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BIO-Complexity is an open access journal published by the weirdly named Biologic Institute, a lame front for creation science. The journal "aims to be the leading forum for testing the scientific merit of the claim that intelligent design (ID) is a credible explanation for life".[1] Good luck with that!

The articles[edit]

The first two articles[2][3] exploit ambiguities in biochemical mechanisms in the typical "God of the gaps"-type argument, and neither provides evidence for an intelligent designer; neither even mentions a designer in the respective papers.[4] Both articles have authors from the Biologic Institute's editorial board[5] (which also includes ID leaders William Dembski and Michael Behe). The Discovery Institute lauded the journal's formation, implying that intelligent design papers were ideologically blocked from publication.[6]


Despite the intention to have one article per month, it took from May 2010 until December 2010 for another article to be published (by William Dembski, a member of the editorial team). Only one article was published in 2011, and three total are by Douglas Axe. For 2012, the Panda's Thumb blog points out:[7]

…the 2012 volume contains exactly two research articles, one “critical review” and one “critical focus”, for a grand total of four items. The editorial board has 30 members; they must be kept very busy handling all those papers.

Despite its lackluster performance, the journal proclaimed, "Over 2,000 PDFs downloaded… In its first two months, BIO-Complexity has attracted a large readership."[8] The journal was panned in a review by young earth creationist and baraminologist Todd C. Wood:[9]

In the larger scheme of things, I am sensing a discouraging pattern to BIO-Complexity publications. As I quoted above, the journal is supposed to be about "testing the scientific merit of the claim that intelligent design (ID) is a credible explanation for life," which is a great goal. But this is the fifth paper published by BIO-Complexity, and it's the fifth paper that focuses on perceived inadequacies of evolution. So when are we going to test "the scientific merit of the claim that intelligent design (ID) is a credible explanation for life?"

If a young earth creationist doesn't like it, who does?

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