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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a state to the east of Saudi Arabia. The country is another resource-rich Gulf Arab monarchy with massive amount of wealth but a human rights shit hole at the same time. UAE is consisted of seven emirates, but Dubai and discount Dubai Abu Dhabi are mostly only relevant. Dubai is a symbol of authoritarian regime thriving off of neoliberal world system and globalization, much like Singapore.[1] Barely 20 years ago Dubai was a middle of no where, and now it houses the tallest building in the world. UAE is Saudi Arabia's bitch,[2] and Qatar is their arch nemesis.

UAE is known for having no concept whatsoever of human rights and humanism. They are actively conducting modern-day slavery and human trafficking, by importing helpless workers from South, Southeast Asia, and poor Arab neighbors. Out of around 9 million populations, 58% is from South Asia and around 16% is from other Asia, leaving only around 16% of native Emiratis who live off cheap labor by the migrant workers.[3] Migrants have no rights of collective action or demand for better working conditions.[4] If workers oppose, they will easily be deported and human traffickers from each of the sending countries will prepare the replacement out of the endless pool of low skilled workers. There's also notorious child slavery, conducted by trafficking young buys from impoverished neighbors and force them to work as camel jockeys.[5][6] UAE also has strict censorship on media, and human rights activism will land you in jail or detention centers in no time. An activist Iyad El-BaghdadiWikipedia's W.svg was deported for tweeting.[7]

Wahhabism is prominent in UAE,[8] and the country has legislation based on strict interpretations of Sharia. It implements the hududWikipedia's W.svg penal code which enables corporal punishments such as flogging and stoning. Homosexuals and apostasy are punishable by death penalty, and adultery (if found out) is considered a grave sin which is applicable for non-Muslims as well. Many Western migrants are convicted for being raped.

UAE, unlike its big boss Saudi or rival Qatar, is known for attracting fanfare of neocons and neoliberals alike, in spite of aforementioned human rights regressiveness. Westerners are especially attracted to Dubai, and the city is among the top 10 most visited cities on earth.[9] This is most likely due to their cunning PR strategy in full effect, and not supporting overseas Jihadism led to much less negative coverage among the Western media which is obsessed with terrorism. Ayaan Hirsi Ali seems to think UAE as a role model of Muslim countries in the region which is just appalling.[10]


Dubai, an emirate/city in the UAE, has lots of money and so has tried to bootstrap itself from medieval theocracy to respected first-world-quality world citizen. This has been less than convincing in many cases.[11]

Dubai has the highest per-capita income in the world, if you don't count all the poor people shipped in to do the actual work, and is currently home to the tallest building in the world.[12]

Dubai is now the new Iceland.[13] When will states finally learn to stop acting like hedge funds (or in Dubai's case, more aptly like private equity)?

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