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Fun:Creationism Drinking Game

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Creationism Drinking Game[edit]

  • Can be played with one or more drinkers vs. any creationist
  • Any type of alcohol may be used however players must all be drinking the same or similar drinks
  • Must be Evolutionists vs. Creationists


  • One drink anytime a "no information increase" or similar statement is made
  • One drink for "vapour canopy" or "fountains of the deep"
  • One drink for every Creation Ministries/AiG etc. link that the creationists posts/references in a discussion
  • One drink if anyone dismisses something as 'hand waving'
  • One drink if every time a creationist conflates abiogenesis with evolution
  • Two drinks every time a creationist conflates cosmologists with "evolutionists"
  • One drink for every mention of "observational science" or "historical science"
  • Two drinks if the creationist refuses to define a critical term and a bonus drink on top of that if he states that your definition is incorrect despite not defining it themselves
  • Two drinks anytime "Floating mats of vegetation" is mentioned
  • Three drinks for "goo-to-you" (extra drink if "via-the-zoo" is added)
    • Two drinks for "molecules-to-man" evolution.
  • Three drinks if the creationist claims that "ID/Christian science" has been oppressed by any academic institution (even though Christian Science gets a decent amount of support from the academics in the field of alternative medicine)
  • Everyone drinks when it is stated that "the creation model fits the evidence better"
  • You must finish your vessel if the creationist states that you "have no basis for your morals"
  • If you can get the creationist to back down on a statement or get a win, you may nominate someone to finish their vessel
  • One small sip for every hundred uses of the little-green-text template
  • No one drinks if stated that "Evolution is a belief also"
  • Everyone drinks if Kent Hovind is mentioned

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