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  1. 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe-Logos, subduction, mélange,
  2. 2012 apocalypse-orbital resonance,
  3. A Storehouse of Knowledge-Bradley, GNU FDL, Creative Commons, license proliferation,
  4. Abstinence ball-blue balls,
  5. Alternate historical chronology-alternate historical fiction, within speculative fiction,
  6. Alveda King-Children of Men, David Garrow, 1961 protests,
  7. American Civil War-United States military casualties of war,
  8. Andrew Layton Schlafly-Torqemada the Inquisitor, disambiguation,
  9. Andrew Schlafly/Colmes Interview-Conservative Political Action Conference,
  10. Answers Research Journal volume 2-the wikipedia page on him, endosymbiotic theory,
  11. Answers Research Journal volume 3-one-way speed of light,
  12. Antonio Lima-de-Faria-Order of the Polar Star,
  13. Apocalyptic literature-Wikipedia article,
  14. Aquatic ape hypothesis-article, article,
  15. Arcology-Wikipedia article,
  16. Argument from beauty-Lucretius,
  17. Argument from morality-Wikipedia - Lawrence Kohlberg,
  18. Asatru-cults, Republican/Libertarian/Independence/Conservative,
  19. Ask Darwinists-coelacanth,
  20. Aspartame-article, article,
  21. Astroturf-puff piece,
  22. Atheism-Fools Bible,
  23. Atheist fundamentalism-The Dawkins Delusion?,
  24. Atheists Outline Their Global Religious Agenda-pressed to death with stones, invisible church,
  25. Austria-wp:schnitzel, its own Fucking article,
  26. Ayurvedic medicine-Ayurveda article at Wikipedia,
  27. BDSM-Wikipedia article on BDSM, Folsom Street Fair,
  28. Ball lightning-plasma globe,
  29. Barack Obama-Wikipedia's coverage, electoral fusion,
  30. Baraminology-Wikipedia article on hybrids, Wikipedia article on cancer,
  31. Barefoot running-Zola Budd on Wikipedia, Sandie Shaw on Wikipedia, Abebe Bikila on Wikipedia, The Tarahumara people of Mexico on Wikipedia,
  32. Bible-Wikipedia,
  33. Biblical creation on aSK-Wikipedia article on antibiotic resistance, viral evolution,
  34. Biblical scientific foreknowledge-Eratosthenes,
  35. Birth control-Myra Breckinridge, pegging,
  36. Bob Altemeyer-Wikipedia article.,
  37. Bob Marley-Trenchtown,
  38. Book of Mormon-Book of Mormon, well-known BoM name cliche, Wikipedia article,
  39. Bourgeois-bourgeois pseudoscience,
  40. Brainiac: Science Abuse-large, breasts,
  41. British Centre for Science Education-wp:British Centre for Science Education,
  42. British Empire-Victoria,
  43. Bullshit-Harry Frankfurt,
  44. Burning the evidence-spoliation, Damnatio Memoriae, Damnatio Memoriae,
  45. CAM-prepended with an "S.",
  46. CMI list of scientists alive today who accept the biblical account of creation-wp:Thomas_G._Barnes,
  47. Capital punishment-wp: Image: Death penalty statutes in the United States.svg, execution vans,
  48. Cell-phagocytosed,
  49. Cellular automaton-Moore neighborhood, von Neumann neighborhood,
  50. Chaos theory-Wikipedia on fractals,
  51. Chernobyl-Artemisia, wp:uk:Полин звичайний#Назва,
  52. Chinese room-figment of your imagination,
  53. Chloroplast-Wikipedia article on chloroplasts,
  54. Christianity-deuterocanonical books, Wikipedia, Porvoo Communion,
  55. Church of Christ-United Church of Christ,
  56. Church of Scientology-Wikipedia's article, Wikipedia's article, list of Scientologists, former Scientologists,
  57. Citizen's Rule Book-white supremacist Phinehas Priesthood, wp:Citizens Rule Book,
  58. Clairvoyance-Wikipedia,
  59. Clean coal-Drax Power Station, Wikipedia on anthracite,
  60. Clitoris-Wikipedia,
  61. Cold fusion-nuclear fusion,
  62. Colloidal silver-Blue Man Group,
  63. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women-Bangladesh, Cuba, Egypt, Malaysia,
  64. Common descent-Wikipedia, Wikipedia,
  65. Communism-particularly brutal and hypernationalistic form of Marxism, Shakers,
  66. Composition and division-synecdoche,
  67. Conrad Black-renounced, British peerage,
  68. Conservation of Information in Search - Measuring the Cost of Success-harmonic number, hangman game,
  69. Constitution Party-Wikipedia,
  70. Containment-Domino theory,
  71. Corruption-Mobutu Sese Seko,
  72. Cryonics-hippocampus,
  73. Crystals-healing,
  74. Curse-Hope diamond, Curse of the Billy Goat,
  75. Curse of Ham-Curse of Ham,
  76. DNA-Wikipedia on mtDNA,
  77. Daily Express-Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Response to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Dunblane massacre, Mock The Week,
  78. Daily Mail-Norman Tebbit,
  79. Danth's Law-George Aiken,
  80. David Icke-Source,
  81. Death clock-Dethklok,
  82. Debate-democratic centralism, Goad them,
  83. Delaware-Wikipedia,
  84. Democracy-according to Wikipedia,
  85. Denomination-whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son or just the Father,
  86. Derren Brown-Wikipedia article,
  87. Desensitization-ophidiophobia,
  88. Deterrence-See Wikipedia on the Cuban Missile crisis,
  89. Deus ex machina-Mary Sue,
  90. Direct action-radical chic,
  91. Disproving evolution-Wikipedia on Karl Popper,
  92. Divine command theory-Philebus,
  93. Dowsing-Long Meg,
  94. Dungeons and Dragons-some Wikipedia article on this,
  95. Education and voter trends-the "rounding to even" method at wikipedia,
  96. Efficient Per Query Information Extraction from a Hamming Oracle-wikipedia, laryngeal nerve in Giraffes,
  97. Emication-Joel Hedgpeth, Nils Heribert Nilsson at Wikipedia,
  98. Endosymbiosis-chloroplasts,
  99. English-only movement-Español, Français, Português, Deutsch, Esperanto, Latina, 日本語, ελληνική, Dansk, Türkçe, Suomi, 中文, العربية, русский, ASL,

⠃ ⠗ ⠁ ⠊ ⠇ ⠇ ⠑,

  1. Erasmus Darwin-Wikipedia,
  2. Esperanto-Wikipedia article on Esperanto,
  3. Eternal Productions:101 Scientific Facts and Foreknowledge-wp:Christianity and Paganism, wp:Second law of thermodynamics#Applications to living systems, wp:Pleasure#Neurology, wp:Love (scientific views)#Biological theories,
  4. Europe-this one,
  5. Evidence against a recent creation-article on the moon,
  6. Evidence for God's existence-cyclic models, cult of Mithras, Sol Invictus, blood court of Verden, a story of someone with an imaginary friend,
  7. Exogenesis-Wikipedia's article on panspermia.,
  8. Expelled: Leader's Guide-article,
  9. Extreme low frequency-wikipedia,
  10. FUD-Fudd,
  11. Family values-Christian flag,
  12. Fidel Castro-Up to 638 attempts were made on his life by the CIA,
  13. Finland-Phins,
  14. First law of thermodynamics-this,
  15. Fox News-wp:CNNNN,
  16. Free energy-Thermodynamic free energy,
  17. Freedom From Religion Foundation-Wikipedia,
  18. Fundy-Bay of Fundy,
  19. Fundy loon-aquatic birds, Bay of Fundy,
  20. Gay agenda-nice, place, to,
  21. Gematria-Wikipedia on gematria,
  22. Gender-Wikipedia obscenely long article,
  23. Geo-engineering-red tide,
  24. Gerald Celente-Wikipedia page,
  25. Ghost-See Borley,
  26. Ghost Hunters-Night vision device, white noise,
  27. Gillian McKeith-Wikipedia article,
  28. Global flood-article,
  29. Goat-article, wp:Gota, Gujarat,
  30. God-Wikipedia article, CRT refresh rates,
  31. Good old days-downer cows,
  32. Guide to Bible translations-wikipedia,
  33. Guide to Titus-wp:Epimenides paradox,
  34. Guide to the Gospel of Thomas-indepth outline of the dating issues,
  35. Haggard-German symphonic metal band,
  36. Hair analysis-Wikipedia article on Hair Analysis,
  37. Hanlon's razor-Robert Heinlein,
  38. Hare Krishna-Bill Oddie, John Peel's,
  39. Heavy metal-rare, Fantoft stave church, ABBA, The Bangles, Beatles (The), Bon Jovi, Dido, Europe, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Heart, Little Angels, Thunder, Vixen, Wham!, Whitesnake,
  40. Hell-Substance P,
  41. Hinduism-Wikipedia on atheism in Hinduism,
  42. Historical revisionism-Dunning school,
  43. Holodomor-functionalist,
  44. Homeland security-Bruce Schneier, Security Theater,
  45. Homeopathy-mole, Mandragora officinarum, picoseconds,
  46. Homotoxicology-Wikipedia Today,
  47. Horse-Wikipedia,
  48. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy-Oxygen bar,
  49. Hypnosis-highway hypnosis, chicken, chicken, Wikipedia: Hypnosis - Potential dangers,
  50. Insects during the global flood-insects,
  51. Intelligent design and academic freedom-Wikipedia's entry on intelligent design, Wikipedia's entry on academic freedom,
  52. Internet relay chat-wp:IRC daemon, timestamped, TCP,
  53. Ionocraft-F3600,
  54. Ireland-wp:Roman_Catholic_sex_abuse_cases_by_country#Ireland,
  55. Irreducible complexity-Irreducible complexity (Emergence),
  56. Is Abortion Genocide?-William Patrick Hitler, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, Hyde Amendment,
  57. Japan-about Italian plumbers in a land of mushroom people,
  58. Jesus Christ-Nicene Creed,
  59. Joe Arpaio-certain other taxpayer-funded radio stations with similar programming,
  60. Joe Newman-Wikipedia article,
  61. Joseph Farah-Wikipedia's policy on editing your own article.,
  62. Joseph of Arimathea-Wikipedia,
  63. Judaism-Wikipedia, Wikipedia,
  64. Judicial review-Marbury v. Madison on Wikipedia,
  65. Julius Caesar-crossing the Rubicon,
  66. Kaaba-wp:Black Stone,
  67. Kabbalah-this article, Wikipedia on Revolver's Kabbalic references,
  68. Kent Hovind-wp:Wikileaks,
  69. Laminin-Wikipedia - Louie Giglio,
  70. Lesbian-Lesbians,
  71. Liberal Democrats-Wikipedia on the Liberal Democrats,
  72. Lies, damned lies, and statistics-Benjamin Disraeli,
  73. Linnaean taxonomy-Domain, Superkingdom, Kingdom, Subkingdom, Infrakingdom, Superphylum, Phylum, Division, Subphylum, Infraphylum, Microphylum, Superclass, Class, Subclass, Infraclass, Parvclass, Superdivision, Subdivision), Superlegion, Legion, Sublegion, Infralegion, Supercohort, Cohort, Subcohort, Infracohort, Gigaorder, Megaorder, Capaxorder, Hyperorder, Magnorder, Superorder, Grandorder, Mirorder, Order, Parvorder, Nanorder, Hypoorder, Minorder, Suborder, Infraorder, Parvorder, Microorder, Gigafamily, Megafamily, Grandfamily, Hyperfamily, Superfamily, Epifamily, Family, Subfamily, Infrafamily, Supertribe, Tribe, Subtribe, Infratribe, Genus, Subgenus, Subspecies, Variety, Form, Morph, Strain, Biovar, Morphovar, Serovar, Forma Specialis,
  74. List of conspiracy theories-Gary Webb, Rothschild banking family of England,
  75. List of mistakes made by God-aphasia,
  76. List of second-generation atheists-Robin Murray O'Hair, Madalyn Murray O'Hair,
  77. Logic and Creation-principle of explosion, grep, Talpiot Tomb, Gordian knot, hypostatic union, The Crying Game, a snake grasping its tail, Lysenkoism,
  78. Logical fallacy-Reification,
  79. Logical positivism-pretty good article,
  80. Lupron therapy-Lupron,
  81. Lutheranism-doctrine of the two kingdoms,
  82. Magnetic field therapy-Diathermy,
  83. Manifest destiny-Manifest dentistry?,
  84. Mars Anomaly Research-ESA,
  85. Martin Gardner-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,
  86. Martin Luther King-wp:Martin Luther King#March on Washington, 1963, wp:Martin Luther King#Stance on compensation, wp:Martin Luther King#Opposition to the Vietnam War, wp:Highlander Research and Education Center, wp:Martin Luther King#Poor People's Campaign, 1968, wp:Martin Luther King#Assassination,
  87. Mass transit-made deals with local authorities,
  88. MediaWiki-PHP, PmWiki,
  89. Melvin Mulder-hermeneutics, Hubble Space Telescope,
  90. Mercury-Mercury,
  91. Methane-Wikipedia,
  92. Milton Kleim-Eternal September, Winchester,
  93. Misogyny-The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, diversity trainers,
  94. Mission: America-Oz, "good" and "witch",
  95. Mistaking the map for the territory-principle of least action,
  96. Mitochondrion-anaerobic respiration, organelle, protist, porin, cristae, microtubule, endosymbiosis, prokaryote, eukaryotic cell, protein synthesis, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, nuclear DNA, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes,
  97. Modern geocentrism-geocentrism,
  98. Monkey typewriter theory-uncountably infinite,
  99. Monroe Doctrine-Arbenz,
  100. Mormonism-the church is the largest individual sponsor of the Boy Scouts of America.,
  101. Mother Teresa-Wikipedia - The Missionary Position,
  102. Multilevel marketing-wp:Multi-level marketing,
  103. Muse-muses, Greek mythology,
  104. Nanotechnology-wp:T-X, wp:The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008 film), wp:G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Diamond Age,
  105. Nazism-See Wikipedia,
  106. Neopaganism-Gaia, Stonehenge,
  107. Neptune-The Planets,
  108. New Age-Photon belt, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Tao of Physics,
  109. New Labour-BSE,
  110. New Math-one cycle of textbooks,
  111. New World Order-New Order,
  112. New Zealand-that other wiki, Flight of the Conchords,
  113. Niche-Ecological niches,
  114. Nils Heribert Nilsson-G. Ledyard Stebbins, Nils Heribert Nilsson at wikipedia,
  115. Non-materialist neuroscience-Brain damage, Neurocognitive,
  116. Thomas,
  117. Not Circular Reasoning-overthrew the Titans, double predestination,
  118. Nuclear war-Wikipedia on Vela Incident,
  119. Nuremberg Files-ACLA on Wikipedia,
  120. OS Wars-still are, ReactOS, FreeDOS, Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Analytical Engine, separate device,
  121. October Revolution-Petrograd,
  122. Odin-Cloacina,
  123. Old Testament Joseph-Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,
  124. Organic food-biodynamic agriculture,
  125. Orgone energy-Élan vital,
  126. Ozone layer-Wikipedia's article,
  127. PETA-spiked opponents heads with cleats, shot themselves with illegal handguns, cover up a murder, repeatedly beat up girlfriends, kill another human being in a DUI, the worst person to play in the NFL,
  128. Pangaea-article,
  129. Pantera- Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera,
  130. Paradox-list of paradoxes,
  131. Parapsychology-Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab, Joseph B. Rhine,
  132. Pareidolia-Rorschach test, Slash,
  133. Paul is dead-DVLA,
  134. Person-Boethius,
  135. Person-first language-temporal lobe,
  136. Phyllis Schlafly-The Miller’s Tale, The Reeve's Tale,
  137. Pious fraud-Pauline epistles, Mark 1,
  138. Piracy-pirate code, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Captain Jack Rackham,
  139. Plagiarism-ruined, research,
  140. Plaid Cymru-Snowdonia,
  141. Plate tectonics-Wikipedia,
  142. Playing card-Rook, Cartomancy at Wikipedia,
  143. Pogrom-Kristallnacht, Crown Heights riot,
  144. Point refuted a thousand times-people with such a surname,
  145. Poland-The Cinema of Poland, Three Colours, Dekalog, Ashes and Diamonds, Knife in the Water, Roman Polanski's,
  146. Political correctness-Recent African Origin theory,
  147. Polygamy-article,
  148. Pornography-Betty Dodson, Meese Commission,
  149. Postmodernism-Wikipedia on postmodernism,
  150. Predictions of the end of the world-wp:Exasecond and longer, wp:Future of an expanding universe,
  151. Presupposition-mu (negative),
  152. Primal scream therapy-Screamadelica,
  153. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom-Suez Crisis, List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Historical rankings of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom,
  154. Privatization of wildlife-American bison, Iguazu Falls, Guaíra Falls,
  155. Problems with biblical inerrancy-seven entire books, documentary hypothesis,
  156. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002-crime barons, Statutory Instrument,
  157. Proof-Mathematical proof - Methods of proof,
  158. Pseudonym-John Draper, Eric Corley,
  159. Psilocybin-Goombas, Super Mario Bros.,
  160. Punk-Oi!,
  161. Pwned-article,
  162. Pythons vs Christians-Wikipedia,
  163. Q gospel-The Q document at Wikipedia,
  164. Quantum collapse-particle in a box,
  165. Quantum electrodynamics-quantum field theory, Feynman diagrams,
  166. Quantum physics terms-QCD,
  167. Red shift-redshift quantisation,
  168. Relativity-Foucault Pendulum,
  169. Religion-imperial cult,
  170. Reparative therapy-ipecac, the Wikipedia article,
  171. Republican Party-National Union Party,
  172. Revelation-wp:,
  173. Robert Maxwell-article at wikipedia,
  174. Role-playing game-Multi-User Dungeon, TWERPS, Patricia Pulling,
  175. Rolfing-Rolf Harris,
  176. Roswell-Project Mogul,
  177. Ruling class-messes,
  178. SAT-National Curriculum assessments,
  179. SCO-SCO Group, it doesn't actually own,
  180. Sandra Lee-it is what it is.,
  181. Sarah Palin-General McClellan, General McKiernan,
  182. Science Confirms the Bible-The Sand Reckoner, rogue planet, Evil daemon, phenomenological, Voynich manuscript,
  183. Scientific mythology-Bohr–Einstein debates,
  184. Scientific theory-Theories Guide, 5 Ws,
  185. Scott Brown-wp:Scott Brown (DJ),
  186. Seasteading-Women on Waves, BioShock, Wikipedia article,
  187. Self projection as god-Dante's Divine Comedy,
  188. Serge Monast-English Wikipedia,
  189. Shyster-pre-1956,
  190. Social contract-Crito,
  191. Social networking websites-chav,
  192. Sodomite-Wikipedia,
  193. Speaking in tongues-Scat singing,
  194. Speed of light-Wikipedia on tachyons,
  195. Star-Wikipedia on Aurelia,
  196. Starlight problem-wp:Mass–energy equivalence,
  197. Stephen Hawking-Wikipedia - The Lucasian Professor of Mathematics,
  198. Stephenie Meyer-Mary Sue,
  199. Streisand effect-California Coastal Records Project, McGate,
  200. Strike-PATCO,
  201. Sunday school environmentalism-wp:Aluminium recycling,
  202. Survival of aquatic species during the global flood-wikipedia,
  203. Survival seed bank-sperm bank,
  204. Survivalism-Russian Woodpecker,
  205. Sweden-Millenium Trilogy,
  206. Tax protester-tax evaders,
  207. Tea Party movement-Wikipedia's list of Tea Party protests, 2009, Wikipedia's list of Tea Party protests, 2010,
  208. Technical analysis-buy and hold,
  209. Terrorism Acts-a heckler,
  210. Texans for Better Science Education-wikipedia,
  211. Texe Marrs-Wikipedia - Texe Marrs,
  212. Tharsis-Hellas crater, Vredefort crater,
  213. The Annotated Citizen's Rule Book-Lysander Spooner,
  214. The Fine Art of Baloney Detection-The Demon-Haunted World,
  215. The Navigators-Henry the Navigator (Portugal), Prince Henry of the Netherlands aka "The Navigator",
  216. The Surrendered Wife-drive all the way to Boston, the lady, makes a mess of the bank accounts, does not apply, a certain sort of therapy,
  217. Theocracy-Wikipedia on Caligula,
  218. Theodore Roosevelt-the "Strenuous Life",
  219. Theory of Evolution-retroviruses,
  220. Third Amendment-Engblom v. Carey,
  221. Time travel-alternate histories, its own Y2K,
  222. Timothy McVeigh-wp:Timothy McVeigh #Political and religious views,
  223. Tithe-taxation in Sweden,
  224. Tom Cryer-Town crier,
  225. Tony Alamo-Wikipedia,
  226. Top Gear-Criticism of Top Gear,
  227. Tower of Babel-ziggurats, pretty fucking big stuff., Etemenanki,
  228. Trigonometric function-Wikipedia,
  229. UK General Election, 2010-vote tactically,
  230. UK General Election, 2010/Election night special-
  231. Understatement-British Airways Flight 9,
  232. Unidentified flying object-Aurora Borealis,
  233. Unification Church-See Wikipedia's list, Wikipedia on the True World Group,
  234. Uniformitarianism-RATE,
  235. United States-this one,
  236. United States Electoral College-wp:Faithless elector,
  237. Unverifiable personal gnosis-"I know that I know nothing.",
  238. Uri Geller-the article,
  239. Vampire-pulp fiction,
  240. Vegetarianism-cyanogens, manioc, protease inhibitors, lectins, charismatic megafauna,
  241. Vibration-Wikipedia's article on Vibration, Wikipedia's article on Oscillation,
  242. Video game-outright bans, Greece tried to outlaw all public video gaming, outright bans, Greece tried to outlaw all public video gaming,
  243. Vitalism-synthesis by Friedrich Wöhler,
  244. Vitamin supplement-carotenoid, retinoid, teratogens,
  245. Voluntary Human Extinction Movement-Children of Men,
  246. Water memory-water memory,
  247. We Surround Them-On Bullshit,
  248. White hole cosmology-wp:Age of the universe,
  249. Wiki-let them explain,
  250. WikiFactor-wp:Special:PopularPages,
  251. Wilhelm Reich-wp:Wilhelm Reich,
  252. Wisconsin-Robert "Fighting Bob" M. La Follette, Sr.,
  253. WorldNetDaily-Uncle Ruckus, Ugandan law making homosexuality a capital crime, Birth Certificates and Certificate of Live Birth are the same thing,
  254. World War I-yanked Kaiser Bill up a tree,
  255. Zen-Wikipedia on Zen Buddhism,
  256. Zero-point energy-Wikipedia's article,
  257. Zionism-Theodor Herzl, Balfour Declaration,