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The Brick Testament

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The Bible
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The Brick Testament is an ongoing project created by Elbe Spurling (also known as Brendan Powell Smith).[1] It is the largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible in the world with over 3600 images and 400 stories from the Bible. It covers material from Genesis to Revelation, but leaves out several in the middle, such as Kings. It has also been made into a published book series.[2]

And the cool part is, its illustrations are depictions assembled out of Lego®. Also it goes out of its way to point out the sex and violence that you don't usually associate with the Bible, along with portraying many of the less savory biblical scenes, such as The Iron Chariots.[3] If you read some of the negative online reviews of this book on Amazon, you will find that Christians are shocked — simply shocked! — at graphic Lego depiction of some scenes of their Holy Book (tl;dr), and are also indignant that an atheist would do this.

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