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Evil Bible.com is a well known website started in 2003 by atheist Chris Thiefe that highlights various hypocrisies, contradictions, and most notably various nasty passages in the Bible (hence the site's moniker). Although it hasn't been updated since 2010, it still remains as one of the most comprehensive sites on all things messed up in the Bible. The site catches a lot of heat from conservatives who like to pretend these passages never existed, and due to the site's fiery presentation of atheism (which is so intense one would think Richard Dawkins wrote it).

There are also several essays written by a "Charlotte" from the now-defunct site "Theists Suck" that cover End Times, the relevancy of the Old Testament, various Christian talking points, and much, much more.

For obvious reasons, it's been constantly referenced by atheists when arguing with fundies, Young Earth Creationists, Bible literalists, or anyone who just wants to troll creationist boards.

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