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Monkeys can climb
Crickets can leap
Horses can race
Owls can seek
Cheetahs can run
Eagles can fly
People can try
But that's about it.
—Natsuki, "Eagles Can Fly"[1]

Hi! My pseudonym name is Natsuki Marx. I am, unfortunately, stuck on United Kingdom TERF island Flag of England.svg, with seemingly no way of escaping to Netherlands the Netherlands or New Zealand New Zealand any time soon.

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Natsuki's leftist content creator recommendations:[edit]

Natsuki's Substack recommendations[edit]

  • AI Snake Oil – A newsletter about A.I. and its developments that actually isn't run by cranks.
  • Beccacore – Completely non-political fashion and aesthetics newsletter. Learn to dress stylish!
  • Erin In The Morning – Gee, that capitalisation of "In" and "The" annoys me! Erin very regularly posts updates about the situation regarding transgender people in the U.S.. Every month, she's been posting the "Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map", where she breaks down all fifty states (and Washington, D.C.)'s legal situation regarding trans people and their rights to healthcare, or to exist at all. Don't worry, each "ATLRM" always has a list of safe states with protective measures in place.
  • Experimental History – Psychologist Adam Mastroianni's newsletter in which he writes about psychology, as well as tons of stuff relating to general scientific methodology.
  • Friendly Athiest – Hemant Mehta writes near-daily about happenings related to religion and all its dastardly deeds in the U.S. of A..
  • Internal Tech Emails – Internal Tech Emails showcases internal tech industry emails that surface in public records. A lot of these emails/text conversations are pretty interesting. They post semi-regularly.
  • Ken Klippenstein – Ken Klippenstein posts news—usually about shady shit the U.S. government is doing—on a very irregular basis. You may get a post every 1-2 months.
  • SocDoneLeft – SDL posts articles usually using statistics to argue things. Oftentimes arguing against conservative talking points. They also quite often debunk fake leftist revolutionary quotes spread around by conservatives and discuss where they actually came from. That's always fun.


  • I was blocked on Twitter by Nick Fuentes on Twitter before he was banned.
  • I was temporarily blocked on Twitter by anti-SJW YouTuber Memology 101.
  • I am blocked on Twitter by GB News presenter Andrew Doyle.Wikipedia