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Georgia Central University (formerly Georgia Christian University) is a small religious institution in Atlanta, Georgia that teaches young earth creationism. The school is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, a national accrediting body.[1]

The institution, focusing primarily on students of Asian descent, appears to be an odd mix of Christianity and woo. Hence, it can be classified as both a fundie school and crank school.


Like every fundie school in the world, programs are outfitted with the phrase, "From a biblical worldview". Until 2018 they offered degrees in acupuncture and oriental medicine. "Spiritual Officers Academy" was a postgraduate program that prepares students to be ministers abroad but in order to be accepted into the program a student has to read the entire Bible 30 times before graduation; this program was terminated in 2018.[2] Several of these programs are like those offered in secular schools (a.k.a. better schools) The university is divided into the "School of Computer Science", "School of Business Management", "School of Divinity", "School of Music" and the "School of Christianity".[3]

The school of business management offers an undergraduate and graduate degree program in business administration. The school of music offers a Master of Arts degree and Doctorate in Music with multiple concentrations. The school of computer science offers a AA and BA degree in Computer Science.[4] The school of Christianity offers a BA degree in Christian Education and a BA degree in Theological Studies. The school of divinity offers a MA in Christian Education, a MA in Christian Missions/World Christianity, a Master of Divinity degree, a Doctorate of Ministry degree and a PhD in Intercultural Studies.

Extension Campuses and Sister Schools[edit]

GCU is not just limited to Georgia, there is an extension campus in New Jersey.[5] There is also international seminaries and theological schools affiliated with Georgia Central University.[note 1]

International Affiliations:

  • Honam Theological University (South Korea)
  • Handong Global University (South Korea)
  • Youngnam Theological University & Seminary (South Korea)
  • Daejeon Theological University (South Korea)
  • Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary (Ukraine)
  • Galilee College (Bahamas)
  • Africa Theological Seminary (Kenya)
  • Seoul Jangshin University (South Korea)[6]

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  1. There was formerly a sister site in California, but it has since closed down.