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Volume 8 of the Answers Research Journal is scheduled to run through 2015.

Volume 8 articles[edit]

Volume 8 has 30 publications as of June 24, 2015.

Hume’s Guillotine and Evolutionary Ethics: Evaluating Attempts to Overcome the Naturalistic Fallacy[edit]

Published by Brenton H. Cook on January 7, 2015. 11 pages.

Abstract: The problem of establishing an ontological basis for morality has troubled materialistic philosophers since Darwin. This paper demonstrates that three attempts to explain the derivation of human moral norms within a naturalistic paradigm are inadequate. First, it examines Stuart Kauffman’s attempt to derive morality from monkeys. Second, it examines Ayn Rand’s Ethical Egoism. Third, it examines the evolutionary behaviorism model proposed by B.F. Skinner and held by numerous others.[1]

A Biblical Creationist Cosmogony[edit]

Published by Dr. John G. Hartnett on January 14, 2015. 8 pages.

Abstract: According to the Bible the universe is about 6000 years old. It follows from all standard assumptions that we have a starlight-travel-time problem. With the universe being billions of light-years in extent how does light travel across the universe to earth within the timescale of only about 6000 years as laid out by summing up the years represented by the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11? This problem has been a stumbling block to many simply to believe the inerrant Word of God. Others have attempted to reinterpret the Scriptures to force them to fit in with so-called modern scientific dating of the age of the universe. But is this really necessary? I take another look at the problem and ask the following questions: What is absolutely non-negotiable? What can we say for sure? What defines our universe? And is that consistent from a biblical creationist perspective? The cosmogony I propose involves Lisle’s ASC (Anisotropic Synchrony Convention) model in a static universe with added features and a mechanism for cosmological redshifts, which is consistent with all creationist understandings of the biblical texts, and no light-travel time problem.[2]

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