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Dinosaurs, Grand Canyon, moving continents, "cavemen", volcanic explosions, an "Ice Age," "missing links," carbon dating - such Earth Science topics excite the imagination, but they have been used to replace "the Lord God" with millions of years of "struggle and death" (Darwinian evolution) as "Maker of heaven and earth." Ironically, evidences from geology and paleontology have triggered a "scientific revolution" pointing toward the Biblical record of Earth's history, from God's creation through man's sin and the Genesis flood to new life in Christ!
—From the course description for Boston Baptist College's "Life Science" courses[1]

Boston Baptist College is a "biblical training center" located in Boston, Massachusetts.[2] The institution is an organ of Baptist Bible Fellowship International, a fundamentalist, creationist, Biblical literalist, homophobic religious organization.[3] Boston Baptist College possesses national accreditation (on probation) from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, a creationist accreditation authority.[4]

Boston Baptist College offers a degree in "Biblical Studies," a so-called Associate in Science Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Certificate in Biblical Studies. All students are Biblical Studies majors.[5]

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