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What is going on?

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March 2023

26Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan trails the opposition by more than 10 points ahead of an election in Turkey in May.
8China Xi Jinping "reelected" for a third term.
16Estonia In the Estonian parliamentary election, the Reform Party, led by Kaja Kallas, has won the most seats in the Riigikogu.
15Nigeria Bola Tinubu of the ruling APC wins a disputed election. The opposing PPD and Labour Party have claimed the votes were doctored, and the election was marred with violence and technical issues.

February 2023

20United StatesIllinois. Lori Lightfoot is ousted as the mayor of Chicago. A run-off election will occur between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson.
19United States Republican presidential primary candidates must agree to a "loyalty pledge" promising to support whoever wins the nomination in order to debate, the party's National Committee chair says. Can anyone guess who this is aimed at?
15United StatesWisconsin. Liberal Janet Protasiewicz and conservative election denier Daniel Kelly advance in the primary for an open seat in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This election will decide which side has a majority in the chamber, which will have huge implications on issues such as gerrymandering and abortion rights.
24United StatesCalifornia. California dinosaur Senator Dianne Feinstein announces that she will not run for reelection, opening the door for what will likely be the most intense Senate primary of the cycle. Among those running to replace her are Reps. Adam Schiff and Katie Porter.
17United States Nikki Haley announces she's running for President, making her the first Republican challenger to Trump.
25United StatesPennsylvania. The PA State House has now officially flipped blue, after Democrats win three special elections in safe-blue Pittsburgh-area seats in order to replace Representative Summer Lee, Lt. Governor Austin Davis, and the late Tony DeLuca. Previously, there had been a bit of drama to get a speaker, as the three vacancies meant neither side had a majority.

January 2023

22Czechia Former army general and independent politician Petr Pavel has won the Czech presidential election against his rival, populist former prime minister Andrej Babiš. He will replace the current president Miloš Zeman in March, who has been criticised for pandering to dictators like Putin, and politicking the largely ceremonial role.
19United StatesArizona. Popular Democratic Arizona representative Ruben Gallego will challenge Independent Kyrsten Sinema for her US Senate seat.
19United StatesVirginia. Democrat Aaron Rouse flips a Virginia State Senate seat in Virginia Beach during a special election, expanding Democrats' Senate majority in the state to 22-18. This comes as Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin is trying to pass a 15-week abortion ban.
17United StatesSouth Carolina. South Carolina's House map ruled an unconstitutional racial gerrymander by a federal court. This is because of how black voters from Charleston were packed into the 6th district in order to make the 1st district safe for Republicans (comparison of both maps here). Of course, the result is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court.
35United StatesThe GOP-controlled House is off to a great start as Kevin McCarthy has failed fourteen votes for Speaker, leaving the legislature in limbo. Here's why 21 Republicans are refusing to support him. For those wondering, the last time the House failed to elect a Speaker was in 1923, almost exactly 100 years ago. Update: McCarthy has officially been elected as Speaker of the House on the 15th vote.