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Creation Moments is a fundamentalist Christian, young earth creationist organization, which describes itself as an "interdenominational Christian outreach program."[1] The organization seeks to promote fundamentalist Christian ideals among individuals, students, churches and home schoolers. As creationist sites go, it's probably one of the funnier ones to read, and that's saying something. Their piece about the lungfish is pure gold.[2]

Creation Moments is the latest incarnation of an early creationist outfit known as the Bible Science Association.[3] The Bible Science Association was affiliated with the Creation Research Society, though there was some tension between the two groups when Walter E. Lammerts objected to the former's toleration of articles that advocated for a fixed-Earth geocentric universe.


They the following as their core beliefs: [1]

  1. A literal interpretation of creation as presented in the Bible
  2. The existence of scientific evidence for the Bible
  3. Divine design and purpose in nature
  4. A global flood (as described in Genesis)
  5. Special creation (uniqueness)
  6. Christ-centered scientific research
  7. A young Earth
  8. Christ as man's only hope for eternal redemption. Christ is both Savior and Lord, was born of a virgin, is both God and man, died for our sins and rose again.


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