals.[25]

Other religions[edit]

O'Reilly regards Islam as a "demonic religion"[15] and compares it to Catholicism, another religion he's scared of. "Both Catholicism and Islam have a common objective — the destruction of Protestant Britain", he writes. "If you don't believe that, you clearly don't know much about either system."[26] In fact, he argues that "Catholicism is actually a greater danger to Britain than Islam, which is effectively a mere Jesuit tool."[27] He has also claimed that under a BNP government "All Muslim supporters, Marxist supporters, Papal supporters etc. could be 'ex-patriated' to countries where such regimes prevail."[3]

"I suggest that Islamicists, mainly being Orientals, only understand force i.e. you can't negotiate with them", he has written. "You either whip the Oriental (Hiroshima, Nagasaki) or you leave him alone."[28] He has argued that the earthquake which hit Kashmir on October 8th 2005 was God's punishment for the 7/7 London bombings.[29]

He believes in a Catholic conspiracy in the media. "Note that virtually all of Holly(Hellish)wood's output is pro-Catholic, right from the days of Bing Crosby as 'Father' O'Malley in Going My Way?… big Hollywood personages like Bob Hope and John Wayne became Catholics before they died".[30]


O'Reilly believes that mankind originated in the Garden of Eden.[31]

He holds that the Sun goes around the Earth: "spacecraft orbits for other planets are calculated using the Earth, not the sun, as the centre of the coordinates", he writes. "The implication is that the Earth is the centre of the planetary system."[32]

History and politics[edit]

O'Reilly has suggested that Britain's involvement in World War I was the result of the coronation oath being altered.[33]

He loves his conspiracy theories. According to him, the 2008 Beijing Olympics were "a costly deception to boost the NWO and eventual global tyranny".[29] Meanwhile, "[t]he EU is a Vatican-inspired project to destroy Britain", apparently.[34]

"As for the evils of the teaching of evolution," said O'Reilly in an online discussion, "you should study the careers of some of history's most powerful evolutionists who actually achieved the means of putting Darwin's abominable theories into practice, e.g. Hitler and Stalin."[35] Oddly, his next post in the conversation claims that both Hitler's and Stalin's regimes were based on Catholicism.[36]


See the main article on this topic: Extraterrestrial

On the subject of UFO sightings, O'Reilly states "these things are a potential threat to national security, have resulted, according to extant reports, in acts of criminal violence against ordinary individuals and may even involve a form of treason on the part of national governments, including our own" and concludes that the UFO phenomenon potentially "ranks in importance with all else that is collectively destroying Britain right now."[37] "Are they the results of genetic engineering, possibly in the distant past, that went partly wrong?" he says of UFOnauts. "If so, that to me is frightening."[38]

He has compared the air force's official skepticism towards UFOs to the British left's contempt for the BNP, Richard Dawkins' attitude towards creationism and the gay rights lobby's stance on "sociological and scriptural" evidence connecting homosexuality to paedophilia.[39]

Origins of all this lunacy[edit]

Say what you will about O'Reilly, he's nothing if not scholarly, with a crackpot source ready to back up even his most outlandish claims. Aside from the Bible these include…


  1. After all, O'Reilly is a pretty common Irish name.


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