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Paraguay is a country in South America, and is the second poorest country on the continent. Like the rest of South America it has had problems with dictators. Under the rule of president general Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989), himself of German origin, it was notorious for being a hideout for Nazis. That whole dictatorship was run by pedophiles.[1]

During the 19th Century, Paraguay was much bigger and more populated than it is today, and was in fact in the same league as Brazil and Argentina. That is, until it unwittingly tried to steal some land from Brazil to get an ocean coast and got itself involved in a war against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, a war that became known as War of the Triple AllianceWikipedia's W.svg. Amazingly they actually managed to put up a fair fight, and only gave up when their leaderWikipedia's W.svg (and a whopping 70% of their male population) got killed after 6 years of fighting (it should be noted about 80% of the triple alliance effort was done by Brazil).

Its most recent former president (impeached in 2012 on a flimsy pretext) is Fernando Lugo, who was the first head of state since 1948 not to be a member of the all-powerful Colorado Party. A former Catholic bishop with left-leaning sympathies, he admitted to having several relationships with women, some of them when he was still bishop, and fathered a number of illegitimate children.[2]

Paraguay is unique among Latin American countries in that the majority (90%) of its population speaks an indigenous pre-colonial language, Guaraní.[3]

On the bright side, it's the happiest nation in the world.[4]