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A conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain a perceived real-world occurrence through the actions of a secretive, usually evil and very selfish group. Not all conspiracy theories are wrong, but if the theory requires greater suspension of disbelief than random chance would to explain the occurrence, it should be examined skeptically. Conspiracies manifest themselves across the political spectrum. Most of the theories in the list below are crackpot, but a few, sadly, are reasonable and a couple are almost certainly true.

Scientific conspiracy theories[edit]

  • The Codex Alimentarius is a plan to poison us all.
  • It is only a matter of time before "they" start implanting RFID chips in humans[1] (As described in the movie Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson).
  • The lunar landing was a hoax and was staged in a movie set.
  • All scientists are trying to foist the false theories of evolution and the big bang on the public at the behest of Satan.
  • Global warming is a hoax created by the UN and politically funded scientists/environmentalists, aided by Al Gore and many others to put cap and trade in place for monetary gain. See also: Climategate.
  • There is a deliberate conspiracy on the part of the government and nuclear industry to intentionally poison the public with radioactive food.[2]
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is part of a conspiracy and cover-up of the effects of Chernobyl.[3]
  • There is a cover-up which has obscured knowledge of a childhood cancer level 10 times the United Kingdom’s average along the North Wales coast.[4]
  • World governments are covering-up the true magnitude of problems from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant destruction.[5]
  • The Earth is in meltdown and the climate engineers are doing everything they can to hide this fact. Toxic chemicals and metals are being used in the creation of engineered snow storms. Very little water appears when this chemically nucleated snow is melted.[6]
  • AIDS was created by the CIA and deliberately spread by the WHO via polio inoculations in Africa, to reduce the world population.
  • All scientists and politicians are trying to cover up:
  • Eugene Mallove was whacked by the evil forces of Big Physics and Big Energy to prevent him from perfecting cold fusion (never mind that he wasn't actually working on any such device, merely promoting the idea.)
  • The United States is hiding UFO wreckage at Area 51.
  • The UFO wreckage theory is used as a smokescreen by the government to cover up the fact that Area 51 is a testing ground for experimental aircraft.
  • The United States Department of Defense (DOD) is experimenting with:
    • ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) for mind control.
    • HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) for possible use in "weather control" as a weapon.
  • The "Scalar Interferometer" is a powerful scalar wave superweapon that the Soviet Union used for years to modify weather in the rest of the world. See [1], [2]. It taps the quantum vacuum energy, using a method discovered by T. Henry Moray in the 1920s. It may have brought down the Columbia spacecraft [3]. See also [4].
  • Water fluoridation is part of an insidious Communist plot to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids.[5] See the film Dr. Strangelove.
  • The "Russian woodpecker" over-the-horizon radar signals heard on shortwave radio are actually a Soviet mind control experiment. You can protect your brain by wearing you-know-what.
  • The Earth is hollow, with a hole to the "underworld" located in the Arctic regions, protected by the world's superpowers, or flat, with an army of supersoldiers guarding the ice wall around the outside.
  • CERN is using the LHC to open a portal to hell, or change reality.
  • The mass die-offs of honeybees are attributable to megacorporation's desire to control the food supply.
  • The US government is operating a Stargate program and that the Iraq War may have been caused because Saddam Hussein had one.[7]
  • That ample evidence of alien life and civilization exists in our solar system, but is covered up by NASA. See Mars Anomaly Research and Lunar anomalies.
  • Revolutionary free energy technology is being suppressed by governments and the oil industry.
  • Similarly, big oil and big science are conspiring to cover up methods of generating abiotic oil.
  • The "cure" for cancer actually exists but is being suppressed by the government.
  • The vaporous contrails left by commercial jets flying through cold air pockets are actually chemtrails which disperse some form of harmful chemical/biological agent/energy.
  • Environmentalists banned DDT on an worldwide scale, which resulted in the deaths of millions in Africa. The liberal media covers for them.
  • Project Blue Beam will be used by the antichrist when he comes to the Earth to trick people that Jesus has returned. This tactic was used in Operation Mongoose to brainwash the American troops into overthrowing Fidel Castro.
  • The Aurora aircraftWikipedia's W.svg was a rumored aerospace "black project" of the US military. Rumors about the Aurora started after the word "Aurora" had been inadvertently included in the 1985 U.S. budget, as an allocation of $455 million for "black aircraft production". Typically believed to be a hypersonic, stealth reconnaissance aircraft (a follow up to the SR-71 Blackbird), there has been no substantial evidence that such a plane ever existed, although some (non-crank) industry experts contend that Aurora, or a similar program did exist.[8] The US military did/does actually have "black" aerospace projects, like the "Have Blue" program of the 1970s, which resulted in the F-117 stealth attack plane. Similarly, some industry experts believe that NASA's current X-37Wikipedia's W.svg unmanned space plane project actually operates as an Air Force black project for spying on, and potentially destroying, Chinese and Russian satellites.[9][10] Aurora is closely associated with conspiracies surrounding the Groom Lake remote detachment of Edwards Air Force base, commonly known as Area 51.

Terrorist conspiracy theories[edit]

  • The government is minimizing the involvement of up to 17 men besides Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing; said men likely to be government informants and/or provocateurs.[11] Some also argue that McVeigh's execution was staged and that he is still alive.
  • 9/11 was staged by the US Government.
  • 9/11 was staged by the Israeli government.
  • 9/11 was staged by the Illuminati.
  • 9/11 was staged by the Rothschilds.
  • JFK jet fuel and other maladroit "terrorism" attempts are conspiracies.
  • World Trade Center Building 7 was purposely detonated by Them to prevent discovery of secret plans for something-or-other.
  • The Pentagon was not hit by an aircraft on 9/11, but a US missile.
  • The 2009 swine flu outbreak is a terrorist attack.
  • Osama bin Laden is not dead / has been dead for long / is an invention of the American government.
  • Anders Behring Breivik was secretly a pawn of the Islamists/Jews/Masons/(insert bogeyman here).
  • The CIA blew up/shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (No one outside of Russia takes this seriously).
  • The CIA captured Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and flew it to Diego Garcia, for the purpose of… er, something or other.
  • Al-Qaida captured Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and flew it to… er, somewhere where there was a long enough Al-Qaida controlled runway. It is now being prepped for the next attack on the evil USA.
  • The Islamic Caliphate created the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and plan to weaponize the virus (e.g. by exploding an Ebola victim in Times Square.)
  • The assassination of eight journalists at Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 was staged by the French government as a pretext for a crack-down on the Muslim population.
  • The November 2015 Paris bombings were also staged by the French government as a pretext for a crack-down on the Muslim population. Apparently Charlie Hebdo wasn't enough.
  • The March 2016 bombings in Brussels were a false flag operation staged by someone in the interests of something or other.
  • The November 2017 First Baptist Church shooting was a false flag operation to TAWKE ER GUNS'! (Just wait, something's gonna show up, and it's probably gonna involves guns. Ironic, as the shooter may have been gunned down by a civilian neighbor of the church who owned a gun. Certainly, this individual played a part in driving him off. Thus, the shooting, while tragic, does show that responsible gun owners can help stop terrorists though probably not worth the trade-off overall.)
  • The 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, was not by Muammar al-Gaddafi and Libyan intelligence, but either by Palestine, Iran, or the USA itself, with Libya being framed by the CIA.[12]

Criminal conspiracy theories[edit]

  • J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailing important people in the US Government to keep his job as head of the FBI.
  • …and was, himself, being blackmailed by the Mafia not to investigate organized crime.
  • Jimmy Hoffa was killed by the Mob and buried in an unknown location.[13]
  • Al Capone was behind the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
  • The Lindbergh kidnappingWikipedia's W.svg and apparent murder attracted various theories including that Lindbergh himself was responsible, and various people claiming to be the baby[14].

Political conspiracy theories[edit]

  • The Nazis themselves set the Reichstag Fire.[15]
  • The Nazis/Islamofascists are in the center of the moon plotting to kill puppies.
  • The Republicans used legal chicanery and fraud to win the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election.
    • And the 2004 one.
    • And they tried but failed it in 2008.
    • That they tried and managed to do it.
    • And they tried it again in 2012.
    • And failed.
    • Failed again it seems.
    • ....or did they?
    • Yes...yes they did...
  • Election (insert country and date here) was rigged by (insert political party here).
  • That a group of "community organizers" called ACORN stuffed the ballot boxes for Obama in 2008.
  • That undercover video that led to the decline of the above mentioned group was staged.
  • The Great Society and welfare are used to keep the black community and minorities poor. (A surprising amount of Republicans believe this bullshit.)
  • Hitler did not commit suicide in 1945, and escaped to South America, where he lived until 1990, before committing suicide at the age of 101.
  • Tecumseh was not killed by George Davis, The Great British lost the war of 1812 and wanted to take their revenge they took their revenge by killing one of the main leaders from The Americans King Tecumseh some where on top of the trees others went to the top of the building opened the window so the shots either came from on top of the tree or it was fired from the window.
  • Tecumseh was accidentally shot and killed by two men who where shooting at targets.
    • Which is not really a conspiracy, as those involve planning.
  • George Davis was not really killed by Mario Anderson but killed by Union Soldiers.
  • The CIA experimented on individuals with LSD without the subjects knowledge in a project known as Project MKULTRA. (This one's true, BTW.)[note 1]
  • Former U.S. Vice President Richard B. "Dick" Cheney ordered Scooter Libby to expose Valerie Plame as an undercover CIA officer, for which Libby was convicted, because Plame's husband criticized the claim of Iraq's obtaining yellowcake uranium ore from Niger.
  • JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone.
  • Malcolm X was killed by government agents. (Not technically true, although the FBI had infiltrated the Nation of Islam).
  • JFK was killed at the behest of Lyndon Johnson, or Richard Nixon, or the Mafia, or the Communists, or the Vatican, or…
  • RFK was not killed by Sirhan Sirhan, acting alone, or that Sirhan Sirhan was brainwashed into killing Kennedy.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was not killed by a lone gunman, either.[note 2]
  • Gerald Ford was selected to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President because he agreed to pardon Richard Nixon after he (Ford) assumed the office of POTUS.
  • Mark Twain was the mastermind of the assassination of William McKinley.
  • John Hinckley, Jr. had been brainwashed into trying to assassinate Ronald Reagan, at the behest of George Herbert Walker Bush. This attempt to kill Reagan and let Bush step in failed, though by a very small margin. Alternately, it was to bolster Reagan's popularity (although he was already), and set Bush up to succeed him possibly.
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allen Dulles and Chief Justice Earl Warren were all Communist agents.[16]
  • The Reagan campaign made a deal with the Iranian government not to release the hostages until after Reagan was elected President.
  • Roosevelt intentionally goaded Japan into war pursuant to a strategy outlined in the McCollum Memo.[17]
  • Roosevelt knew about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance, and let it happen.
  • The UK allowed the RMS Lusitania to be sunk by Germany in order to bring the US into World War I.
  • The US blew up the USS Maine to start the Spanish-American War.[18]
  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag operation. (The US government openly admitted years later that they exaggerated the August 4th event,[citation needed] but the August 2nd incident is real, though the North Vietnamese may have been deliberately provoked into attacking the USS Maddox. Conspiracy of a cover up is the most accurate term.)
  • Bush et al. knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. And let them happen.
  • Gary Webb was suicided by the CIA and/or drug interests. Gary Webb wrote about the CIA and the crack cocaine epidemic, and his death by multiple gunshots to the head was ruled a suicide.[19]
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton had 50 people murdered, and got off Scot-free.
  • The Republican Party has been infiltrated by subversives.[20] (This one isn't so crazy, if you assume "the subversives" are the ones trying to subvert the American traditions of Separation of church and state, Science, the social safety net, democracy, and anti-authoritarianism. If you think they're the Godless Communists(tm)… it's kinda kooky.)
  • The whole world is run by a group trying to create some form of New World Order.
  • The leaders of the US, Mexico, and Canada are conspiring to merge all three countries into the North American Union and adopt the Amero as a common currency, for… some reason.
  • FEMA is on the brink of dissolving the US government and shipping all of the country's undesireables to concentration camps for slaughter or deprogramming.
  • That Lincoln was killed by a Jesuit conspiracy.[21][note 3]
  • Vice President Andrew Johnson was behind Abraham Lincoln's assassination, a theory that ignores the fact that Johnson was on the hit list as well.
  • United States flags which have gold trim around them represent a different country, or are an attempt by the Jews/Masons/bankers/etc. to destroy American sovereignty.[22] Also argued by tax protesters to signal that a court is under maritime law, a common argument in pseudolaw.
  • The United Nations is a conspiracy by Them to eliminate and invade sovereign nations with 'peacekeeper' troops to create a World Government/New World Order.
  • The United Nations is secretly bringing white UN military vehicles into the USA to overthrow the Government.[23]
  • Thousands of Chinese troops are massing on the Mexican border to invade the USA.[24]
  • Hurricane Gustav was created by NOAA (an obscure, hidden branch of it) as an excuse to keep the Pretender and his Boss away from the GOP National Convention because __________________________________ (fill in the blank)[25]
  • The CIA is shipping prisoners to other countries to have them tortured. There's evidence for this one.
  • The entire left wing movement as it exists today is run by MoveOn.Org and the Daily Kos, and is funded by George Soros.
  • The left wing movement in western nations is supporting the cause of radical Islam and is helping facilitate an Islamic takeover of the world.
  • Islam is a creation of the New World Order, who are facilitating the mass migration of Muslims to western nations in order for them to cause chaos, so that a one world government can be seen as a solution to such chaos, and thus introduced.
  • The swine flu outbreak of 2009 was engineered by the American government, with the eventual aim of declaring martial law, herding everyone into FEMA concentration camps, and forcibly vaccinating people with the virus in order to deliberately depopulate the Earth so that the masterminds of the New World Order can take control.
  • A vast number of American institutions are working together to "turn America into an amoral, humanist country, ripe for merger into a one-world socialist state". At least according to the book Mind Siege.
  • The spoof book Report from Iron Mountain is real, and government plans on instituting slavery, eugenics, population control, staged UFO and environmental crises, etc. in the event of world peace, because it believes the social functions served by warfare will have to be replaced with substitutes lest society collapse if there is peace.
  • The fall of the Eastern bloc is in most part due to Western involvement and propaganda (popular nostalgia within the Soviet bloc).
  • There's a conspiracy against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ex-head of the IMF.
  • Gays want to take over the country and recruit our children.
  • Gun control is a tool to prevent population from revolting against the government.
  • The Aurora and/or Sandy Hook massacres were US government hoaxes calculated to create an atmosphere in which gun control legislation could be introduced. The eye-witnesses who spoke to media were actually "crisis actors".
  • Atheists/Muslims/Religious minorities want to oppress Christians.
  • TWA Flight 800 was shot down by the Navy/Air Force/CIA/Other agency with an acronym.
  • The Statue of Liberty was built by French Freemasons to secretly represent Lucifer.
  • Al-Qaeda does not exist, and is a fictitious false enemy group created by the US Government in order to generate a fear campaign against a common enemy in order to justify numerous military actions by the US Military.
  • The Chardon shooting was staged by businessman Dan Gilbert and Ohio Governor John Kasich as a cover story for some kind of fracking related activity going in in Youngstown (This same theory has also been proposed with Gilbert replaced by Charles Koch).
  • In 1933, a group of business leaders tried to convince a Marine Corps General named Smedley Butler to lead a fascist coup d'etat against Franklin Roosevelt. While initially dismissed as crazy it turns out something along these lines actually were attempted in "The Business Plot", though according to most historians while there was a "conspiracy" the republic was not in much danger from it (due to the conspirators being incompetent and having an idiotic plan that didn't even have close to enough manpower to make it work).
  • The Tea Party and/or the Occupy Movement were comprised entirely of people shipped in by the respective conservative and liberal establishments.
  • Jon Huntsman is a pawn of the Chinese Communist regime
  • The Soviet Union engineered the overthrowing of Nicolae Ceauşescu
  • The United States engineered the overthrowing of Nicolae Ceauşescu
  • The NSA has been spying on Americans and many others. Unfortunately, this turned out to be true after the PRISM project was revealed in 2013.
  • The liberal media, as in liberals, have taken over most media enterprises from where they brainwash the public into voting Democratic. MUHAHAHA.
  • Liberals have taken over public schools from where the indoctrinate children with Marxism.
  • (Insert current US President here) will run a third term/cancel the next election
  • The 2014 Sydney Siege was a false flag attack to justify Australia's participation in the war against ISIS and the curtailment of more civil liberties at a domestic level. The perpetrator of the siege was in fact was a secret Satanist and not a Muslim extremist, and the hostages were all crisis actors.
  • ISIS was created by the US and Israel in order for both countries to overthrow the Assad government of Syria.
  • Cultural Marxism that Jews Marxists own and run Hollywood, the media, and academia in the U.S.A. and around the globe.
  • The 70,000 refugees from Syria accepted annually into the USA (soon to be increased to 100,000) are not genuine refugees but part of an Obama-inspired plot for the Islamization of America.
  • Donald Trump's run for POTUS is a ploy to help Hillary Clinton get elected... and failed?[26]
  • 'Deep State' actors including the media and Democrats, along with elements of the FBI, CIA and various other agencies fabricated a Russian election interference conspiracy to destroy Trump's presidency.
  • The British government, industry, and intelligence services are conspiring to thwart Scottish independence and rigged the 2014 independence referendum.[27][28]
  • Amelia Earhart's disappearance was because she was an American spy on a secret mission, or Tokyo Rose, or she was secretly repatriated to New Jersey.[29]

Economic and business conspiracy theories[edit]

  • The world is secretly ruled by the Rothschild family, who are a family of extremely successful and powerful bankers. (See Rothschild banking family of EnglandWikipedia's W.svg at Wikipedia) The evidence? They're Zionist!
  • Oil companies are deliberately suppressing better car technology.
  • Oil companies, Dick Cheney, and George Bush conspired to invade Iraq to take over their oil. (Obviously this is false and they really did want to save the world from Saddam Hussein's WMD's that weren't there.)
  • Shortly before 9/11, many individuals or institutions with prior knowledge shorted airline stocks and made a fortune.
  • The Federal Reserve deliberately causes inflation and recessions. (The Federal Reserve does have some control over inflation, which they try to keep between 2% and 3% per year to prevent economic crises.)
  • The Sixteenth Amendment establishing the US income tax was never ratified.
  • British sweet names differed from US candy names in order to trick American tourists into buying the wrong thing.
  • British sweet names were changed to match US candy names in order to trick Britons into buying the wrong thing.
  • That the Coca-Cola company intentionally changed the formula of its marquee product with the intent of trying to boost sales for the "real thing."
  • The corporations are secretly but deliberately planning to kill us all.
  • The Second Bush Iraq War is really about getting oil for China so that the Chinese can ship cheap goods to Wal-Mart.
  • Monsanto Company is secretly maneuvering to control the world's food supply using GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
  • That there's a secret banking system even more profitable than hedge funds that only the rich have access to, but if you know the right people and pool your assets, you can make massive amounts of cash…
  • Big businesses and politicians are in league to increase the number of prisoners in the US to make a profit. (Again some evidence for this.)[30]
  • The 2014 Ebola epidemic was deliberately contrived by Big Pharma in order to make HOOJ profits from vaccines. See also Big Pharma conspiracy theories.
  • The 2008 housing crisis was caused by the 1986 Community Reinvestment Act.
  • Devastating wildfires in California are the work of Illuminati agents determined to get control of prime real estate.[note 4]
  • There are lots of conspiracy theories, myths, and urban legends about Walt Disney and the corporation he founded, from anti-communism to cryonics.[31][32]

Religious conspiracy theories[edit]

  • Jesus was invented by the Roman Empire (essentially the conspiracist fringe of Jesus myth theory)[33]
  • The Prophet Muhammad did not exist.[34]
  • There is a huge, organized conspiracy to commit the Satanic ritual abuse and murder of small children.
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls have been deliberately suppressed because they reveal a lost truth about Jesus.
  • The Bible has been corrupted by Jews and Christians according to the Qur'an, and the original version is destroyed. (This one's sorta partially true, given how the Bible has been compiled, edited, modified, and just generally been played with a lot more out of convenience rather than genuine malice, however).
  • Jesus was actually married to Mary Magdalene
  • ...and they had kids
  • ...and the Knights Templar are still around and trying to prevent people from finding out. The Knights Templar also invented the idea of fiat currency and central banking.
  • The Jews secretly run everything (the international Jewish conspiracy).
  • The Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks.
  • The Catholic Church secretly runs everything.
  • The Catholic Church was behind the 9/11 attacks.
  • The Catholic Church created Islam.
  • The Catholic Church conspire to cover up instances of paedophilic abuse of children by priests. Remember, conspiracy theories need not always be false.
  • The Masons secretly run everything.
  • …including the Roman Catholic Church.
  • …and they designed the street layout in Washington, D.C. to put the city under Satanic control.
  • That all modern secret societies are branches of a single, ancient society called the "Brotherhood of the Snake."
  • The Capitol Of Nebraska building is the ritual center for Satanic rites, the proof for this including the number of penises that can be discovered in the art work.[35]
  • Biblical longevity is apparently a conspiracy theory about something or other.
  • The Vatican assassinated Pope John Paul I.
  • All "leading atheists", such as Richard Dawkins, are really Satanists and/or occultists[36].
  • The War on Christmas
  • The Jews have manipulated the 2016 US presidential election.[37]
  • The Jews were behind the deadly Kemerovo mall fire in Russia.[38]

Popular culture conspiracy theories[edit]


  • That Andy Kaufman faked his death.



  • That Elvis Presley is not dead and is living under the name "John Burrows."
  • That Tupac Shakur was not murdered, and he is living in Cuba/New Zealand under the name "Jamal Millwood;" or that the Illuminati had Tupac murdered for some reason.[39]. The same goes for Prince, David Bowie, Ian 'Lemmy Kilminster, Amy Winehouse etc etc etc...
  • Rapper DMX is currently being "destroyed" by the Illuminati for turning to Christianity and for releasing Christian-themed songs[40].
  • That Michael Jackson faked his death.[41]
  • That Michael Jackson actually died in the mid 1980's and was replaced by a look-alike, who then died in 2009.
  • Rapper Eminem died in a car crash in 2000/2002/2006 and was replaced with a look-alike.
  • Jim Morrison faked his death.
  • Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney Love.
  • Paul McCartney is dead and was replaced by a look-alike.
  • Andrew W.K. is more than one person. May be Luciferian in nature and tied to many occult movements. [42]
  • Pop/rock singer Avril Lavigne committed suicide in 2003 and her management replaced her by a look-alike, who recorded subsequent releases and left subtle clues in the lyrics.[43]
  • 1990s gangsta rap was invented or promoted by the prison industrial complex to lead black men into a life of crime and boost the prison population while destroying more progressive forms of rap.[44][45]
  • Stevie Wonder isn't really blind; Wonder has reportedly played along with this, claiming to have flown airplanes.[46]


  • That the Queen and/or the Duke of Edinburgh ordered Princess Diana murdered by MI6 because she was pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child and was about to convert to Islam.
  • Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor, was forced to abdicate because of his Nazi sympathies; there are claims that he colluded with Hitler during World War II.
  • The 2001 Nepalese royal massacreWikipedia's W.svg was secretly orchestrated by India to get a more favourable government, or by persons unknown to prevent the King striking a deal with Maoist rebels.[47][48][49]


  • That O.J. Simpson did not kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend and that there is a "real killer."
  • Pro wrestlingWikipedia's W.svg is real.
  • Most, if not all professional sports are staged, and all the players are really B-grade actors.
  • The National Football League is an Illuminati created distraction because its founder, Walter Camp, was a Skull and Bones member.

Video games[edit]

  • Video game journalism is controlled by feminist activists.
  • Zoe Quinn had sex with a kotaku employee for favorable reviews of her game Depression Quest
  • IGN and other reviews take money from video game companies for favorable reviews.
  • Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and everybody else targeted by Gamergate actually fake all of the threats that they receive for attention because they don't keep quiet about it.


Just plain whacko conspiracy theories[edit]

  • The Royal Family of the UK, along with the Bushes, the Clintons, and many other rich, prestigious families, are actually man-eating shapeshifting lizard-people from the fourth dimension.[50]
  • That the above conspiracy theory was invented by another conspiracy to discredit the "true" conspiracy theorists.
  • That the 2012 Olympic games in London were to be used by the New World Order to hoax an alien invasion, implementing a single world government while the populace was distracted. [51]
  • The Royal Family of the UK, along with the Bushes, the Clintons, and many other rich, prestigious families, are part of a massive multi-generational conspiracy to...well, it's not clear, but it involved switching from a 432 Hz "A" to a 440 Hz "A".[52]
  • A Yiddish secret society called Goy Cabal is using Wikipedia as part of a plan to dominate the world.
  • Barack Obama is a secret closet Muslim from Hawaii who was synthesized in Kenya for the purpose of ______ (fill in the blank).
  • Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden are the same person.
  • Barack Obama's father was Frank Davis or Malcolm X.
  • Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice is actually River Phoenix.
  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks.
  • Conspiracy theories are actually a conspiracy, and all conspiracy theorists are part of an organism that wants to create paranoia and fear in the people so they can be easily manipulated.
  • George Bush had a secret weather-controlling machine that he used to create Hurricane Katrina because he hates black people.
  • Denver International Airport = NWO.

Miscellaneous conspiracy theories[edit]

  • Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
  • Holocaust denial
  • The belief that an army of exit signs are working with defenestratable boozehounds to untie every noseblower in existence.
  • Stanley Kubrick was secretly a member of the Illuminati and devoted his entire career to hiding clues of their existence in his films, eventually getting assassinated after he crossed the line with his last film Eyes Wide Shut.
  • The Titanic did not sink and the ship that did sink was its sister ship the Olympic in an insurance scam.
  • The Titanic was deliberately sunk because Jacob Astor opposed the Federal Reserve, which was established a year later.
  • There have been several conspiracy theories surrounding Hurricane Katrina.
  • Socrates never existed, and was a creation of Plato.
  • Homer (the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey) never existed. To be fair, this is actually a serious debate among scholars.
  • In order to preoccupy the world population and divert everybody's attention away from what is actually happening, some people conspire to generate conspiracy theories that are almost (but not entirely) credible and then create theories that any conspiracy theory is just a fictional delusion.
  • In an effort to control prison populations, the US prison system creates and promotes racism, i.e., divide and conquer.
  • The A440 conspiracy theory. Claims that the standard Western pitch was created to disorient and brainwash people, possibly by the Nazis.
  • Keanu Reeves is immortal.[53]
  • Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame, is secretly a scion of the Rothschild clan [54], as usual.
  • Pretty much all of the deep web secrets
  • That every theory on this list is true, contradictions be damned

Films on conspiracy theories[edit]

Top ten conspiracy theories in the UK[edit]

An on-line poll carried out by 20th Century Fox prior to the release of an X-Files film in 2008 claimed that the following were the top ten conspiracy beliefs in the UK.[55]

  1. Area 51 exists to investigate aliens (48%)
  2. 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government (38%)
  3. Apollo landing was a hoax (35%)
  4. Diana and Dodi were murdered (32%)
  5. The Illuminati secret society and masons are trying to take over the world (25%)
  6. Scientologists rule Hollywood (17%)
  7. Barcodes are really intended to control people (7%)
  8. Microsoft sends messages via Wingdings (6%)
  9. The US let Pearl Harbor happen (5%)
  10. The world is run by dinosaur-like reptiles (3%)

It has been suggested that the results may have been influenced by Fox's marketing campaign.[56]


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  1. The goal was to create a "Manchurian Candidate" using acid. It didn't work and instead gave Ken Kesey access to his first hit and inspired many hippies.
  2. Speaking of the Lone Gunman, 9/11 was predicted in an X-files spin-off pilot "The Lone Gunman" in March of 2001. Sounds strange, but I have the episode somewhere, and it is eerily similar… those Hollywood writers were thinking further ahead than the White House. But then again, in the episode from March of 2001, evil doers in the Military-industrial complex attempted to carry out a plot to take over a jet airliner by remote control and fly it into the WTC, and "blame it on the Muslims." In this case, a work of fiction portraying a conspiracy predated the event that resulted in a conspiracy theory.
  3. Ok, there was a criminal conspiracy to kidnap or kill Lincoln and other high ranking officials by Booth and several other southern sympathizers but the S.J. wasn't involved, nor did it have any long-term plans beyond trying to revive the Confederacy. Why the Jesuits would be involved or support the Confederacy hasn't been made clear anyway…
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