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Evobabble is a term used by some creationists to refer to scientific language and terms that they don't understand. This includes any discussion of transitional fossils, rock strata, and radiometric dating methods. This is most likely because very few creationists have either any post-homeschooling education (not counting diploma mills)[note 1] or can grasp even the most basic science. Unfortunately, most creationists do not understand that the term "evobabble" epitomizes their ignorance.[1]

Pseudoscientific use of evolution[edit]

Evobabble can be used in another sense, though, parallel to psychobabble. Some people, even those who are apparently otherwise sane and intelligent, pick up poorly-understood concepts of evolutionary science and swing them about wildly in defense of this or that position. When you read a man arguing online that his three girlfriends, who have just caught on to each others' existence, should be understanding about and amenable to the arrangement because he is a male human and male humans are evolutionarily predisposed to mate with as many females as possible, you are reading evobabble in this second sense.

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  1. Yes, Kent Hovind, we're talking to you.