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Mark Cahill

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Q: Can God create a rock big enough that even he can't lift?
A: NO!!! There are plenty of things God can't do, but that doesn't mean that He isn't God. It just means it is outside of his character.
—Mark Cahill, in a typically incoherent fashion, sidesteps answers the Omnipotence paradox.[1]

Mark Cahill is an evangelist based out of Stone Mountain, Georgia, known best for his cult recruitment instructional manuals books such as One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven.[2] His books mainly function as step-by-step instructions on how to annoy the hell out of friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers spread the good news to the lost.

A favorite tactic of his is stuffing evangelism tracts inside of soda pop cartons in the local grocery store.[3] Great places for finding the lost also include malls, music and art festivals, beaches, sporting events, and bar sections of towns.[4]

His books also help to educate the ignorant of the very real existence of angels and demons[5], as well as the dangers of evolutionists,[6] Buddhists,[7] fornicators, and pot smokers.

Cahill is well versed in fundamentalist pseudoscience, pseudoarchaeology, and other jargon. For example, his indoctrination materials include the following guidance:

When you encounter people who believe that evolution disproves God, what four scientific facts could you share to show that evolution cannot be true?

1) The mathematical probability of the human body being assembled is astronomical—far beyond “absolutely impossible.”

2) The fossil record should contain millions of transitional forms, but there isn’t a single one; instead, it shows only complete kinds, fully formed.

3) Every supposed “missing link” between animals and man has been disproved.

4) There are no half creatures that are currently evolving from one kind to another; we see only whole animal kinds.[8]

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