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Wow, who knew that @chuckwoolery has become such a vortex of neo-Nazism and antisemitism? Did I miss a memo?
—Charles Johnson[1]

According to conservatives, the entertainment industry is dominated by liberals. To illustrate the liberal dominance of Hollywood, here is a list of that endangered, oppressed, voiceless species—the showbiz conservative. (Those marked with '#' are deceased.)


Producers, directors, writers, and studio chiefs[edit]

Game show hosts[edit]

According to an article in The Daily Beast, with few exceptions (former The Price Is Right host Bob Barker might be the most unusual because he is an animal rights activist and was also in a Republican political ad), nearly every game show host is a Republican.[94]

  • Orson Bean
  • Drew Carey
  • Bob Eubanks[95]
  • Jeff Foxworthy
  • Merv Griffin #
  • Wink Martindale
  • John O'Hurley
  • Pat Sajak
  • Ben Stein
  • Chuck Woolery

Musicians and singers[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Fun:Greatest songs, liberal and conservative

Country music[edit]

As a general rule, and especially in the aftermath of 9/11, the country music mainstream has been largely dominated by red state conservatives in terms of both the musicians and their fanbases, with left-leaning acts being either outside the mainstream (see: many alt-country acts like Steve Earle or Kacey Musgraves), closer to the "Blue Dog" wing of the party (like Tim McGraw[124]), or very quiet about their beliefs.[125] What many right-wingers claim happens to conservative actors and filmmakers in Hollywood is, in fact, a good idea of how they themselves treat liberal country musicians — k.d. lang saw herself effectively blacklisted just for espousing pro-vegetarian viewpoints (by the time she came out as a lesbian, she had already abandoned the country genre), and the story of what happened to the Dixie Chicks, once among the biggest acts in country, doesn't bear repeating here.

Christian rock[edit]

As a rule, most Christian rock musicians are conservatives, especially on social issues, as the entire genre is fundamentally a response to perceived decadence and immorality in "secular" pop and rock. The few exceptions, like U2, T-Bone Burnett, Sufjan Stevens and Bruce Cockburn, often go out of their way to avoid the "Christian band" label. Listing them here would take up too much space.


Irony alert[edit]

David Cole/David Stein: Notorious Holocaust revisionist who posed as a prominent Hollywood GOP organizer for years before being outed: Hollywood conservative unmasked as notorious Holocaust revisionist

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  1. Johnson, Charles, 29 May 2017 Tweet, 7:18 PM, @Green_Footballs.
  2. Is a professed Fiscal Conservative Republican; has guest starred on Sean Hannity's radio show and endorsed John Kasich in 2016 as well as Donald Trump. Some of his politics have even been written into Allen's character of Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. He also, albeit jokingly, compared Hollywood to Nazi Germany because of its anti-Trump stance... which is incredibly ironic, to say the least.
  3. Founding (!) member of the Hollywood Republican Committee. Good, clean All-American boy, opponent of sex and violence in film.
  5. "What hard evidence is there that Obama doesn't want ebola in America?" Spawned the Gamergate meme.
  6. Became a born-again Christian after 9/11 and endorsed Sam Brownback and later Mike Huckabee for President in 2008. He also threatened to move to Canada if Obama became President, calling Obama "a cultural terrorist".
  7. Mean ol' Mr. Potter. A staunch Republican; He campaigned for Dewey and loathed the income tax.
  8. Self-described ultra conservative, and also made death threats towards Jane Fonda and Rosie O'Donnell for their alleged treason.
  9. Former 60s icon turned Conservative politician.
  10. Now a regular contributor to WND and Town Hall Finance
  11. A friend of Ronald Reagan and frequently contributed to Reagan's speeches.
  12. Self-described "ultra-conservative" who's played Italian gangsters for so long, he's started to believe he really is one.
  13. Was formerly an FDR supporter and thus, a Democrat. Turned Republican after WWII, and with that, voted for Dewey, expressed disgust for those dirty un-American hippies and contributed to his friend Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign.
  14. Found his niche playing atheist strawmen in DTV movies.
  15. Moved from Britain to the US in the late '70s due to James Callaghan's tax increases, returned when Margaret Thatcher lowered taxes, and while he supported Tony Blair, he threatened to move back to the US when Gordon Brown raised taxes again. He also supports the reintroduction of national service in Britain.
  16. The man who played Jesus; a devout Christian, starred in an ad campaigning against stem-cell research.
  17. Festus. Campaigned for Reagan's 1976 candidacy
  18. Now a regular Fox News contributor.
  19. Now writes for Breitbart and is a frequent guest on Red Eye.
  20. Openly identifies as a Conservative Republican, even endorsed Bush Jr., twice.
  21. Openly identifies as a Republican. (They can keep her.)
  22. A libertarian Republican. However, in 2014 he began to distance himself from the GOP.
  23. His political views are closer to the right wing than the left, but are fairly complicated. He's staunchly antiwar and supports gun control, gay rights, and abortion rights, and has described his political views as a mix of Milton Friedman and Noam Chomsky. However, he's staunchly conservative on fiscal issues and self-identifies as a libertarian, and gave a famous speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention where he "debated" Barack Obama, represented by an empty chair. American Sniper came off as dangerously close to an American Triumph of the Will.
  24. (In)Famously got into a political feud with Beverly Hillbillies co-star Nancy Kulp.
  25. Accused then-Pres. Obama of trying to implement a socialist agenda in 2010, at a Toys for Tots rally, no less..
  26. Does anything really star Joe Estevez? Is quite the contrary to his older brother when it comes to politics. Appeared in a pro-gun PSA, in response to big brother Martin appearing in a PSA promoting gun control.
  27. Star of An American Carol. Identifies as a Conservative in real life, and appeared at the 2008 RNC.
  28. Considers himself a "conservative radical" and hoped to resemble George Will one day, along with becoming more like a "stereotype of the Republican Party." Also attended a fashion show in New York City with Dubya's daughters. Make what you will of that.
  29. Arturo Sandoval, Andy Garcia Unleash a Storm of Anti-Castro Rhetoric Over Elian
  30. Got into several political beefs with co-star Anne-Marie Johnson when filming Robot Jox in the late 1980s
  31. He's been involved in numerous wingnut causes and endorsed Michele Bachmann for president in 2012. He has quite the persecution complex, believing he didn't get nominated for an Emmy for his performance on Boss because of his political leanings as opposed to other factors. (Party of personal responsibility, amirite?)
  32. Endorsed and voted for Romney/Ryan (and Dole/Kemp, for some reason). "These days I'm surrounded by Republicans in Hollywood." And they all seem to be blondes: Victoria Jackson, Joan Rivers, Suzanne Somers, Heather Locklear, etc.
  33. Though self-identifying as a feminist and LGBT rights supporter, she's also a registered Republican and strongly pro-life. She is the honorary chair of Feminists for Life, killing two birds with one stone. In 2012, she tweeted accusations that Michael J. Fox was faking his Parkinson's disease symptoms in order to drum up support for stem cell research.
  34. Hippie burnout turned right-winger. Admitted he switched sides out of iconoclasm, not out of any particular animosity toward the left. Endorsed Obama shortly before his death. His trophy wife is liberal, though he screwed her out of his inheritance on his deathbed.
  35. Endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 primaries and seems to be quite the contrary to big brother Ronnie when it comes to politics
  36. Former WWE "superstar," so no surprise here. A friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He attended both the Democratic and Republican conventions during the 2000 election but only gave a speech at the Republican one.
  37. The former child actor and Two and a Half Men star quit the show for being distasteful, not for a more legtimate reason, like it sucked worse than Comcast or Verizon FIOS combined. Also embraced the support of YouTube Conspiracy Theorist Preacher Christopher Hudson who believes that Jay-Z, Beyonce, Pres. Obama (of course) and everyone in between has ties to the Devil and the NWO.
  38. Well known tough guy character actor; Also a failed 2014 contender for the RNC United States House of Representatives, California's 33rd congressional district candidate.
  39. Endorsed McCain in 2008, made guest appearances on the 1/2 Hour News Hour and also played the Secular strawman in God's Club.
  40. Ran in the Republican primary for Governorship of Kentucky. Later ran for Senate in 2008 as a Libertarian, but his comments made around the same time calling for a genocide of Arabic people, whom Landham referred to as "ragheads", cost him the Libertarian Party's nomination. Never apologized, either.
  41. Lifelong supporter of the Tories, endorsing Michael Howard to lead the party in 2003 and later supporting David Cameron. He also hated the rumors that he had an extensive collection of occult literature, going so far as to give a speech at University College Dublin denouncing black magic and discouraging students from getting involved in it.
  42. He praised Cheeto Hitler and Saint Ronnie.
  43. Self-identifies as a conservative Republican.
  44. Was formerly a Democrat. Contributes to WND through his web series "The Ultimate Jew", which as noted, is more preachy than political, or funny for that matter.
  45. Endorsed Trump and also narrated one of his campaign ads.
  46. Identifies as a Conservative Republican and also a member of the NRA.
  47. Daughter of Cuban immigrants, no surprise there. Loves her some Atlas Shrugged, and refuses to date anyone who doesn't enjoy its author.
  48. Was formerly a Democrat, prominently during the 1970s, and a figure within the feminist movement, despite disagreeing with Gloria Steinem, but was said to have turned Libertarian in her final years.
  49. Supported David Cameron and deemed his naysayers within the UK Conservative Party as traitors.
  50. Endorsed Reagan during his run for Governor and was good friends with the Gipper. However, she maintained never to go into politics when on the job.
  51. Now a staunch anti-abortion activist and has contributed to Big Hollywood and Enter Stage Right, the latter of which is a Canadian Conservative webzine.
  52. To illustrate cognitive dissonance, Jon Stewart once played a clip of Nelson on the June 2, 2009, episode of Glenn Beck's Fox News show saying the following all in one breath: "I've been on food stamps and welfare. Anybody help me out? No!"
  53. Former MST3K host and co-creator of RiffTrax. A self-proclaimed Conservative Republican and a fan of Dennis Prager.
  54. Never really made a big deal about it, until he starred in An American Carol.
  55. Pro-life and abstinence only advocate. Also starred in Last Ounce of Courage, a Christian propaganda film.
  56. Self-identifies as a libertarian, but was described as "extreme right wing and a fascist" by a Hollywood exec and bashed his movie The Contender for leaning pro-Democrat.
  57. Cindy Brady. Endorsed Trump and also made homophobic remarks on her radio show towards Leon Acord-Whiting, even using the term "faggot" towards him. She was later fired from her show, and never apologized either. Her career had already truly hit rock bottom; the only other work she's been able to get as of late, post-Brady Bunch, was a supporting role in A Halloween Puppy(!).
  58. Teller appears in the film version of Atlas Shrugged and actually speaks his lines. If that sounds like incentive to watch the film, trust us, is really isn't worth it. Penn turned up in a few TV roles, most notably playing an asshole magician in Lois & Clark and one-half of the comedy team "Reebo & Zooty" (Penn & Teller in space) in what is broadly considered the worst episode of Babylon 5. They were also contestants in the reality game show Fear Factor, and made it all the way to the final round before disqualification.
  59. Switched his support from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump in the 2016 elections. Also tried to call out Meryl Streep when she blasted Donald Trump for his abusive behavior, claiming she's "heartbroken because she lost" and that she failed to "protect him" from Hollywood execs, blissfully ignoring the (more important) behavior from the President elect of The United States. One can also check out his twitter account which is part Trump-loving and part paranoid ramblings about "Star Whackers".
  60. The Observer, 1 Feb 2004 - Rings star sparks rumpus over race
  61. …kind of. She's flip-flopped between identifying as a Republican and as a Democrat.
  62. A self-described libertarian; he moved from Hollywood to Aspen, Colorado due to his politics. Not a big surprise from the man who, at the end of Escape from L.A., triggered a worldwide EMP and brought down civilization, remarking "welcome to the human race." Or, if you prefer, who said "Nobody gets on my boat but me" when discussing escape plans in 3000 Miles to Graceland (yeah, no one wants to remember that movie).
  63. Washed-up former model who is now an RNC spokesman. Has said a whole lot of completely batshit things about Obama, from implying he's a muslim because of his last name, to saying he and Hillary Clinton (amongothers, but them especially) be sent to Gitmo.
  64. Registered Republican, known as a moderate conservative. Donates a fuckton to Israel. The hero of Pixels is a U.S. President who is picked on by the liberal media because he is not educated or refined, and so he shoots back with schoolyard taunts. He's the President you'd most like to have a beer with!
  65. Switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in 2013 due to disappointment with the Supreme Majority. He's also an anti-vaxxer.
  66. A Republican. His most memorable role (apart from "man getting hit by a football"), Patton, can be seen as a love letter to America's militaristic "tough love," at a time of growing opposition to the Vietnam War. Nixon was obsessed with the film and watched it almost every night before ordering the invasion of Cambodia.
  67. Board member of NRA and endorsed John McCain. Famously got into a fight with Rosie O'Donnell on her talk show on the subject of gun control.
  68. Yeah, no shit. She used to be a comic actress. Bible-thumber. Far and away the looniest, most out-of-touch host ever to chair The View, which is not a mean feat.
  69. Was formerly a Democrat. Turned Republican in 2003, though before his death, he voted for Obama in 2008. He also appeared in counter documentary Fahrenhype 9/11.
  70. Donated to John McCain's Presidential campaign in 2008 and Mitt Romney's in 2012, and narrates the online virtual tour for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. During the 2012 election, former George W. Bush aide Nicolle Wallace also endorsed the idea of Sinise running against Obama. Sinise's politics have been written into his character on CSI: NY, Mac Taylor, who has a picture of Reagan displayed in his office.
  71. Played the evil atheist professor villain in the Christian film God's Not Dead, and also had some... interesting things to say about the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. And if that wasn't enough, he defended Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism, claiming that Jewish people shouldn't be upset about their portrayal in The Passion of the Christ because they did, after all, kill Jesus.
  72. Openly a Republican, even attended Dubya's inauguration.
  73. The star of such classic films as Spirit of St. Louis, It's a Wonderful Life, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington donated to numerous Republican candidates since 1980, such as Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and George W. Bush. Shortly before Stewart died, though, he donated to the US Senate campaign of Florida Democrat Bob Graham ([1]).
  74. Former child actress during the Golden Age of Cinema. After her early retirement, she joined the Republican Party. She claimed to have witnessed an evil Soviet soldier gunning down a poor unarmed woman during the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, supported the Vietnam War, and served as Chief of Protocol of the White House under Reagan and as a US Ambassador under Nixon and Bush I.
  75. Failed contender for the 2008 Republican nomination.
  76. Supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, and worked with Glenn Beck on a reality TV project for The Blaze.
  77. A good storyteller when it comes to the New Hollywood era. But if he opens his flap on any other subject, run away. His daughter and her ex-hubby both supported Obama, while paradoxically being (ugh) Ayn Rand fans.
  78. "Walker described his political beliefs at length in his autobiography, Dyn-O-Mite: Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times: A Memoir. In it, he called himself a "logicist," who believes in "logic and common sense." He holds typical conservative positions on the death penalty, the size of government, and capitalism. However, Walker is in favor of amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants and a system of universal health care for the United States. He voted for Ronald Reagan and noted that he also "loved Bill Clinton as our president" for welfare reforms instituted under his administration." (Wikipedia, citing Walker's autobiography)
  79. A rabid flag-waving, anti-communist Republican and a white supremacist.
  80. The Hammer! Endorsed Trump, endorses the Wounded Warrior Project and also played the Secular strawman villian in Last Ounce of Courage.
  81. Supported Michael Dukakis for President in 1988 but George H. W. Bush in 1992, and only declined to endorse Bob Dole in 1996 because Dole criticized his then-wife Demi Moore for her role in Striptease. He spoke at the 2000 Republican National Convention and endorsed George W. Bush, and while he didn't endorse anybody in 2008, he still identifies with the Republican Party's views on personal freedom and small government, though he believes that they're a bunch of hypocrites about it.
  82. While a registered Democrat, he was a staunch supporter of George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and the Iraq War. Played Rudy in a TV movie. Called Obama "a true abomination". Homophobe. Transphobe. Trump apologist.
  83. Closeted reactionary and dogged Roosevelt-hater. It was no secret to anyone who worked with him, though.
  84. Author of Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy: Clancy Edition, starring John Clancy. An old cold warrior-turned-writer of "The-Russians-Are-Coming" pulp thrillers. NRA spokesman and occasional talking head on CNN, sparring with naive liberals who think America won the Cold War! Also still dead.
  85. Ironic because his father was an avowed Socialist.
  86. Legendarily acclaimed Italian director. Was opposed to the rise of Communism in Italy, supported Christian Democracy, opposed the '68 Movement, and was BFFs with GladioWikipedia's W.svg enabler and insanely corrupt Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. Though he never made a political film and rarely, if at all, expressed his political views publicly, Ginger and Fred featured parodies of mainstream television at the time and a spoof of Silvio Berlusconi.
  87. Unconfirmed, but his writing credits include the Dark Knight trilogy, whose second and third films are seen by many as a defense of George W. Bush's foreign policy and an attack on the Occupy Wall Street movement respectively, and the Call of Duty: Black Ops video games, the second of which had Oliver fucking North serving as story consultant. Draw your own conclusions.
  88. Flip-flops between calling himself a Conservative and a Libertarian. Wrote about how conservatives were being discriminated against in Hollywood. Also writes for PJ Media.
  89. "I Am No Longer a Brain Dead Liberal, just a brain dead Conservative" a.k.a. Stossel trying to out-smug David Mamet. They're jerking themselves so hard it's amazing they didn't catch fire
  90. Lampooned in 30 Rock as an oligarch who gets his hair cut every day. Had a point when he said conservatives can take a joke better. A good barometer on Presidential contenders; he predicted that Obama was "more conservative than he lets on."
  91. Semi-retired producer who went from The Color Purple, Rain Man, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List... to Dinesh D'Souza's 2016: Obama's America, America: Imagine the World Without Her, and Hillary's America. Granted, his downfall may have started with Casper.
  92. Italian director who thought that Mel Gibson could play Hamlet after watching Lethal Weapon. Also a former Senator for Berlusconi's Forza Italia party, despite being openly gay homosexual.
  93. Director and co-writer of Airplane!, The Naked Gun, Scary Movie 3 and 4 … and An American Carol.
  94. Dana, Rebecca. "Why Game-Show Hosts Vote Republican", The Daily Beast, 31 October 2010.
  95. Immortalized in Michael Moore's Roger & Me. "They marry assholes, they don't screw 'em!"
  96. Singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry are registered Republicans. Still didn't stop them from sending a cease-and-desist letter to Donald Trump over his use of "Dream On".
  97. Rampantly homophobic, despite identifying as bisexual. Endorsed Trump, though she later went full Stopped Clock and denounced her support for Trump, probably because of the leaked comments he made; However, she later re-endorsed him at the last minute, and is "proud as fuck" that Trump won.
  98. Well, we all know madness and genius go hand in hand.
  99. Supported George W. Bush when he was President, but supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 and the Occupy movement.
  100. Went on a drunken, racist tirade defending Enoch Powell. Never apologized, either.
  101. She tweeted in support of Ron Paul, supports gay rights and opposes the death penalty, and voted for Obama in 2008, so she's more libertarian than conservative. [2]
  102. Despite all the controversy over his "Satanic" image and music, he's actually a born-again Christian and a volunteer Sunday school teacher at his local church, and has consistently voted Republican. Who'd have thought?
  103. A homophobic, child-beating, woman-hating, registered Republican and a nice crooner.
  104. Endorsed Richard Nixon and saw him as a champion for Civil Rights. Nixon even invited Davis and his wife to the White House. However, he later recanted said support when Nixon failed to keep promises on various Civil Rights issues.
  105. An anti-Castro Cuban exile (her father was a bodyguard to the wife of dictator Fulgencio Batista). She briefly endorsed Obama's reelection campaign, though.
  106. Liberal lyrics, even radical left at times, on their first six albums though. Whether they ever actually held those left-wing views — as opposed to just trying to cash in on the youth culture of the late 1960s-early '70s — is another matter. Pretty much everything after 1973's Phoenix is right-wing populist, flag-waving, 'don't let 'em take your guns,' 'keep the commies off our southern border' kind of stuff. Mark Farner recorded several Christian rock albums during the 1980s and '90s.
  107. Lead singer of The Eagles of Death Metal. NRA member and Trump supporter [3]
  108. Described as a "donnish businessman" by Gore Vidal. Any tales of gay trysts with other musicians (Bowie) were invented by Jagger himself to keep sales up.
  109. "Pearl" from Prince and New Power Generation (remember her?). Born-again after an encounter with a Christian biker gang. Ironically played a witch on TV; now denounces all Wicca activity as opening yourself up to demonic influence.
  110. Lead singer of Staind. Tea Party and Sarah Palin supporter.
  111. Called Rush Limbaugh on his show and gave him a shoutout for use of a Kansas song.
  113. Coolest guy in show-biz, but he was unfortunately a conservative like Jerry Lewis and most of his Rat Pack pals.
  114. He is a born-again Christian. Supports Rick Santorum; is also a Birther, anti-gay marriage, and in a 1988 interview said that if President he'd build a wall to "keep the fucking Mexicans out" and ranted about having a "problem" with gay people in response to a question about Judas Priest (whose frontman, Rob Halford, is gay, though he was closeted at the time). Oh, and he thinks Obama staged the Aurora, Colorado, shootings to get a gun ban passed. Ironically, it seems he was once a supporter of gun control, given a certain music video for a certain Megadeth song.
  115. He met with Tricky Dick in the White House and both men bonded over their mutual hatred of those smelly anti-American hippies and their drug use. Nixon even gave Elvis a narc badge (never mind the fact that the King would die from drug abuse 7 years later.)
  116. Ramone was a staunchly Republican man who once said "God bless President Bush." He was also a bit of an asshole generally, as Joey Ramone can attest. "The KKK Took My Baby Away" was inspired by him.
  117. Identifies as a Libertarian but is also affiliated with the RNC. Got into a Twitter war with Seth Rogan over American Sniper, and also endorsed Trump and in 2012, Romney.
  118. Dedicated 2112 to Ayn Rand. Probably for the same reason why people who don't understand Nietzsche are crazy about Nietzsche.
  119. Simmons said in a CNN interview in 2010 that he wanted his Obama vote back. Waaaahhhh.
  120. Once a borderline pinko (the Committee on Un-American Activities investigated him, as did the FBI, and the press dubbed him the "Red Mafioso"), he was snubbed by JFK in favor of his rival, Bing Crosby. Became a Republican and never looked back. Sang for Nixon, whose surveillance state had smeared him as a communist.
  121. Married into it. Became the black Anita Bryant—unwise given that half her audience were flamers.
  123. Self-identified as conservative. Held an absolutist perspective on the First Amendment and was a strong supporter of capitalism, despite his monster-under-the-bed status for groups like the PMRC.
  125. Willman, Chris. Rednecks and Bluenecks: The Politics of Country Music.
  126. Appeared in An American Carol and endorsed Trump.
  127. Was appointed by Dubya to a six-year term to the National Council of the Arts. [4]
  128. "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American Way!" Despite what that song may tell you, his actual beliefs are a bit more nuanced than that. He used to identify himself as a conservative Democrat (until 2008, when he switched to Independent), is friends with Bill Richardson, was almost involved in an ad for Al Gore's "We Campaign" (until scheduling conflicts came up), and said that Barack Obama "looked like a great speaker and a great leader" in 2008. As the linked song can attest, though, he's an uber-hawk on the military and foreign policy, and he feuded with the aforementioned Dixie Chicks over their criticism of "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue".
  129. Endorsed John McCain in 2008 … through song.
  130. After he Godwinned Obama and called him "the enemy" during an appearance on Fox & Friends, ESPN pulled its use of his theme song for Monday Night Football, which it had used since 1991, when MNF was still on ABC.
  131. Expressed in, e.g., his songs "Have You Forgotten?" [5], supporting the Iraq War, and "Keep the Change," a sort of Tea Party anthem about the decline of American values [6].
  134. Not a surprise if you've read his books. Wasn't the biggest fan of scientists.
  135. Sequel-happy editor of DC Comics. Identifies as Objectivist.
  136. Self-proclaimed beyond ultra conservative. Endorsed Trump and also had considered running against Barack Obama in the 2004 Illinois Senate Election. He did, however, endorse Illinois Democrat Pat Quinn.
  137. According to a few sources Downey, who "ran" most of SNL's political humor for a time, is pretty conservative, though there are some reports that he supported Obama in 2008 and is a registered Democrat. Blue Dog?
  138. Multiple-concussion victim and former pro wrestler. Endorsed Huckabee in the 2012 race. (In fact, consider this a placeholder for every single wrestling personality ever, except Jim Cornette.)
  139. Was formerly homophobic, but George Takei helped him come around, more or less.
  140. Declared to one of his fellow housemates on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother reality show (!) that he thinks that homosexuality is a mental illness.
  141. The film For the Boys does a good job skewering what Bob Hope was all about. Rumor has it he was so alarmed by Hinckley Jr's near-murder of Reagan, he came out in favor of gun control, but nobody (including the President) took him seriously.
  142. Yes indeed, he was a fiction writer before becoming a ratfucker for the Nixon campaign. His contempt for non-whites, liberals, and democracy is fragrant in his books. Had a weird obsession with America's WASP ruling class, much like Ms. Rand.
  143. Another psychotic comic book writer. Best known for Marville, a modern-day Chick Tract attacking everything from atheists (Jesus was "the first superhero", and Rush Limbaugh has godlike powers), to evolutionists, to the Fed, to vegetarians.
  145. "I'm a Republican."
  146. The writer of (among other films) Red Dawn, which speaks for itself. He has described his politics as being so far to the right that he's virtually a Maoist. Especially known for his love of guns; he once served on the National Rifle Association's board of directors.
  147. Thought to have been liberal, once upon a time, though Al Franken claims he was always pretty right-wing. Spent far too much time with O'Reilly, et. al.; crowed that he'll die rich & happy long before climate change affects him. Has 2 kids, by the way.
  148. Certifiably insane. Wishes he were Humphrey Bogart, jeered at Occupy Wall Street, says millennials are "punks" and that the "20's gentleman should make a comeback". Wrote an Islamophobic screed called Holy Terror, which he admits was based on racist wartime cartoons from the forties.
  149. Made homophobic comments in a 2016 interview, stating that gays are worse than animals. Never apologized, either.
  150. Got flipped by the FBI, of all people. Became born-again and joined Billy Graham's crusade.
  151. Disgraced baseball bigot, who now is a regular contributor to WND.
  152. Former MLB pitching great, failed video game entrepreneur and endorser of whoever may be on the GOP ticket for any given election
  153. Chiefly a libertarian, especially on free speech issues and religion; he has little love for either the religious right or political correctness. While he has endorsed (moderate) Republicans like George Pataki and Christine Todd Whitman, he was also one of the most outspoken media opponents of George W. Bush. He supported Hillary Clinton and frequently mocks his personal friend Donald Trump. He also strongly supports the state of Israel.
  154. Dedicated anti-communist, put in charge of 'clearing' his guests before airtime. Butted heads with Standards & Practices over some of their worst decisions, such as canceling Bob Dylan's and Ingrid Bergman's appearances.
  155. Former NHL goaltender; has said that the person he would most enjoy dinner with is Glenn Beck. Also, he refused to visit the White House after winning the Stanley Cup in 2011 because Obama was president, saying in a statement that he believed the federal government had grown out of control.
  156. Although he has alternated between Republicans and Democrats: he started off as an early Reagan supporter, then supported his then-friends Bill and Hillary Clinton 'till 2010, then came the Birther madness and "deport immugrents" nonsense. Meanwhile, ratfucker and Conservative-turned-Libertarian strategist Roger Stone was involved with all of Trump's Presidential candidacies until 2015, when he backed down, and is still a close confidant.