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Christian apologist Randal Rauser has written a book every atheist should be ready to cite.[1] Not only because it's important to keep on hand examples of Christians acting like actual Christians (why can't there be more of that??). But also because, on one important point, it makes a better argument in defense of atheists than you might ever muster yourself. Not in defense of atheism being correct. But in defense of atheists themselves, as people deserving of respect and dignity, and of being taken seriously, as intelligent, reasonable, ethical people. And not mocking them with Bible verses supposedly calling them wicked fools.
—Richard Carrier[2]

Randal Rauser is a Christian apologist from Edmonton, Alberta. He is an associate professor of historical theology at Taylor Seminary. He is really no different from Ray Comfort or Pat Robertson, being an expert at Lying for Jesus but he likes to pretend that he is so much better than them. Rauser claims that atheists should stop calling themselves atheists because they don't know what the word means.[3]

Rauser has, however, poked fun at creationist Ken Ham's Noah's Ark project.[4]

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