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Creationism is a teleological explanation of existence, specifically, that all was created by God, and that there is a purpose to all creation. Underpinnings of creationism rest in Fundamentalist Christian theology. In recent years, there have been attempts to come up with scientific rationalizations for these beliefs. Intelligent Design and creation science are two labels that have been applied to creationism in an attempt to feign scientific legitimacy. Most common forms of the belief stem from various interpretations of the two creation stories in the Biblical book of Genesis.

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Surely, God could have caused birds to fly with their bones made of solid gold, with their veins full of quicksilver, with their flesh heavier than lead, and with their wings exceedingly small. He did not, and that ought to show something. It is only in order to shield your ignorance that you put the Lord at every turn to the refuge of a miracle.
      – Galileo Galilei

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