Adam and Evolution: A Scientific Critique of Neo-Darwinism

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Adam and Evolution: A [Pseudo]Scientific Critique of Neo-Darwinism is an anti-evolution book written by Michael Pitman, an old earth creationist. It was published by Rider & Co in 1984.


There has been a controversy over the authorship of the book. The actual author of the book was Michael Pitman, a biology school teacher from Cambridge, England. Some creationists have claimed the author is Michael George Pitman (1933-2000), the Chief Scientist of Australia from 1992 to 1996. However, Michael Pitman revealed that he had a degree in classics and started his career as a history teacher, which does not fit the background of Michael George Pitman.[1][2]


The book challenges natural selection and mutation and argues that the neo-Darwinian mechanisms of evolution are inadequate to explain macroevolution. Pitman accepted an old earth but rejected any evidence for chemical evolution and, like other creationists, claimed there is evidence only for microevolution. He was open-minded on the identity of the creator and claimed in the book he was not a Christian. However, the title of the book and its front cover both reference the story of Adam and Eve.


The book received a detailed review in the NewScientist magazine where it was described as a well written book that attempted to bring the design argument up to date, yet as a science book had failed as Pitman had ignored the evidence for evolution in the fossil record and would count anything unexplained by science as evidence for creationism.[3]

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  1. According to the book Adam and Evolution "Michael Pitman has an MA in classics from Oxford and a BA in science from the Open University. He teaches biology in Cambridge, where for three years he ran the University Origins Discussion Group". The Australian scientist Michael George Pitman did not have an MA in classics.
  2. Creationists claim the author is Michael George Pitman here. Also see "Michael Pitman is chief scientist of Australia and foreign secretary of the Australian Academy of Science" at a Muslim Creationist website.
  3. New Scientist 21 Feb 1985 "Another Case for Creationism" by P. T. Saunders