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21st Century Science and Technology is a quarterly magazine published by the Lyndon LaRouche organization. The magazine mainly serves as an outlet for LaRouche's crank views on science, which tend toward denialism of global warming, space-based weaponry, and a lot of quirky and odd science woo.[citation needed]

It replaced an earlier magazine called Fusion,[1] which was the publication of the Fusion Energy Foundation, a LaRouche front group which had some success in wooing mainstream nuclear scientists into alliances with him.

On the positive side, LaRouche is a big fan of building high-speed rail transport and big infrastructure projects.[2] Don't be fooled, this is the stopped clock effect at work folks.

LaRouche appears to be fascinated with the work of 19th century German scientist and mathematician Carl Friedrich GaussWikipedia's W.svg, who is frequently referenced in this magazine. He also seems to be fascinated with the pseudomathematical concepts of "squaring the circle" [3] and "doubling the cube"[4].

Originally a print magazine, since 2006 it has been web-only.[5]

As of 2017 it has been almost 4 years since the last issue and 2 years since the "New" section has been updated.[5][6]

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