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This is the place to sort, search and review all the classic What Is Going On in the clogosphere? moments. Results are sorted by vote count and month, at the moment you can provide your own vote number cutoff, browse different months, or filter all the results by a keyword.

The day-to-day updates of the clogosphere are over at What Is Going On in the clogosphere? and all new contenders should be added there. Entries are automatically moved here.


159What do you mean my idealist/protest vote counted?!?!?!?!? Protest voters ‘quite worried’ as they regret backing Brexit. Edit: Ha. Double ha. Edit 2: Cornwall, which voted 56.5% "leave", expects the UK to cover all that fat EU money they've been getting.
139Fox News does it again. During a Bill O'Reilly bullshit segment claiming that the Wisconsin union protesters are really a bunch of hired thugs bused in from out-of state, they show footage that is supposedly from the rally which (at 0:15) shows PALM TREES in the background. (And for the brain-damaged Conservapuds and TeaBaggers who troll this site for the sole purpose of voting "down" on all these WIGOs, there are no palm trees on the streets of Wisconsin! At least not until now.) (Woohoo! The first non-CP WIGO to reach 100 up votes!)
135The role played by dinosaurs in the American Civil War.
104A student group at the University of Cape Town proclaiming themselves Fallists, short for "Science must fall", argue to remove science from curriculum because science is "Eurocentric" and "based on racism". Evidently, some people believing witchcraft causes things to fall back to earth demonstrates the inherent Western bias of only teaching the concept of gravity in a science class.
103Conservatives pissed at Latinos, because Vermont adopts a Latin motto.
98A British meninist campaigns for tampons to be taxed, arguing that "it's a woman's own fault if she lacks the self-control to hold the blood in her bladder outside the restroom". Naturally, he doesn't understand why he is being mocked over his apparent biology skills. Update: He really is that stupid.
94Alex Jones screams at a literal pile of shit.
93Victoria Jackson: Muslims=bad, gays=bad therefore Obama=GAY MUSLIM JIHADIST!!
87The patriarch of clogospherics, Time Cube, is gone. Looks like nobody paid for the domain. Raise your glasses to the last Internet Archive snapshot, from 18 August 2015. Sic transit gloria cubi. Update: It's back up! Whoops, it's redirecting to an ad splash if you don't hit the "X" button ...
87Fox News is worried that the Statue of Liberty might be a transwoman.
85If you're from the Daily Mail, and want to enliven a slow news day by posting aggressive false-flag messages on a Muslim forum ... you might want to learn how to use tor a proxy.
85Alex Jones claims that Democrats will start a new civil war on July 4th.
83VIDEO: A QVC hostess and a fashion designer trying to sell his wares on the shopping channel get into a debate over whether the moon is a planet or a star. All hail science education in the age of renewed religious fundamentalism.
83Alt-right media outlet The Right Stuff collapses after fellow racists discover the founder’s wife is Jewish.
82Fox News host Pete Hegseth comes out as a germ theory denialist and says he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years because he's never seen any germs.
80Ben Carson: Growing up rich is a disadvantage
79NaturalNews: "Ted Cruz is great!(redirect) He's pro-Constitution!(redirect) The mainstream media is unfairly attacking him!(redirect) He is truly the only one (along with Trump) to stand up for our rights!(redirect)" / Ted Cruz: "Opposing GMOs is 'anti-science zealotry'." / NaturalNews: "...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
78According to anti-vaxxers, Sesame Street's new autistic muppet is part of a pro-vaccination conspiracy to "normalize autism".
77PETA literally claims that dairy products cause autism. Fuck these people.
77Fox News pundits strike again, telling their US audience that the English city of Birmingham is exclusively Muslim and is a no-go area for non-Muslims, and that Muslim religious police in parts of London use violence to enforce Islamic dress. The apology didn't take long. Update: Pundit claims his treatment was worse than being waterboarded.
77DUMB BRITISH BLONDE FUCKS 15 MILLION PEOPLE AT ONCE, courtesy of Pornhub. Rule 34 has been broken.
76Audio surfaces of Tucker Carlson saying he "loves" the idea of young girls sexually experimenting, using sexist terms to refer to a number of women, and defending statutory rape.
74Bradley Cooper, star of the conservative propaganda epic American Sniper, was spotted attending the DNC making conservatives go batshit on Twitter, shocked his movie role was just an act.
73Conspiracy theorist's image of a "5G Covid implant chip" turns out to be a guitar pedal schematic.
73Vox Day: If a woman says she was raped by a white man, she’s probably lying, because only blacks and hispanics rape. (HT Mammoth.)
73Twitter TERFs create the hilariously self-owning hashtag #transMenAreNotWomen, apparently unaware that trans men are a thing.
72When accountant Nathan D. Larson talked to voters and collected signatures to qualify as a candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates, he left out some details from his platform: legalizing child pornography as well as incestuous marriage;…repealing the 19th Amendment; and abolishing state funding for girls and women to attend high school and college. RW old-timers will recognise him as User:Tisane, the very first person ever to get banned from RationalWiki, for his essay advocating sex with children.
72PETA asks for the English village of Wool to change its name to "Vegan Wool".
71 The dumbest man in Congress asks if the Forest Service can alter the Moon's orbit, in order to fight climate change.
70Dinesh D'Souza tweeting on Martin Luther King weekend: John Lewis is "a nasty, bitter old man", Rosa Parks was no big deal, Democrats are a "party of bigotry", and the South is now "largely non-racist" thanks to Republicans.
70Prison Planet journalist writer Paul Joseph Watson argues that George Orwell would hate Antifa if he were alive today. Despite claiming to have read all his books, he forgets that Orwell is the definitive Antifa and, after being corrected on Twitter by a Spanish Civil War historian and Anti-fascist groups, then declares everyone else to be "Libtards" and mocks the idea that they could be right.
70Why God wants you to stay in abusive relationships.
69The Heartland Institute attacks climate change with some flawless logic: global warming doesn't exist because murderers. (Update: "Oh, it was just an experiment to provoke people!" - because that makes it perfectly valid and not the stupidest thing in the world ever.)
69Ben Shapiro to people who work multiple jobs to survive: "If you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on the table, you probably shouldn't have taken the job that's not paying you enough. That'd be a you problem."
69Jamie Jeffries "The Pro-Life Wife" stopped a woman from having an abortion and made sure the baby was born but is outraged that the mother listed Jeffries as the next preferred placement for the child. Jeffries complains that she's too busy to take care of a child and that the burden would "destroy her marriage and physical health".
69Dave Rubin: "Jesus was around a lot of Muslims; it was the Middle East..." (note: from June)
68Fart demons. You know, the kind that drive pigs to suicide.[1] That's why there are gay people.
68Rush Limbaugh is afraid that federally-paid lesbian farmers could take over rural America. (You can farm lesbians now?)
66William Shakespeare so eloquently depicted women, in so many different works, that Shakespeare must have been a dark-skinned Jewish woman!
66 Flat earthers decide to sail to the edge of the planet. It goes about as well as can be expected.
66Idiot US representative Marjorie Taylor Greene calls the proposed vaccine passport concept "Biden's Mark of the Beast" and denounces it as "fascism, or communism, whatever you want to call it". Georgia truly sent their finest to Capitol Hill.
66Far-right Twitter troll Joshua Bonehill-Paine is jailed for two years in the UK for harassment of a Jewish politician he called "a rodent [...] a money grabber, a dominatrix and responsible for the death of Jesus". He insists the jury were MI6 agents, and that a real jury would see nothing wrong with a two year harassment campaign called "Operation Filthy Jew Bitch".
65I guess they had nothing better to whine about.
65"BURN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO THE FUCKING GROUND": Milo Yiannopoulos is having a breakdown on Parler because Daddy Trump didn't get the result he wanted in the Supreme Court.
65Wingnut conspiracy theorist Mark Dice calls for red states to secede from the U.S. Why? The children's toy brand Mr. Potato Head is now gender neutral.
65RooshV rails against women for making him brush his teeth and wipe his arse before he can pick them up.
65The American Family Association: "The Bible teaches us that there is a supernatural world inhabited by the Triune God and holy angels who do his bidding. But that supernatural and unseen world is also inhabited by dark spirits who serve the god of the underworld, Satan, and do his bidding. Just as God can be invoked in prayer, so can dark spirits who serve their dark overlord." (Translation: The GOP invited a Muslim to offer a closing benediction at their convention.)
64A guest on Laura Ingraham's podcast confuses "transgender" and "transhuman", claiming that trans people want to "create a new species" that's "human and part machine".
64Steve Milloy: Global warming isn't an existential threat to Earth because Venus still exists.
64Bill O'Reilly thinks that there is no explanation for tides, and this proves that religion is true. (Apparently nobody told him about the star that causes daytime and the chunk of rock that comes and goes in the sky — could he be an anti-astronomy denialist?)
63The Wall Street Journal focuses on the truly big issue of the day: trying to badger Dr. Jill Biden into dropping the title from her name because as a Ed.D, she doesn't "deserve" it. Also gets bonus misogyny points for calling her "kiddo". (WSJ is paywalled as always, so the actual article is analysis from the Hill.)
63The National Review says fuck it, the US should try to find ways to disenfranchise more people because Americans are too stupid to be trusted with democracy. Instead, the US should have fewer, but better voters, whatever that means.
63Kentucky Derby trainer claims his horse's win is being disqualified because of "cancel culture". Apparently failing a drug test is cancel culture now.
63Christy Sheats was right to shoot her daughters, because they were "sleeping with black boys" and why should she "have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby." Oh yeah, and she's a martyr for Christ and we should appreciate her will to die for Christ. UPDATE: She doubles down - "I will NOT apologize for my views in that blog. Miscegenation is WRONG and it will destroy the white race as we know it."
62"I am an idiot": Ryan Bundy declares himself a Sovereign citizen. Spoiler: it still doesn't get him out of jail.
62She-Ra - a crappy 80s cartoon designed to market toys to girls - is getting a reboot, and Gamergaters are angry that the breasts of the title character will not be as big as they were in the original series.
61 Amid the 2021 European floodsWikipedia the Mainland Chinese government published an article on how dictatorships are better than the "Western" democracy at handling crises. On the next day the Henan provinceWikipedia in Mainland China is also ravaged by a flood.
61Alabama's Chief Justice: The First Amendment only applies to Christians, because "Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us..."
61Faux News reports on Britain leaving the UN.
60The most embarrassing answer ever
60Dinesh D'Souza: climate change isn't real because nuclear winter didn't happen in the 80's.
60Daily Wire commentator gets passionately angry over the fact that Netflix's The Witcher features scenes of women using swords "like a man", calls it a "feminist statement".
60Rudy Giuliani has it all figured out: Biden stole the election with help from Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, George Soros, and Germany. Note: Keep in mind that Chávez has been dead for almost eight years, but apparently Rudy didn't get that memo.
60United States Alaska. A planned MAGA protest in Alaska got off to bad start, as extremists call for a rally at the Dimond Center Mall in midtown Anchorage instead of at the Dimond Courthouse in downtown Juneau, opposite the Alaska Capitol, over 570 miles away.
60 The New York Post runs an article claiming a link between Covid vaccines and herpes, showing a picture of shingles, taken from a dermatology website.
60Former MEP, Lord John Kilclooney, is outraged that the Spanish football team didn't sing along to their anthem, at the Euro2020 semi-finals. Hint: Spain's anthem doesn't have lyrics.
60Reddit bans the subreddit r/altright, due to "repeated violations of the terms of our content policy," including doxxing.
60Fox's Charles Payne blames popularity of taxing the rich on "fairness" being "promoted in our schools for a long time."
60Shortly after declaring that Islamophobia is a problem invented by Justin Trudeau, a Gatineau, QC city councilor questions the roundness of the Earth.
59Bill Maher further demolished his own reputation by inviting conservative conspiracy theorist Dennis Prager and anti-vaxx leader Jay Gordon onto his HBO show so he could nod along and agree with both of them.
59Encyclopedia Dramatica is down!! Why? The latest admin is in jail - the fourth ED admin to go to jail - and didn't give anyone else the passwords.
59Roosh explains SCIENCE: Women absorb enough DNA from sperm gained in casual sexual encounters that it causes changes in their appearance and makes their children "genetically cuckolded". (archive) PZ Myers explains this not even wrong drivel.
58Ben Garrison draws a disturbingly detailed cartoon of Greta Thunberg being spanked by a busty blonde woman over her knee.
58Mike Adams goes off the deep end: claims the CDC, FDA, USDA and EPA are run by "dark, demonic souls occupying human bodies."(redirect)
58Alex Jones suggests the crying baby at Trump rally was probably a plant
58Kiwi Farms, a forum notorious for doxxing and harassing people, has just shut down because the owner was doxxed and harassed.
57Tucker Carlson goes on a tirade against women in the US military about how they supposedly make a mockery of the military, earning a direct rebuke from the Pentagon and senior military officials. 'Lil Cucker, it should be noted, has never served and is more potato than man.
57Cathy Brennan makes one of the dumber claims ever made about RationalWiki: that MRAs use it as a reference site. Asked to back up this remarkable claim, she says that she means trans women, who she calls "MRAs in lady face." (Screenshot.)
57David "Avocado" Wolfe on solar panels: "Do you think draining the sun is a good idea?"
57World Nut Daily has a breathless report about how US forces engaged and killed one of the Nephilim in Afghanistan, but the story is being covered up, because evolution.
57Proving once again a lack of decency, the Daily Mail blames the murder of Jo Cox on immigrants; the town council wanting to move house, and Cox herself for being a Remain supporter. His support for violent extremist groups is apparently also irrelevant to his character.
57Milo Yiannopoulos is now such a pariah that even Nazis like Richard Spencer want nothing to do with him, but there's a history professor at the University of Chicago who still thinks he's literally Jesus.
57Jerome Corsi thinks Obama's official portrait is symbolic of "the pedophilia they’re engaging in." No surprise, Sean Hannity also thinks it contains "secret sperm."
57Alex Jones responds to his Twitter ban by claiming America will be destroyed on October 6. It's all about 666.
57Far-right wingers are claiming that the suspicious packages sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, CNN, and some others was a false flag.#MAGABomber
57How chemtrails and cell phone chips cause liberalism
57Roosh V says the image of the black hole is probably fake and only went viral because the media wanted to praise a woman for something other than making a baby.
56The Trump administration renames fossil fuels to "freedom gas." Cue jokes at America's expense.
56Rush Limbaugh: "Hurricane is an Obama conspiracy to cancel the GOP Convention."
56Dinesh D'Souza: Greta Thunberg has her hair in braids, so she must be a Nazi.
56White House spiritual advisor Paula White loses her freaking mind during a prayer event, speaking in tongues, calling angels from Africa, and claiming that "demonic confederacies" are trying to steal the election from Trump.
56Disgraced former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn disgraces himself further by promoting calls for Trump to declare nationwide martial law, suspend the Constitution, and have the military oversee a redo of the election.
56Laura Loomer and her grifter buddy are OUTRAGED that the communist-controlled Palm Beach County School Board OPPRESSIVELY FORCED them to WASH THEIR HANDS before entering! Good God, isn't touching people with poopy hands a fundamental American right?! What is this country coming to?!
56 Trump-loving parents whine that their children are "cancelling" them and also that the Left™ is cultlike and worships Satan
56Believing in evolution is anti-American.
56 Round 2 of MRA bat-shittery about Mad Max. RooshV goes insane that movie portrays women in way counter to his dismal beliefs, blames Hollywood in mass conspiracy against "the true nature of women".
56Rationalism is a form of oppression and has no inherent value!.
56Twitter has permanently banned Milo Yiannopoulos
56Universal healthcare is bad, because if everybody gets a Ferrari, Ferraris would no longer have value.
56Tucker Carlson: Brett Kavanaugh Backlash is Due to a “Theocracy Run By Atheists”
56PETA suggests phrases such as "kill two birds with one stone" should be changed due to being "speciesist". Birds are, of course, a class - Aves, not a species.
55Female Texan GOP State Representative: Rape doesn't cause pregnancy because In the emergency room, they have what's called rape kits, where a woman can get cleaned out.
55 As the election approaches, Fox News tries to scare the shit out of grandpa with militia loon's batshit prediction of "a massive ‘Antifa Tet Offensive’".
55Mike Lindell's "free speech" social media network will ban swear words and taking the Lord's name in vain. God damn!
55On the wiki dedicated to the Silent Hill series of video games, one editor knows what the series is really about: Circumcision and its ties to the Satanic Illuminati.
55Sean Hannity cites Conservapedia
55Congressman Steve King has openly endorsed white supremacist propaganda and European fascism.
55Rush Limbaugh complains that "the Left" treats nonconsensual sex as rape.
55Trump accidentally revealed "fake news" just means he doesn't like what it says about him.
55Police department in Alabama blames Satan for murders. Because why do your jobs when blaming Satan is more convenient?
54No! Not “Millions of years”, “Evolution” & “Feathered dinosaurs”. That's downright unbiblical! Sayeth Mr Ham.
54Trump voter panelist: "If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, 'Hold on a second. I need to check with the President if it's true.'"
54Vox points out that "truth isn't truth", according to Trump's lawyer. Well, that explains it all...
53American Thinker: It is "un-American" to permit poor people to vote.
53Are these the two stupidest people on the internet?
53The metric system is COMMUNISM! Onozomg.gif
53Scott Adams declares that a lack of terrorist attacks before the elections is a sign that ISIS want Clinton to be President.
52BBC News: Scientists 95% certain global warming is man made Daily Mail: Scientists not 100% certain global warming is man made
52The American alt-right are going cold on Trump after his inability to Build the Wall and his support for Israel - and some are switching to Democrat outsider Yang instead. They figure he won't deliver anything they want either - but at least he will give them $1,000 a month.
52Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer lays off staff members because nobody sent them donations.
52Prager U thinks that Robert E. Lee should continue to be honored in the US Capitol because of his role in crushing "radical abolitionist" John Brown's slave uprising and because he thought that slavery was bad for white people.
52Elon Musk drops his old chief executive job title in favor of "Technoking of Tesla" in filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In probably related news, this came just days after a major Tesla investor sued him for issuing false financial statements.
52Eric S. Raymond warns all techiespresumed male, of course that any woman in open source could be a feminazi, out to destroy your project with false harassment accusations! Breitbart amplifies the signal, using Linus Torvalds' name as clickbait. (Torvalds himself might have other opinions; here's an interview with his daughter Patricia, a programmer who started a Feminism Club at high school.) (HT Mammoth.)
52Roosh V is shocked to discover that there is gambling in this establishment that the white supremacist movement is full of white supremacists. SHOCKING SPOILER!: They don't like him because he's not right white!
52Breitbart wages war against Kellogg's for typically Breitbart reasons.
52Fox News proposes cannons as a solution for saving kids during school shootings.
51"And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb." Another dumb-ass right-winger with no idea how lady bits work.
51Michele Bachmann is terrified that voting for Biden would mean a third term for Obama.
51The 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting didn't happen because the club only has 12 parking bays, which means that there could never be 300+ people inside.
51Earth is a prison planet for aliens too violent to fit in their advanced society.(ScienceVibe)
51Vox Day puts forth the 16 core beliefs of the alt-right. The Freepers are rather enthusiastic about it.
51"Liberals made me want to pull my penis off!" and other weirdness from American "Thinker".
50Infowars' return to YouTube lasts less than a day.
50JK Rowling’s latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims. The author was criticized for a scene in a previous novel for depicting a trans woman as an unstable and murderous stalker.
50Steve Bannon and co-host discuss the merits of beheading Dr. Fauci and the FBI Director and putting their heads on pikes outside the White House. Update: Bannon's defense lawyer against federal fraud charges has dropped him as a client.
50President Trump throws toddler tantrum after being asked by a reporter about conceding the election. "I'm the president of the United States! Don't ever talk to the president that way!" he squeals.
50Incredible racism from failed GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke. Only a direct quote can do it justice: "Voodoo Africans are migrating into America, infiltrating the Christian Faith, and establishing churches on the pulpit of abortion and social justice. It’s so clever, it could only be demonic.".
50The Wisconsin pharmacist who sabotaged 500 vaccine doses thought that COVID is a hoax, that the Earth is flat, and that the sky is actually a "shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God."
50After getting in trouble for fleeing Texas for a Mexico beach vacation during a deadly winter crisis, Ted Cruz dishonorably blamed the trip on his preteen daughters rather than take responsibility.
50Milo Yiannopoulos says that as soon as he became "ex-gay", dogs stopped barking at him, which he believes is a sign from God.
50Open Letter to Simon Singh from Homeopath and astrologer (verbatim): "Bollocks to rationality, you shouldn't use it when it comes to discussing people's health."
50Hey y'all, know who's really behind the push for gun control? Ted Nugent knows! The answer is spelled J-E-W-S! By the way, Ted is an NRA board member.
50The future of our planet may lie in the hands of Bill O'Reilly, who is trying to convince President-elect Donald Trump to accept the Paris Climate Agreement.
50Alt-Right leaders: We aren’t racist, we just hate Jews.
49Fox Nation: "Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult."
49Alex Jones embarrasses himself on the BBC
49Relevant to our interests: Rightwing Facebook page calls for lynching of Obama, gets taken over by Goat-obsessed trolls.
49Ted Cruz wants a "Space Force" to prevent space pirates.
49Dennis Prager has decided that the COVID-19 lockdown is the "greatest mistake in the history of humanity". Apparently, Mr. Prager doesn't realize that his career is a much bigger mistake.
49Of course Alex Jones feels that Scalia was murdered. Update: WND jumps on the bandwagon, Before It's News announces a "shattering, stunning, frightening bombshell", and All News Pipeline posits the question "When 'Conspiracy Theories' Are Proven True, Are They Still 'Conspiracy Theories'?" Last, but not least, Glenn Beck says God had to kill Antonin Scalia to help put Ted Cruz in the White House.
49Woman who claims to have slept with 20 ghosts now claims to be engaged to one.
49Some liberal Twitterers are claiming that the Notre Dame fire is Karmic justice for France's colonial history. (The cathedral was completed multiple centuries before the French colonial period). We don't see a fraction as many left-wing bad takes on tragedies like this as we do right-wing ones, but I'd say this one just about qualifies. (The right, for what it's worth, is blaming the fire on Muslims, because of course it is).
48Christian fascist Rick Wiles claims that if Trump is impeached, veterans, cowboys and "people who know how to fight" will hunt Democrats down.
48Donald Trump retweets two insane QAnon conspiracy posts alleging that SEAL Team Six really failed to kill Osama Bin Laden, and that Obama and Biden had them assassinated to cover it up.
48In a bizarre interview with Fox News, Trump says that the US is more corrupt and worse to deal with than China, North Korea, or Russia.
48"Global warming isn't real because Mars has the same temperature as Earth." What?!
48Conservatives freak out over ‘UN takeover’ after spotting trucks made in Virginia and sold overseas.
48Rudy Giuliani believes that "Black kids are 99% likely to kill each other" and says Black Lives Matter is "inherently racist".
48For only 100,000 dollars you can be one of the idiots mavericks who'll join John Brahma on an epic journey to the edge of the flat earth and change the perception of reality once and for all.
48Senior White House official says Trump's eternal orange tan comes from "good genes."
47How to grievously insult Ray Comfort: call him a "bibliophile". (At least he did apologise.)
47After Carl Benjamin, who broadcasts on YouTube under the name of Sargon of Akkad, and is now standing as a UKIP candidate for the European Parliament, doubled down on a tweet which said he "wouldn't even rape" a Labour Party MP, local UKIP members have called for his deselection. In scenes reminiscent of a Donald Trump press conference, Benjamin called journalists "dirty smear merchants" and initially refused to answer their questions.
47From Tucker Carlson's 5 June, 2019 program: "Is the metric system completely made up?" It includes amazing moments like "I'm an anti-metrite", "...keep fighting against the global tyranny of the metric system, and bless you for that.", "I'll accept the kilometer when we accept the Euro. Never."
47"Gun Girl" Kaitlin Bennett thinks that giving women the right to vote was a bad idea because "females vote with emotion", and says she'd rather lose the right to vote than lose the right to own a gun.
47Planet of the Humans, the latest film from Michael Moore (technically directed by his pal Jeff Gibbs, but produced and backed by him), has been released for free this Earth Day. It is an utter mess that engages in bad-faith attacks on the environmental movement as a corporate front and renewable energy as no better than fossil fuels, and concludes that the only solution to global warming is to abandon industrial civilization and embrace hard green Malthusian fearmongering about overpopulation. Bill McKibben, one of the environmental figures who the film bashes, gives his response here. Update: Films for Action, the distributor of Planet of the Humans, has pulled it from distribution due to its misinformation. (It's still up on Moore's YouTube page, though.)
47Trump team's star fraud witness Melissa Carone goes apeshit in front of the Michigan legislature, claims ballots were being counted ten times and that Wayne County has no registered voters, has to be shushed by a mortified Rudy Giuliani.
47Senator Sinema's team decides that any criticism of her flippantly exaggerated vote against a $15 minimum wage provision is sexist.
47Who's to blame for the Paris attacks? Women, of course; according to the Manosphere.
47"Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts., the living soul", representing a corporate entity called MALCOLM IEUAN ROBERTS goes on national television to defend global warming denial ... up against Brian Cox. Apparently, NASA is part of the conspiracy too. With video!
47The new lead in Doctor Who is a woman - and the broflakes can't handle it. Meanwhile, The Sun and the Daily Mail celebrated the only way they knew how: by publicizing various nude scenes that the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, had done in the past.
47Christian TV Host Rick Wiles Declares All Non-Christians Are Children Of Satan
46Pajamas Media sees an Occupy protestor wearing a hash symbol (#), to "hashtag" herself. Their post? OH MY GOD IT'S A "NEO-SWASTIKA"!!
46It's easy to refute the entire contents of RW's atheism FAQ: "No, because God, that's why".
46Outraged that Obama won? Make it your personal crusade to be a nuisance to your entire community from now on. "Do you work for someone who voted for Obama? Quit your job."[No, not The Onion]
46According to end-times wingnut Rick Wiles, eating veggie burgers will change your DNA, meaning you can't be born again.
46Still at it: MyPillow Moron is certain that the Supreme Court will vote 9-0 "to pull this election down".
46Teabaggers explode irony meters across the globe, as they accuse Obama of being "like a child in a sandbox who can't get along with others."
46Alex Jones says that Brussels was a false flag brought in by European governments.
46Jim Bob Duggar: Molestation Is Common In Christian Families. The money quote is “It was a very difficult situation. But as we talked to other parents and different ones since then, a lot of families have said that they have had similar things that happened in their families.” These would be other Quiverfull families.
46The trailer for Star Wars:Battlefront 2 is released, featuring a female main character. Men in the comments section flip their shit, accusing Disney of being "SJWs," for daring to have a woman as a lead in a video game.
46After coffee machine makers Keurig pull ads from Sean Hannity's show, very butthurt conservatives smash their Keurigs in protest, and claim this "offends Liberals."
46"Classical liberal" intellectual du jour Ayatollah Jordan Peterson feels that women who wear makeup or high heels to work but don't want to be sexually harassed are hypocrites, and that we just don't know if it's going to work long-term to allow women into the workplace.
46Dude gets waterboarded by his friends in a backyard for 45 minutes in an attempt to prove that it's not torture. Because having your friends copy what they see in the movies is exactly how it's done in real life.
46Another scoop from Before It's News: Now that Barack Obama is no longer president, Michelle Obama aka "Michael Robinson" has given up on pretending to be a woman and is growing a beard!
45Women don't want to be astronauts. Bonus: "She never gave a man such necessary and life-sustaining love that he was able to do great things, such as fly into space." Sorry, Sally, being the first US female astronaut isn't good enough.
45Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm: "Deer Crossing" signs are stupid because animals can't read, and this leads to abortion. [No, not The Onion]
45Ray Comfort is still riding the stupid train.
45Michele Bachmann: Trump is the most “Godly, Biblical” president we’ve ever seen
45Apparently Bernie Sanders is the reincarnation of Trotsky, according to a batshit Israeli op-ed.
45 One Angry Gamer compiles a list of "traitors" to America, a list of people/companies who are condemning the death of George Floyd. Yes, because being against police brutality is somehow being a traitor to America.
45We aren't sure if God hates fags, but Satan fucking loves Lego.
45"Convert them or kill them." Guess who said it?
45Proof that evolution is a lie: Argument from X-Men comic book.
45Justin Bieber is trans and ‘cut off his breasts’ because Obama’s ‘evil spirits’ misled him.
45Julie Bindel looks forward to the end of heterosexuality, and proposes to put men in "some kind of camp".
45Richard Spencer, white nationalist and self-described spokesman of the alt-right, after being unceremoniously kicked out of the Conservative Political Action Conference, says "People want to talk to me... They don’t want to talk to these boring conservatives. They want to learn about ideas whose time has come, not whose time has passed."
45One of the members of Donald Trump's "evangelical advisory board" says you don't need a flu shot -- just pray the flu away.
44Ben Garrison calls COVID-19 a "plannedemic", says the government shouldn't try to limit it because disease and death are "part of life". UPDATE: It's all part of Fauci's demonic plan! Although that could be Bill Gates. It's hard to tell because his drawings are shit.
44Televangelist Pat Robertson claims that God told him Trump will win the 2020 election, and then the world will end.
44Mystery animal sighting in a tree in Krakow, Poland caused temporary panic before authorities discovered that it was just a croissant.
44Team Trump's new Twitter clone "GETTR" was immediately flooded with anime porn, fake accounts, mockery, and pictures of topless old men[note 1].
44Business Insider tells the real human story of the pandemic: "I'm a landlord with 24 properties. We're suffering during Biden's eviction ban, and no one is helping."
44The Ebola virus according to Mike Adams and Natural News: It's a POPULATION CONTROL WEAPON and the only defense against it is CINNAMON, VITAMIN D, AND COLLOIDAL SILVER!!!!11!1
44Freepers horrified by gay marriage ruling. Joins the rest of the religious right in an epic meltdown over gay marriage ruling.
44Abortions mean sacrificing babies to the devil. WorldNutDaily finally gets an article where one satanist abortionist comes clean and tells the whole story. Abortions are all about sacrificing lives to Satan. "He said he performed many of the sacrificial abortion rituals at the clinics of “a large abortion provider,” but he would not identify the provider for fear of lawsuits.". The poor guy also has a personal website where he describes himself thusly: "An average boy in an average American neighborhood, Zachary grew up in a Baptist home. He began practicing magick at 10 years old, joined a satanic coven at 13 years old, and had broken all 10 Commandments by 15 years old. From his teen years to adulthood he worked his way up to High Wizard in the coven and actively pushed satan’s agenda including ritualistic abortions and breaking up churches. But then...". Yes, his website sells stuff, why do you ask...?
44Scott Adams: We live in a castrating matriarchy because men pay for dates and have to get women's consent for sex. Bonus: He also argues that it's not sexist when he talks over women during meetings; it's just that women talk too much.
44Milo Yiannopoulos loses his little blue "verified" checkmark on Twitter, for multiple TOS violations. Breitbart goes goddamn nuts. His fans find this obviously directly comparable to journalists literally being murdered by terrorists. There's over 1500 signatures on a White House petition to reinstate Milo's little blue checkmark.
44DirectX creator Alex St John has bemoaned game developers that have a 'wage slave' attitude, which he believes manifests in a bad work ethic that results in ungrateful, privileged workers complaining about petty things such as 'being paid fairly' and a poor 'work/life balance' leading to burnout. Of course, it's not as if he's never done anything of the sort hims- oh. Needless to say, the article got a spirited reaction from more sensible folk, including his daughter.
44Kebab-aric behaviour: Ultranationalist party Britain First has released a video of them staging an "invasion" of a halal slaughterhouse, accusing workers of funding terrorism and offering the meat to "Satan".
44Rick Wiles: Satan Using Pokémon Go To Spawn 'Demonic Powers' And Murder Christians. Clinton is running for President, Pokémon is a tool of Satanic's the 90s all over again!
44What happens to your dog if you give it a rabies vaccination? Why, he'll get autism of course.
44 Infowars: Veganism is a globalist cult!
44"Trump is the most honest president ever." How honest is he? "Don't get me wrong, he lies all the time."
44Ray Comfort again: Watch this video of two budgies flying about in an aviary and you'll believe in God.
44From the archives: Farah February 22: the tea-party movement needs to take over both political parties. Farah May 11: you can't call the tea-partiers insurgents, they are not trying to take over a political party. Update: Farah September 20: "The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it."
44Atheists vandalize my beliefs.
43Rightwingers insecure about their masculinity open a new front in the Culture War: Equestria.
43 Someone created a moderate right wiki that could be worse than Conservapedia. See, Atheism for an example.
43Go home PETA, you're drunk.
43Allnews Pipeline: If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, she would have imposed a communist dictatorship and converted shopping malls into concentration camps to lock up good patriotic Americans! Oh no!
43You know all those mass graves of First Nations children being found at Christian residential schools in Canada? An editor from the American Conservative says, "They're good, actually."
43The Broncos' Superbowl loss was God's punishment for trading Tim Tebow.
43Phyllis Schlafly warns us about the "War on Men," waged by those damn rape-crying feminists.
43Pat Robertson: If you put ultrasound pics on Facebook, witches may curse your unborn child!
43Vox Day: "The Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster could have been prevented if only the sluts of the world had been a little more equitable in their distribution of blowjobs." (We're not paraphrasing. Those are his exact words.)
43Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson calls critics of Indiana's religious freedom law jihadists.
43End-times preacher Rick Wiles warns that the "communist leadership" of America will begin killing pastors, re-educating children and America will be brought to its knees by a fireball from God, if SCOTUS allows gay marriage.
43Rush Limbaugh: Water on Mars is a plot to "advance the leftist agenda."
43Day by day, "mainstream" conservatives become more and more indistinguishable from the Stormfront crowd. Michael Savage: "Bernie Sanders is a weasel Jew".
43Remember that couple in Canada who were convicted for their child's death after they tried to treat him with maple syrup and homeopathy instead of actual medicine? Have they learned their lesson about the dangers of substituting medicine with altmed? Nope. They blame the ambulance workers.
43Alt-right crank Mike Cernovich holds an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and gets exactly the insulting loaded questions he deserves.
43Two Christians Claim on Radio Show That Donald Trump’s Critics Are “Not Human”. Either that or child-eating demons, take your pick.
43Alex Jones makes a rant wearing donkey head mask. Also, get prepared to get a completely accurate depiction of how pansexuality "actually" works!
43Natural News thinks Christine Blasey Ford ran a mind-control program for the CIA.
42Meet 8 fellow fuckheads who think Todd Akin has a point.
42Jobs! Jobs! SCIENCE JOBS! Are you a trained scientist and looking for work in a hot HOT research environment? Join an exciting research team doing exciting, groundbreaking work in the fields of biology, geology and astronomy. Sign up for a job today! (Note: we really, REALLY need staff, and though our requirements are stiff, we are having difficulty recruiting people! So SIGN UP NOW FOR A JOB, SCIENTIST!!!!)
42Humans are so NOT from earth. Sunburn and bad backs are proof. We are aliens on a prison planet. I figured as much.
42QAnoners are now claiming Amy Coney Barrett is Joe Biden's dead daughter, after his late wife supposedly faked her death, to escape his evil cult.
42Roseann Salanitri: If evolution is real, why don't Eskimos grow fur?
42Saying you won't discriminate against gays is "bullying Christians," according to those lovely people at the AFA.
42"The Men's Rights Movement doesn't seem to actually do anything to help men, you say? Well, that's because it's not supposed to, dummy!" - Paul Elam.
42"You take it up the a*s; and you suck nuts. Lol." -- Sovereign citizen files a cringeworthy and expletive-filled masterpiece of legal rhetoric, "Notice To F*ck This Court And Everything That It Stands For."
42Michael Savage promises to wage an armed rebellion against reparations for slavery that he even admits doesn't exist besides in his own mind. Then goes on a rant about Obama as "the gangster in the White House" who is shoving welfare and affirmative action down his throat, ripping off his life, because Obama has been president since the 1960s apparently.
42The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has been sued for "deliberately and affirmatively endorsing anti-Semitic, racist and offensive, view-point based discriminatory speech", "institutionalizing 'white supremacy' propaganda", and causing the plaintiff to feel "emotional and psychological harm from exposure" and "rejected by society"... by displaying a couple 16th-century Italian paintings that happened to depict Jesus with lighter skin and hair. The complainant is acting as his own lawyer.
42Everything in the Bible is true, NASA confirms (and by NASA I mean some guy who's never been proven to exist and is part of a story so firmly debunked even Creationists won't touch it)
42On Twitter, hoopsteak Joe Walsh (the "grab my musket" guy, not the rock star) overdoses on War on Christmas stupidity, responding to "In the UK, these (Christmas tree lights) are called 'fairy lights'" with "That's why the U.K. has been overrun by Muslims."
42American Family Association: "All through Scripture, God has used some very unrighteous, unlikely men to lead people back to Him. I don’t know if Donald Trump is as unlikely as some might think, but I do know that only by the hand of God did Trump win the presidency."
42NASA forced to deny that it's holding child slaves on Mars
42PragerU is here to warn you about the dangers of men becoming less masculine.
42Posing as gay men on Twitter, a troll goes viral with attempts to falsely tie the LGBTQ community to pedophilia - alt-right 4chan user trying to reanimate the corpse of the "if you legalise gay marriage, paedophiles will also demand and win rights to have sex with children!" slippery slope fallacy
42Video game publisher THQ Nordic decides to hold an AMA... on 8chan. The PR director later claims that he wasn't aware that 8chan was a bastion of racists, pedophiles, doxxers, Gamergaters, and other people too horrible for 4chan.
42Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of Minecraft, has come out in support of the batshit insane QAnon conspiracy theory.
42AustraliaKeeping it classy, Queensland Senator Fraser AnningWikipedia released a letter that blames the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings, for having the nerve to immigrate to New Zealand. This is a sitting Australian SenateWikipedia senator.
42The decade we almost stopped climate change
42Minister of Health of the Indian state of Assam says cancer is caused by karma.
41Bryan Fischer: Gays can't have children so they don't care about economic issues, hence they will cause the collapse of the western economy.
41VIDEO: Sean Hannity during the Bush Administration when a similar NSA snooping scandal hit the headlines: "It makes us safe. You Dems are just soft on defense." Today, of course, it's Big Brother (The Brother), and all Americans have the right to privacy.
41Conservatives triggered by cookie commercial featuring a drag queen, vow to boycott company, blah blah, *snore*. Say, does anybody else remember that Gillette meltdown?.
41U.S. Represenative Steve King's bizarre comment defending why he doesn't support abortions even in cases of rape or incest: If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?
41Dave Rubin appeared on Tucker Carlson's show to blame the California wildfires on the state's "woke culture", diversity, and lack of "libertarian or conservative-minded people".
41US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in an interview with 'Fox & Friends' that he believes Trump is the "chosen one" and was "sent by God to do great things".
41 Twitter terfs call out the Karen meme saying it's a slur against white women and causing drama in the feminist community.
41 The Trump administration puts ending the COVID-19 pandemic as an accomplishment, while also having nearly a half of a million people testing positive in the previous week.
41Right-wing wacko evangelical minister Nathan French says that God told him that the social media platforms that banned Trump will be destroyed by divine retribution. We can't wait.
41A day after Steven Crowder did a freaking minstrel routine to mock black farmers ("Imma buy a plow, man. Barack Obama, I'm the president of plowing that ass!"), his co-hosts doubled down in his absence by by joking that Elliot Page's breasts will be auctioned off on eBay and claiming that Native Americans were too barbaric to advance as a society.
41Pat Robertson blames the Haitian earthquake on a 200+ year old deal with the devil.
41Disney's Frozen: a sweet fairy tale about sisterly love that turns children into evil, wicked homos.
41RooshV, Men's Rights Activist and sex tourism guide writer, declares gays to be a public health threat, on the basis that a) gay people are inherently promiscuous and b) he doesn't get how HIV works. Further, he declares July to be Heterosexual Awareness Month. We are the 95.8%!
41Faux News just keeps on giving - how can you tell who the bad guys are if you can't see their skin colour???
41De Niro makes another U-turn, insisting that vaccines cause autism and urging people to watch Vaxxed. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.
41Confused Rush Limbaugh thinks evolution is a hoax because Cincinnati gorilla never became human.
41The official Twitter account of the UK's Russian Embassy, which previously responded to US diplomatic sanctions with a lame duckling image, responds to media criticism of US-Russia relations by tweeting a Pepe meme, sparking outrage. What a time to be alive.
41An image of some bus seats are posted to anti-immigrant groups and most mistook the bus seats as women wearing burkas.
41Ann Coulter goes on Fox News to call crying immigrant children "child actors" and looks directly into the camera to warn Trump not to fall for it.
40We sorry to hear you've stopped coming to Church, so fuck off and die.
40Pat Robertson shows us he's a terrible human being part MCMXVIII.
40Jon McNaughton finally releases his one painting that says it all.
40The average penis size is shrinking because of feminism, says Rush Limbaugh.
40American Atheists: Fine, keep the Ten Commandments statue. We'll put up our own monument with 10 things on it. Ken Ham: COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM!! HELP! HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED!!
40Your Brexit worries are over - Uri Geller's going to stop it!
40Transphobic game developer puts game on sale with a dogwhistle discount meant to mock trans suicides.
40QAnon believers think that the coronavirus is being spread by the evil cabal and recommend drinking bleach to ward it off.
40A Montana state legislator claims that the United States Constitution says to either shoot socialists or put them in jail.
40Brace yourself for the dumbest argument against gay marriage yet.
40"Hebdo consistently aimed to provoke Muslims." "[The shooting] was understandable." Victim blaming lines you'd expect to hear from religious right-wingers. Except... they weren't.
40Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman... 'cause it's a sin.
40 Return of Kings claims that Forbes acknowledges that its boycott of SWTFA cost Disney millions of dollars, when the headline of the Forbes article in question explicitly reads: "No, Men's Rights Activists Didn't Cost Star Wars Any Money".
40A plan to monetise Internet memes in a Bitcoin-based memetic Ponzi scheme.
40LessWrong-style rationalists, specifically Scott Alexander fans, continue spouting neoreactionary talking points, suggest "A sterilization plague that ideally targets the less intelligent 90% or whatever. Done in secret and presented as a natural occurrence..." Don't worry, it'll be "paired with compassionate material," because these are definitely good people and not at all the second coming of 1920s eugenicists. (Note that this started from a discussion about getting rid of mosquitoes.)
40David Duke: Jews did Melania's plagiarism. (HT Mammoth.)
40Alex Jones goes full raving anti-Semite. (This isn't new behaviour, but the media noting it is.)
40Stopped clock moment from Rebel Media (of all places): Alt-right White Nationalists Are Stupid. The reactions from said alt-righters in the comments section are what you'd expect, especially considering the person calling them out is a black dude.
40What happens when raw food woo meets the fluoride conspiracy? Raw water, complete with natural microbes like Vibrio cholerae, Giardia, and Shigella, and natural minerals like arsenic and uranium.
40The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church says that smartphones are paving the way for the arrival of the Antichrist.
40Rush Limbaugh: Obama is punishing people for voting Republican by having them groped at the airport.

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