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Grenada is a tiny island nation in the Eastern Caribbean known primarily for exporting nutmeg. Its first leader after independence from Britain in 1974 was the autocratic UFO enthusiast Sir[note 1] Eric Gairy. A Marxist government came to power in a coup d'état while Gairy was abroad and stayed in office for 4½ years until Ronald Reagan ordered U.S. Marines to invade the islands.

The administration believed that a Cuban and Soviet "plot" to build a new airport in a country with fewer residents than Allentown, Pennsylvania, posed an egregious threat to the safety and national security of the world's greatest superpower. Multiparty politics were re-established in late 1984, and Grenada has been more-or-less democratic since then. They learned their lesson from the Empire and have not elected a left-wing government since the ill-fated revolution.


  1. Knighted on the recommendation of… himself.