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Politics is the means by which public policy is decided. Technically, politics refers to the interactions between people in a given polity (Ancient Greek for the city-states that were dominant during that time), or community. The general application refers to policy-making at a government level; however, it has also come to mean the ins and outs of complex social situations, often having nothing to do with the reason the situation exists - for example, "office politics."

Whatever the system a government uses for its organization (democratic republic, dictatorship, theocracy, etc.), there is bound to be political wrangling for power, glory, and occasionally, the public good. Some systems attempt to keep much of this political give-and-take in the public eye (usually much to the disgust of the public), while in other systems, almost everything save the occasional "announcement" takes place behind closed doors. The difference is mostly based on the degree to which political participation by the broader public is desired or allowed.

Conservatives, right-wing, "cultural libertarians", "classical liberals", centrists™, and reactionaries[edit]

  • 100 Percent Fed Up(link): Known for promoting hyped-up Islamophobic conspiracy-mongering.[1]
  • Action française(link): Neo-monarchist French movement.
  • Allie Beth Stuckey(link): BlazeTV host and anti-abortion Christian conservative who went viral over her ridiculous fake "interview" with AOC.
  • Amber Athey(link): Author for the Spectator and the Daily Caller's White House correspondent.
  • American Decency Association:(link): Yet another anti-gay conservative Christian hate group trying to peddle an affable, friendly persona (à la Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, ETC...); this one places an emphasis on disparaging sexuality in the media.
  • American Family Radio(link) American Family Association's spectrum pollution network, spewing Islamophobia, homophobia, and all kinds of other far-right wing programming wrapped up into a package easily digested by evangelical Christians.
  • An0maly(link): AKA A.J. Faleski[2], a self-proclaimed "news analyst and hip-hop artist" who was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter before diving deep into the Trump-train. Typical Trump fanboy who claims that leftists are the real fascists with a side of new age stuff and conspiracy theories (particularly the Seth Rich ones)[3]
  • Apostate Prophet(link): Hit or miss. A self-proclaimed ex-muslim atheist who, while occasionally offering genuine criticism about islam, more often veers into outright anti-muslim bigotry and conspiracy theories. Also had some questionable things to say about the Christchurch shooting.
  • Bare Naked Islam(link): right-wing website with a very large slant on Islamophobia.
  • Bearing(link): Is known for making videos against feminism and claimed that Laci Green was being classless despite in that same video response to her, Bearing made the claim saying, "Yeah, I think I'm going to wait for the porno version comes out. The Cunting Ground," in regards to her not being able to wait until the documentary "The Hunting Ground", a film that serves as a documentary about sexual assaults that happens across college campuses, comes out. Is known for hiding behind the disguise of the bear from the Total Drama series as well as disclaimer warning making him not responsible for his fans going after the small targets he chooses when someone accuses him of bullying. Doesn't understand the basic concept of consent. In a hangouts with Michael Rowlands, Bearing whipped out his wee little member and he got called out regarding his toxic views on consent and before he could give Rowlands a valid answer, Bearing, being the defender of free speech that he was, kicked Michael out of the conversation. To get back at Rowlands after he made a satirical video towards Bearing, he then responded to a video Michael liked titled "Why I'm A Feminist". Known for attacking YouTube channels with less than 100 subscribers, especially those featuring 8 year old kids. Appears to prefer his targets to be young, female, and feminist. As of December 5, 2016, Bearing's YouTube channel has been terminated, not for the harassment of women on the internet, but by Fresh TV, the owners of the Total Drama series that own the rights to the bear that Bearing was using on his videos and his merchandise that he was using without their permission. He's not only back on YouTube, but accused both Danny Korcz and Kristi Winters of sharing the doxxing information about him to Encyclopedia Dramatica, without any actual evidence to back up his claims. On September 26, 2017, despite being an atheist, Bearing made a video where he explained that he was going to vote no in regards to Australia legalizing gay marriage.[4]
  • Big League Politics(link): Another far-right website that indulges in conspiracy theories, along with posting fake news. It was founded by former Breitbart.com employees in early 2018.
  • The Blaze(link): Glenn Beck's litter box is best known for his time on Fox News, and CNN Headline News before that, but his primary TV venue these days is video shown through his website. Tomi Lahren is a former contributor to the site.
  • Boris Johnson(link): Former Prime Minister of the UK and former writer for the Telegraph.
  • Brandon Tatum(link): Part of Turning Point USA. About as wingnutty as it's founder.
  • BradenderCox(link): Conservative consulting firm.
  • The Bridgehead Radio Show(link): Blog of anti-abortion (and anti-porn) transphobe Jonathan Van Maren, who is also a contributer to the similarly wingnutty Lifesite News website[5].
  • Candace Owens(link): Pseudo-intellectual that many far-right "skeptics" look up to.
  • Caroline Farrow([{{{2}}} link]): Campaign Director at CitizenGo. A Catholic pro-life TERF with many far-/right-wing follows, such as Prager U, Laura Ingraham, Ezra Levant and Mark Collett, to name a few.
  • The Center for Renewing America(link): Think-tank created by transphobe and the Direct Office of Management and Budget of the Trump administration, Russ Vought, which seeks to advance the policies of the Trump Administration now that Trump's administration ended. Basically, imagine if the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute were even more bigoted.
  • Citizen Warrior(link): Anti-Islam wingnut site
  • Classically Abby(link): Opera singer, beauty and lifestyle vlogger. Abby is also Ben Shapiro's little sister and shares several of his political views, such as being pro-life and performing the National Anthem at CPAC.
  • Clownfish TV(link): ComicsGators who rants about Disney/"liberal/leftist/pc media" ruining their favorite pieces of media. Formerly worked for the comic book industry under Disney before allegedly being fired (unsurprisingly). Particularly insidious are their claims that the couple are, in actuality, leftists themselves.
  • Conservative Black Chick(link): Once crassly told Trayvon Martin's grieving mother to "move on from this manufactured race-war"[6]. Also more or less likened Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to the KKK [7].
  • Conservative Party of New York State(link): Formed in 1962 by J. Daniel Mahoney, Kieran O'Doherty, Charles E. Rice, Raymond R. Walker and Charles Edison because they thought New York's Republican Party (The New York Republican State Committee) was too liberal. On of their Senators, James L. Buckley, got elected to the U.S. Senate in 1970 under the Conservative Party ticket before he ran again 6 years later under a Republican ticket (while still receiving an endorsement from CPNYS).
  • Count Dankula(link): Known for his infamous video where, for a joke, he made his dog do a Nazi salute while using antisemitic language. Has played the victim about it ever since claiming his video was "just a joke" and "people don't understand my humor", though his running around with UKIP after the fact certainly casts some doubt on that.
  • Creeping Sharia(link): Heavily islamophobic and not afraid to toss around transphobic slurs [8].
  • The Critical Drinker(link): Popular anti-SJW and Mr Plinkett rip-off who makes critiques about entertainment, typically about how identity politics, virtue signalling, and wokeness etc. in modern media are apparently ruining the medium. Despite showing he is capable of recognizing poor writing, he essentially only goes after the low-hanging fruit of criticizing media that's also "political" (i.e. politics he doesn't agree with) and never likes to express any original thoughts that would deviate from the anti-woke crowd rhetoric (only made more evident when he has changed poorly-aged titles on his videos). Author of the semi-successful "Ryan Drake" thriller series (so also thinks himself a writing expert).
  • The Daily Wire(link): Ben Shapiro's website since leaving Breitbart. The fact his YouTube channel avatar is a picture of St. Ronnie tells all you need to know about his content.
  • Dangerous Documentaries(link): Created by Joseph Klein of the wingnutty Capital Research Center. Finances equally wingnutty films and "documentaries" while whining about conservative "opression" in liberal Hollywood.
  • Dark Titan Enterprises(link): The YouTube channel of Vara Dark, a GamerGate woman who makes videos about how much she dislikes the video game companies censoring everything. Her main area of criticism being women in video games being less sexy than they used to be, particularly the women of the Dead or Alive Series as well as Skarlet and Jade from Mortal Kombat 11.
  • Dave Cullen (as Computing Forever)(link): An Irish vlogger that did reviews on tech products. Unfortunately that all became overshadowed by his political and social commentary, where he reveals himself to be from the same anti-progressive, anti-"SJW", Islamophobic, and anti-feminist bent as many other YouTubers of his ilk. He is also pro-Brexit and came out in support for Donald Trump during the 2016 election.
  • Dave Rubin(link): Host of The Rubin Report on YouTube who rambles on about what he considers the "regressive left" and claims defending liberal values is now a conservative position. Hangs out with many other prominent neoreactionary/antifeminist figures like Sargon of Akkad, Christina Hoff Sommers, Mike Cernovich, and Milo Yiannopoulos (whom Rubin had the privilege of being a guest with on his "Dangerous Faggot" tour). Recently partnered up with Learn Liberty, a libertarian website partly funded by the Koch Brothers, and collaborated with Prager U in making a video explaining why he "left the Left" (in exchange for having Dennis Prager appear on his show and vice versa). Would you believe us if we said this guy was part of The Young Turks once upon a time?
  • Dean Cain(link): Actor best known for playing Superman in the 1990s. Today he is an anti-SJW right wing partisan hack who subscribes to/follows several wingnuts on Twitter.
  • Dinesh D'Souza(link): Neo-conservative commentator who was responsible for terrible "Democrats bad, GOP good", documentaries.
  • Discourses on Minerva(link): The personal website of Paul Joseph Krause, senior contributor of The Imaginative Conservative, where he discusses classical literature.
  • Doctor of Common Sense(link): Black conservative YouTuber with a large following, mainly videos of him yelling about how our society is too tolerant of foreigners, gays, and non-Christians. He supports Trump, and many videos focus on black violence and Muslim refugees possibly causing terrorism, going to the point of paranoia. His name is E.W. Jackson.
  • Donald Trump(link): 45th President of the United States. At one point was a Democrat, but is now a Republican, probably because it benefits him financially. Said he wants to build a wall around Mexico to keep them out and wants to get rid of the Muslims. Uncertain how much of what he says he actually believes, as he's not set into his beliefs, unlike Ted Cruz who is a far right wing fundamentalist Christian to the teeth. Sometimes he says we should get our troops out of Syria and other times he says we should commit war crimes. Is known for contradicting himself. Said he didn't agree with Kim Davis being sent to jail but also said that the decision of the Supreme Court must be upheld, despite not being against Davis herself.
  • Douglas Ernst(link): claims to give "bare-knuckle commentary mixed with pop culture". In reality, it's a lot of conservative ranting about how sjws and liberals are ruining comics. Also writes for the Washington Times[9].
  • Dr. Rich Swier(link): A self-proclaimed "conservative with a conscience", if that conscience does a lot of gay-bashing, that is [10].
  • Elon Musk(link): CEO from South Africa. Re-opened his companies during the COVID-19 epidemic despite the warnings from medical professionals that doing so would be a terrible idea.
  • The Epoch Times(link): Formed by far-right religious cult, the Falun Gong, The Epoch Times often promotes far-right causes, including transphobia, antifeminism, racism, Islamophobia, and support for Donald Trump.
  • The Exodus Movement(link): Pro-Israel movement and spin-off of Brandon Straka's #WalkAway Campaign formed by model, Elizabeth Pipko, to convince Jews to leave the Democratic party.
  • Faith Moore(link): Wrote an article in the NY Daily News about being a conservative growing up in Brooklyn. Author of a book about wanting to preserve the traditionalism of Disney Princess titled "Saving Cinderella".
  • Flowerprincess(link): Was influenced by a Lauren Southern video called "Why I am not a feminist" to abandon feminism. Cites her along with prominent anti-feminists such as Sargon of Akkad, TL;DR, Milo Yiannapolous, Thunderf00t, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Captain Nemo as her influences. Like NateTalksToYou above, she downplayed catcalling.
  • Fox News(link): Infamous mainstream conservative news network known for spreading far-right talking points.
  • Free Conservatives(link): A third wheel to FR and WND. Is now dead.
  • Free Northerner(link): Neoreactionary blogger.
  • Free Republic(link): WorldNetDaily's twin, in a more thread-like format; serves as basically a forum for die-hard supporters of the latest right-wing sensation, such as Glenn Beck.
  • FreedomToons(link): Right-wing, anti-SJW cartoon "comedy" YouTube channel run by self-described "conservative libertarian" Seamus Coughlin.
  • Free2pray(link): Fringe-right site pushing for mandated school prayer
  • FrontPage Mag(link): David Horowitz's online magazine, which grows more unhingedly wingnutty with every passing year.
  • Geeks and Gamers(link): Another anti-SJW channel where a crew of alt-righters, heralded by Jeremy, rant and rave about "the SJWs" in Hollywood. Initially starting off as just a normal nerd culture channel, once Jeremy realized how lucrative it was to spew anti-SJW and pro-Trump rhetoric, he shifted hard into that direction and hasn't looked back. Also a member of The Fandom Menace.
  • Geller Report(link): News blog of SPLC-nominated hatemonger Pamela Geller. Possibly the cornerstone of anti-Islamic hatred in America. Previously titled "Atlas Shrugs."
  • Glink(link): Right-wing skeptic and anti-vaxxer who looks up to Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan. Believes Covid-19 was a bioweapon created in a chinese lab despite the medical consensus saying otherwise. Believes the free market can fix everything, despite being the reason why we're here in the first place.
  • GhostPolitics(link): Alias: True Capitalist Radio, True Conservative Radio, PoliticsGhost. An all-around crank, Ghost spews racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and homophobic garbage to a bunch of trolls and people who laugh at him interracting with them TENS of THOUSANDS of capitalists THROUGHOUT DA WURRRRRRRLD! He also dabbles in conspiracy-mongering (particularly ones involving "international bankers", Hilldebeest, WWIII being juuuuuust around the corner, HAARP, and denialism of the existence of space (No, seriously.).), transphobia, Brony-hating, fat-shaming, and generally being a massive scumbag. He has been known to give out numbers of callers on air, hang up on callers for "sounding fruity", and treat his few honest fans like trash. For a small-time podcaster, he has been the centre of a surprising amount of drama, including dox-wars amongst his fans.
  • The Good Patriot(link): Pro-gun wingnut blog starring Katie Bertino.
  • The GOP(link): The official website of the Republican Party.
  • Gun Owners of America(link): Take the worst elements of the NRA and multiple them by 100.
  • HeelvsBabyFace(link): British anti-sjw and literal embodiment of a manbaby who rants about "wokeness" in entertainment. Become noteworthy in 2023 from his over-the-top reaction to the video game "Starfield" for having selectable pronouns and a male-to-female clone by literally shouting into the camera about forcing gender "ideologies" and modern-day politics into media, an outburst other YouTubers and streamers found stupid and immature.[12]
  • HillBuzz(link): Blog founded by gay wingnut Kevin DuJan, former PUMA turned Sarah Palin fanboy and theorist of Barack Obama's sexuality and history of drug use.[13][14] Later pivoted to Donald Trump and First Amendment "activism".[15] Defunct since 2019 after failing to renew the domain, and has been replaced by a bootleg version featuring articles on DuJan machine-translated into Indonesian.
  • Hommunism News(link): Far-right blog with a heavy slant towards being anti LGBT, as seen by a swastika atop of the gay pride flag on the banner (despite the fact that the nazis targeted lgbt individuals).
  • I Bleed Red White and Blue(link): A right-wing "news" website that republishes and sources The Daily Caller articles.
  • The Imaginative Conservative(link): Traditionalist Conservative publication.
  • Independent American Party(link): A paleoconservative political party.
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute(link): Created by Frank Chodorov in the 1953 and led by William F. Buckley, Jr., ISI is a nonprofit paleoconservative educational program.
  • Isaac Butterfield(link): Australian YouTuber and anti-PC comedian who makes reactionary videos attacking feminists[16], vegans[17], cyclists[18], climate change activists[19], trans people[20][21], and anyone who doesn't agree with his views on comedy[22][23]. He also occasionally attacks anti-vaxers[24], flat earthers[25], and the mainstream media[26].
  • It'sAGundam(link): Anti-SJW and anti-LGBT wingnut who focuses on social media and entertainment.
  • Jesse Grant(link): Film reviewer who seemingly spends most of his time complaining about "woke" Disney/Hollywood/what have you.
  • Jacob Airey(link): Movie reviewer from Conservative Christian POV.
  • Jake Tran(link) a libertarian YouTuber, talks about NFTs and Crptocurrency scams ironically gets sponsered by NFTs and Crptocurrency scams. He claims his videos are not to expose evil businesses but to learn how to become one.
  • Jacob R. Guillory(link): Conservative kid who has been known to make response videos to feminists and makes claims that political correctness. Complains that left were the ones who abandoned the LGBT despite making a video about how there are only 2 genders. Came to minor prominence in July of 2016 when in response to a MarinaShutUp video said, "Your damn right this isn't going to end well for you."
  • Jamie Glazov(link): Editor for David Horowitz's Frontpage Magazine who often makes (sometimes delusional) attacks on the left and Islam as a whole.
  • Jason Mattera(link): Former activist for Young America's Foundation and author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. In 2010, he became editor of Human Events magazine at age 27. As the Human Events editor, he hosted a satirical clip mocking Kwanzaa as a "crackpot holiday."[27] In addition, he has also done ambush interviews at Capitol Hill, basically throwing right-wing talking points at Democratic members of Congress.[28] One in which he complained to Senator Al Franken about a provision in the health care reform bill spending seven billion dollars for jungle gyms got him much negative attention.[29] Mattera's video where he confronted White House press secretary Robert Gibbs "if he ever feels dirty defending this administration's lies and deception" also has had a bad reception on YouTube.[30]
  • Jesse Grant(link): Film reviewer who seemingly spends most of his time complaining about "woke" Disney/Hollywood/what have you.
  • Jihad Watch(link): Anti-Islam site run by Robert Spencer.
  • John Doyle(link): A red-baiting, Trump-loving, climate change-denying transphobe. Honestly, new name, same old bullshit.
  • JonTron(link): YouTube gaming channel run by Jon Jafari. Recently outed himself as an antifeminist during a podcast with Sargon of Akkad. Said he hoped for far-right candidates to win elections in Europe and has defended the concept of ethno-nationalism by regurgitating alt-right propaganda.
  • Jordan B. Peterson(link): Classical liberal from Toronto who makes is part of compilation where he "owns" people he disagrees with. Author of two different books. Has this weird obsession with lobsters. Frequent collaborator of PragerU.
  • Kali Fontanilla (link): Former public-school teacher and self-hating anti-Liberal crusader who often collaborates with PragerU. Claims the left are the “real racists”.
  • Lance Johnston(link): A typical Trump-loving wingnut with the usual hint of veiled misogyny and racism, among other forms of bigotry. Also makes generally unfunny videos.
  • Lance Rothman(link): YouTube user who makes videos displaying chainsaws and re-uploading Angry Grandpa videos. A few years back, when Gerald went by the name Modelshidden2, he made the comment, "I don't see no slut's name on that list.
  • Larry Schweikart(link): History professor at the University of Dayton. Responsible for writing the book "A Patriot's History of the United States" in response to the leftist biases featured in Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". Claims to be an accurate account of United States history, but leaves out valid information and the information it does provide comes from biased articles.
  • Laura Loomer(link): Like Lauren Southern below, Loomer was a contributor to The Rebel Media. She is most infamously known for getting banned from Twitter for the far-right tweets she was posting to the point where she handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter's office.
  • Lauren Chen (as Roaming Millennial)(link): Young millennial girl, who is among the new rising tide of conservative women on YouTube. Despite speaking in a calm and gentle manner, Roaming Millennial makes every right-wing talking point you'd expect to hear from the modern conservatives (minus bible verses), including how the Women's March in Washington D.C. doesn't represent her, gender isn't a social construct, and that women are actually the privileged class compared to men.
  • Lauren Rose(link): Ethno nationalist from New York. The video that put her on the map was her video detailing why she was no longer a "civic nationalist" instead choosing to label herself an ethno nationalist instead. When she came back in November of 2018, her videos varied between racist and anti-immigrant (such as her video ranting about the people of Guatamala storming America's borders) to anti-feminist (such as her video Andrew Cuomo making third trimester abortions legal in her home state of New York).
  • Lauren Southern(link): News reporter for The Rebel Media, a right wing news association. With them, she made a video about how she's not a feminist,[31] takes pride in mocking feminists who blocked her saying things like how she doesn't believe in cultural appropriation and claims that she is the victim in spite of the fact that she blames those that use Tumblr,[32] and is responsible for the creation of #TheTriggering.[33] She later made a video on White Privilege, and claimed that homophobia doesn't exist in the United States.
  • Leftist Cuck(link): Typical alt-right cringe compilation youtuber.
  • Leo Dunson(link): Black conservative founder of "Make Black America Great Again".
  • Liberty Doll(link): Conservative YouTube channel who made a video titled "Feminism is Irrelevant."
  • LibsOfTikTok(link): Chaya Raichik's far-right, anti-LGBTQ+ outlet who re-uploads TikTok videos from left-wing, liberal, and LGBTQ+ content creators while providing derogatory and harassing comments in the hopes of getting them murdered.
  • LifeSiteNews(link): A Canadian online magazine that's essentially the nutty right-wing twin of Globalresearch.ca‎. Pro-life and ultratraditionalist drivel with a slew of conspiracy-mongering aside, it has more similarities to its moonbat counterpart than its contributors would outwardly admit.
  • Literature Devil(link): "Make literature great again". The channel of S.A. Rivera, a self-proclaimed "professional writer" who tends to generally whine about how "sjws" are ruining literature and media.
  • Lord of Patriarchy(link): An obnoxiously overgrown man-child known for drinking beer and making video game reviews with absolutely no detail whatsoever. Is notable for criticizing the concept of feminism, especially his rants on Anita Sarkeesian and Marinashutup. Made a video where calling out somebody who supported the hashtag, #FreeKesha, because God forbid a rape victim leave the person who raped her.
  • Loudmouth Review(link): According to his own YouTube bio, "Some Loudmouth on the Internet with an opinion busts bad movies for your pleasure." He also makes videos about his hatred for feminism and social justice.
  • The Mad Monarchist(link): A Texan monarchist blog that's reactionary against just about everything and extolls the return of ancien regime-style absolute monarchy for all humanity regardless of creed or nationality. Tellingly, the site's mascot and patron is the infamous Baron Ungern-Sternberg, while any concession to such things as republicanism or democracy is considered heretical.
  • Magog of Morskar(link): YouTuber who cosplays as an evil sorcerer... while making videos criticizing social justice based on the strawmen he dreamed up in his head.
  • Margaret MacLennan(link): Made several videos responding to Anita Sarkeesian. Margaret also provides tips for several up-and-coming young conservatives. While she's at least honest with her conservative views, she also made a video about how many libertarians are conservatives on training wheels.
  • The Masculine Epic(link): The author is a guest-writer for Return of Kings[34] and is by all appearances a die-hard trump fan.
  • Matt Jarbo(link): 2edgy4me Pro-GamerGater and misogynist. Made an entire video dedicated to Confederate Flag-apology.
  • Matt Walsh(link):, anti-feminist, anti-immigration anti abortion angry white man blogger who has delusions of persecution.
  • Matthew Hopkins News(link), is a blog run by a former Tory MP named Sam Smith. The site is named after the infamous historical figure "Witchfinder General" Matthew Hopkins, who was responsible for the torture and killings of 100s of women during his "Witchfinding" career. So it's no surprise that its own Sam Smith is a supporter of GamerGate, a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos, a misogynist, and a transphobic crank.
  • Matthew Wiersema(link): A nutty anti-abortion protester who has been detained at least once by police for his behavior. Paints those against him as "pro-murder" and "crazy". Unsurprisingly has an anti-LGBT streak.
  • MauLer(link): Egotistical reviewer infamous for extremely long videos nitpicking covering a single film or TV episode and believes (wrongly) that entertainment media can be judged "objectively". Also has a second channel(link) for a series called "EFAP", mostly devoted to tearing down analyzing other YouTubers' essays and reviews on entertainment media alongside his conservative/anti-SJW YouTuber pals and attempts to persuade any targets who react badly that their opinions are wrong.
  • MechaRandom42(link): Yet ANOTHER anti-sjw pop-culture/rant channel who regularly rants about/bashes Brie Larson and the Star Wars sequels[35]. Known for having lulzy meltdowns ex nihilo when she realized, to her horror, that Larson's YouTube channel wasn't going anywhere anytime soon,[36] and for during livestreams when people criticize her singing.
  • Memology101(link): Reactionary YouTube channel who hides behind the guise of "centrism", whilst blatantly mocking leftists and siding with rightists.
  • Moon(link): Alt-Right conspiracy wingnut who in a now deleted video, claimed Social Justice was Cultural Marxism. Has xenophobic tendencies and defends far-right subreddits.
  • Midnight's Edge(link): Typical anti-SJW pop-culture channel. First came to prominence from an in-depth breakdown of the problems with the Fantastic Four reboot behind the scenes, before getting into bed with the anti-SJW collective The Fandom Menace.
  • Millennial Millie(link) Female reporter of InfoWars. Much of the same type of fearmongering used by people like Paul Joseph Watson (see below) is also used by Millie.
  • Mindless Entertainment(link): Female anti-feminist YouTuber who made video after video ranting about how much she hated the Captain Marvel movie and how much she hated Brie Larson. Says she doesn't like making videos about politics, and then makes videos ranting about SJWs and progressives.
  • Minds(link): Far-right version of Twitter, much like Gab below.
  • Misha Petrov(link):' Female anti-SJW who often makes videos about how evil trans people are and how leftism is a cult.
  • Miss Sarcastic Nerd(link): Female anti-SJW who makes videos regarding feminism and social justice.
  • Miss Zi-Zi(link): An artist who has posted a few videos railing against "tumblrinas" and "sjws" and has a video about being "red-pilled"[37]. On her twitter, she follows quite a few wingnuts such as Ann Coulter, Blaire White,Donald Trump, etc.. Also has fan art of Dana Loesch on her DeviantArt [38].
  • Moonbattery(link): Could have been a good blog mocking really embarrassing liberals, but instead mostly flogs pseudoscience like global warming denial and idiotic wingnut obsessions about Obama playing golf and using a teleprompter. It exists solely to bash and demonize liberals, is rabidly homophobic, and makes WorldNetDaily look level-headed and rational in comparison.
  • MyNameIsJosephine(link): For the most part the poor man's Candace Owens.
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter(link): Is mostly known for his cartoon reviews, but has also made rant videos that are political leaning. Despite barely siding libertarian left after he took the Political Compass Test, most of his videos tend to side closer with the right. Among them are a video about the Coronavirus where he ranted about Black Lives Matter for supposedly spreading the disease (even though an overwhelming majority of demonstrators were peaceful and exercised proper mask/social distancing precautions) and the economy being shut down and why he can't get back to work, despite people dying from this pandemic.[39] Later created a video with the premise of lambasting PSAs, but turned out to be a dumping ground for his ill-informed poltical takes. Lowlights include his claims that it's pointless to teach kids about climate change, that Fauci is a liar and a flip-flopper for not perfectly predicting the course or severity of the Coronavirus within the pandemic's first weeks, that those in favor of lockdowns are alright with people committing suicide, that writing fiction about racism is pointless because said authors are making stuff up, and that anti-racism movements are just as racist as the alt-right - all while repeatedly moving the goalposts himself to get his points across.[40]
  • Naomi Seibt(link): Known as the anti-Greta Thunberg, this teenage German girl peddles far-right conspiracy theories about climate change.
  • Nathaniel Abbot(link)"': Cultural analyst from a conservative perspective.
  • Neel Kolhatkar(link): An Australian anti-pc comedian who frequently uses strawman arguments in his short films against political correctness and other liberal/leftist ideas.
  • Nerdrotic(link): Former convicted drug-dealer-turned-comic book store owner who spends most of his time whining about SJWs, progressive media and anything to the left of Glenn Beck.
  • New Jersey Mama(link): A conservative Christian New Jersey mom (duh) who threw a transphobic hissy fit when her child transitioned from male to female. Now advocates for removing gender expression from NJ conversion therapy laws.
  • Newsmax(link): News network so far to the right it makes Fox News look left-wing by comparison.
  • NRA(link): "The left and the media wants to take away your guns. Join us and we promise we won't shoot you." What was once a fairly neutral organization that didn't oppose new gun legislation, in 1977, it became politicized against gun regulations. Often blames school shootings on mental illness.
  • No Bullshit(link): Anti-SJW YouTuber who hides behind the disguise of a bull to rant about how he despises social justice.
  • NOT WOKE SHOWS(link): Site dedicated to catering to the far-right-adjacent's entertainment wantings by choosing and reviewing pop culture media that is seen by them to not have any "woke" factors such as satisfactory female and LGBTQIA+ representation, non-adherance to tradtional gender roles, acknowledgement of systemic racism, toxic masculinity, anthropogenic global warming, and face masks and vaccines as proper protections against COVID-19, and criticism or downplaying of religion (and that's only scratching the surface), and labeling pretty much the rest of pop culture as things that are detrimental to society and thus to be avoided like the plague. (To add insult to the injury, it claims "women are inherently softer, smaller, and more passive than" men.)
  • NuclearU(link): Take the worst aspects of PragerU, and combine them with a paleoconservative and Traditionalist Catholic viewpoint.
  • Omegon(link): British YouTuber, who's cartoon animal avatar is Cthulhu, who makes videos why he despises feminism and social justice.
  • One Angry Gamer(link): A video game news site that, ironically enough, posts more about how feminists and "SJWs" are killing gaming and destroying western culture than he does about gaming.
  • Orange Hat Reviews(link): YouTube review that covers certain topics in entertainment media... while also ranting about how awful Anita Sarkeesian is.
  • The Other McCain(link): Blog maintained by former Moonie Times editor (and onetime League of the South member) Robert Stacy McCain, who among other things has ruminated on the "natural revulsion" people feel toward black-white relationships and suggested that date-rape victims are sluts who have it coming.
  • Overlord DVD(link): The YouTube channel of Doomcock, a YouTube movie reviewer and professional bullshitter who members of The Fandom Menace treat as a valid source for news.
  • Pardes Seleh(link): California transplant in Texas and conservative social commentator.
  • Pat Condell(link): British vlogger with a particular emphasis on anti-Islam commentary regurgitating whatever utter tripe the Daily Mail has fed him, sometimes to the point of bigotry. He doesn't like the European Union and once spoke favorably of the racist, far-right UK Independence Party because they also oppose it.
  • Pat McCrory(link): Former governor of North Carolina. Responsible for doubling down on House Bill 2, in regards to transgender people and the bathrooms they feel like using. HB2 is a bill that's responsible for the discrimination of the LGBT+ community and McCrory is one of its main backers.
  • Patriot Front(link): American fascist and neo-Nazi group that commits acts of vandalism and spreads propaganda stickers and posters in local communities. They split off from Vanguard America, a group with similar ideologies, in the wake of Unite the Right.
  • Paul Joseph Watson(link): One of Alex Jones's stable, he was a commentator for InfoWars and Prison Planet before starting his own YouTube channel. He goes for many of the modern wingnut tropes: liberalism is a mental disorder, transgender individuals are mentally ill people who should accept who they were born as, feminism seeks to dominate and subjugate men, political correctness is destroying America, black people are out of control, yada yada yada. Recently, he made a video about how conservatism is the new counterculture, despite not even coming close to what counterculture actually means.
  • Peter King(link): Congressman and representative of District 2 of New York. His policies included pro-Muslim Ban, anti-Affordable Care Act, and pro-Trump.
  • PeterSweden(link): A far-right youtuber who hs claimed on Twitter the the Holocaust never actually happened and that Hitler had some "pretty good points", among other antisemitic and overall racists views.[50] Katie Hopkins actually posed for a picture with him once, but later deleted the tweet (possibly after learning who he was).[51] He has also worked along side Paul Joseph Watson from time to time.
  • PI news(link) The PI stands for "politically incorrect". It is a mainly German-language site that is one of the primary voices of right-wing Islamophobia, homophobia and conspiracy theories in German-speaking countries.
  • Pink Hedonist(link): Another "red-pilled" anti-feminist conservative pretty girl youtuber.
  • Pissed Off Political Puppet(link): Formerly known as Drinkingwithbob, a Queens, NY-based crack addicted comedian Bob Thompson who does political and cultural commentary, usually taking Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/WorldNetDaily/other wingnut talking points at face value while acting like he's talking politics at the bar: [52] e.g. "Obama is a socialist", "the government is broke,"[53] "the illegals are invading,"[54] in a ranting, fast-talking, outraged manner ending with "What's next? What's next?" and five seconds of cool-off silence. Thompson has done commentary on the KNBC program The Filter[55][56] and even the RT network.[57] Now, he does all of this while hiding behind the disguise of a puppet.
  • Politic-Ed(link): unapologetically conservative, almost far-right corporate-friendly douchebags
  • Poseidon Awoke(link): Pseudo-intellectual neoreactionary who is anti-semitic and an all-around horrible person.
  • Politichicks(link): Former actresses Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany among others "cover" political events from a wingnut point of view.
  • PragerU(link): PRAGER UNIVERSITY IS NOT AN ACCREDITED ACADEMIC INSTITUTION AND DOES NOT OFFER CERTIFICATIONS OR DIPLOMAS. BUT IT IS A PLACE WHERE YOU ARE FREE TO LEARN. That is, if your concept of learning is watching screeds from the likes of Dinesh D'Souza and other right wing personalities and loony pundits.
  • PropagandaBuster(link): An elderly, and extremely conservative, Catholic man. Known mostly as an object of mockery for his political beliefs, and commentary on things he doesn't understand (he once expressed uncertainty as to whether the BNP were actually racist, or if it was merely a left-wing smear). However, most of this seems to come from general ignorance, rather than malice, and for the most part he's an affable enough old man.
  • Pro Life, Pro Liberty(link): Unless your gay, unless you want birth control, unless you want an abortion, unless you wanna talk about bad people, or are poor, really really hardcore anti abortion to the point of lying daily.
  • PSA Sitch(link): Another anti-SJW making videos about entertainment media, specifically in regards to "woke culture", how awful the Sequel Trilogy is, and other anti-SJW talking points.
  • RadioEqualizer(link): A project of former Seattle talk radio host Brian Maloney, who also blogs at radioequalizer.blogspot.com. Controversially, KIRO-AM canceled Maloney's Sunday talk show during NFL season as the station broadcast Seattle Seahawks games, but Maloney and his supporters claim it was a politically-motivated move.[58] He posts video clips from liberal talk radio shows in a criticizing manner in response to liberal criticisms of conservative talk radio.
  • Raging Golden Eagle(link): Pro-Gamergate/Comicsgate anti-SJW youtuber. Judging by his Twitter and video content on YouTube, apparently he is now part of the alt-right.
  • Rags(link): Another anti-SJW youtuber who whines about leftists, and uses Gamergate talking points in his videos.
  • Ranting Monkey(link): Anti-feminist YouTuber who hides behind a cartoon avatar, in this case, an angry cartoon monkey, Ranting Monkey makes videos responding feminists , social justice advocates, and everyone he disagrees with using the same conservative talking points that other members of the anti-feminist community use. Most of his videos are read in an extremely boring voice and while reading Bearing's cue cards.
  • Razorfist/The Rageaholic}(link) Typical right-wing Anti-sjw YouTuber, claims that nazis are socialists and an associate of Sebastian Gorka.
  • Real News Network(link): Peggy Traeger Tierney, the owner of this blog, should have named it "Wingnut News Network". What with all the paranoid and/or bigoted posts about islam, blm, lgbt people, etc.. Also has an unhealthy dose of red-scares and conspiracy theories.
  • Red Eagle Politics(link): YouTuber who provides political commentary and strategy from a far-right perspective.
  • Redeemed Zoomer(link): Gen Z Presbyterian YouTuber who. while playing Minecraft, makes videos about how Mainline Christianity, including PCUSA (his denomination), have been corrupted by theological liberalism and that right-wing Mainline Christians should retake the churches so they can have access to historic church buildings and institutions. Through Operation Reconquista, Redeemed Zoomer (and other right-wing Mainline Christians) sent 95 Theses to their churches. Essentially, he's a conservative Christian who's pissed that Mainline churches don't mind gay marriage and are allowing women to preach.
  • The Remnant(link): A more organized version of the above by ultra-traditionalist Catholics who see even the notion of everything after Vatican II as heretical to their visions of theocratic eden.
  • Revenge of the Dreamer(link): Typical conservative/anti-feminist fanboy who made a video equating feminists to MGTOWs and a few videos on how diversity/feminism/what have you are ruining movies. Also fairly homo/transphobic.
  • Rev Says Desu(link): Far-right anime commentator.
  • Right Side Broadcasting(link)}: Far-right YouTube news channel that features several different show on the channel, including America First with Nick Fuentes.
  • Right Wing News(link): Crazy right wing web shite run by John Hawkins, a totally insane wing nut who's made a career out of making "lists" that prove liberals are the real [insert any insult]. A transphobic,[59] race-baiting,[60] global warming denying conspiracy theorist,[61] he fits right in at Townhall.com, another site he regularly contributes too. He is so devoted to making the "conservative" movement pure that he thinks Republicans like Peter King should be voted out of office for not being extreme enough.[62]
  • Roary(link): Australian Anti-feminist YouTuber who hides behind the disguise of a cartoon lion.
  • Robert Storms(link): Follows the typical YouTube reviewer formula established by the Nostalgia Critic of ranting into a camera for several minutes. Also, spread false information in regards to Birds of Prey. Infamously went on a huge rant about the movie "Parasite" and how it's "not as good" as "Joker"
  • Robot Head(link): Anti-SJW YouTuber who makes videos about why he dislikes the sequel trilogy... all while hiding behind the disguise of a robot.
  • RobinHoodUKIP(link): Psuedo-libertarian, ultra-nationalist YouTuber who posts videos glorifying Brexit, reactionary politicians (in particular Jacob Rees-Mogg and ranting about anything to the left of Enoch Powell. Also shows traces of homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, racism and anti-feminism despite his 'libertarian' status.
  • Rocking Philosophy(link): Pseudo-libertarian website promoting anti-feminism, homophobia, pseudo-history, pseudo-philosophy while attempting to disguise itself as a legitimate philosophy discussion blog.
  • Ryan Kinel(link): Anti-sjw and transphobe constantly attacking anything "woke" in media. Started out his channel by neutrally discussing Star Wars media before soon getting on board The Fandom Menace gravy train, associating himself closely with Geeks and Gamers.
  • Ryan Long(link): A conservative-leaning "comedian" whose whole shtick is telling the same old edgy jokes, like the transphobic "72 Genders" and unfunny jokes/sketches about progressivism and PC Culture.
  • The Satiratician(link): Generic, boring anti-Shoe0nhead YouTuber hiding behind an avatar. Everything any other antifeminist has done, such as criticize feminism, #BlackLivesMatter, etc., he has done it. Most of his videos are response videos and claims that a school dress code is justified.
  • Sayanythingblog(link): A conservative website founded by atheist libertarian Rob Port in 2003. It purports to be an atheistic, libertarian blog, but its commentariat is comprised of primarily fundamentalist Christian, anti-science creationists.
  • Score PN(link): GamerGate who made a video ranting about the changes they did to the female characters in Mortal Kombat 11.
  • Scott Presler(link): is a right wing Donald Trump supporter. Presler has made headlines organizing trash pick ups in low income cities as well as the aftermath of protests. However, this is obviously a political move to try and "own the libs/Left" and "ANTIFA" as Trump runs for reelection.
  • Scribe Light(link): Part of Ranting Monkey's inner circle. Also makes videos in regards to why he dislikes feminism and social justice.
  • Secular Right(link): Atheist republicans
  • Secular Patriarchy(link): One lonely men tries to write a atheist radical traditional blog about gender roles, later falls into both Christianity and red pill. Very, very alt-right.
  • Shockofgod(link): Friend and confidant of both NephilimFree and Conservapadia man-child, Conservative. Frequently makes videos on Conservapedia making comment on his videos on Conservapedia after Conservative asks him to comment on Conservapedia. Shock, as he is fondly referred to as, is known for his high levels of machismo.[64]
  • ShortFatOtaku(link): Believes Paul Joseph Watson's claims that "Conservatism is the new punk rock." Makes videos that features the same anti-SJW talking points you've heard time and time again.
  • Sinatra_Says(link): Antifeminist spreading the same "the right is right, the left is wrong" talking points... all while hiding behind an avatar of Frank Sinatra.
  • SJW Triggered(link): Typical right-wing, Anti-SJW, pro-Trump YouTube channel about "owning the libs/leftists".
  • Sky Gilbert(link): A canadian gay rights activist and drag queen who is also (somewhat surprisingly) a transphobic douchebag and occasional (less surprisingly) Quillette writer decrying the trans movement.
  • Sophia Narwitz(link): A pro-Gamergate video game journalist who frequently writes on sites like Daily Caller and RedState to whine about the "PC left".
  • Steven Crowder(link): A conservative "comedian" and host of Louder With Crowder. While his humor can be quite funny at times, some of his videos regarding American history and politics are very bizarre. He has made factually incorrect videos about the origins of the peace symbol and the education system in America, [66][67] and, as any good Christian should be, he also is against same-sex marriage. While he has cited religion in his arguments against the ACLU, Crowder did use secular reasoning and arguments in his argument against Gay Marriage, albeit bad ones.[68] He is the definition of smarmy. Oh, and he used to play the cartoon character Brain on the show Arthur.
  • Students for Life(link): Student pro-life movement that wants to take away a woman's choice as to whether she wants to have an abortion or not. On their YouTube channel[69], their student's spokesperson Autumn Lindsay has made several videos promoting her anti-abortion opinion, her most infamous being "Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen."
  • Sydney Watson(link): Far-right Aussie who proudly spouts anti-feminist, transphobic and anti-vaxx/mask/lockdown rhetoric, promotes conspiracy theories (i.e. election fraud, white genocide), and has compared BLM to the KKK. She organised "March for Men", a MRA protest in Melbourne to fight against a perceived war on masculinity, rather than something that matters, like raising men's mental health awareness, something that Sydney herself has questioned the credibility of, going as far as saying that "a lot of people are just flat out weak". In other words, she's awful.
  • Synthetic Man(link): Unhinged far-right gaming channel who likes to decry anything that doesn't cater to a straight, white-supremacist's fantasy as "woke" or "political" (which includes the mere presence of minority characters that mean the developers are anti-white).[70] His views are considered so extreme and absurd that even other anti-sjw/conservative YouTuber contemporaries tend to shun him, such as Mauler who has mocked his videos on EFAP.[71]
  • Tailed Feature(link): Scottish anti-SJW who makes videos about why he dislikes feminism and social justice.
  • Taki's Magazine(link): Online magazine, nominally libertarian but also featuring much paleocon, neoreactionary, and white nationalist commentary, founded by expatriate Greek socialite and Golden Dawn supporter Taki Theodoracopulos.
  • Ted Cruz(link): Senator from Texas and runner-up from the 2016 election cycle. Mentioned that his strategy to defeat ISIS involves carpet-bombing the Middle East despite the fact that several innocent people live where he plans to drop the bombs. Supported Kim Davis's refusal to do her job when she was required to give marriage licenses to LGBT couples. Boycotted Obamacare for 21 hours, thus costing the United States thousands upon thousands of dollars. While Trump boasts that he can make America great again, Cruz intends to burn bridges just to ensure that his policies get passed. Intends to overturn the Supreme Court's decision to allow members of the LGBT community to get married. Would use the Bible as a justifying force to rule the nation as he sees fit, thus violating the separation of church and state. Claimed there weren't any Christian terrorists, completely ignoring the Army of God.
  • Ted Nugent(link): Former rockstar who's one of the NRA's most active advocates. Doesn't feel like a man unless he's shooting things... from a helicopter.
  • Terrell AfterMath(link): Wingnut "political cartoon" blog.
  • Terrence K. Williams(link): A black conservative "comedian" and "fried chicken specialist" who once appeared on Fox News to discuss the racism controversy surrounding NYT writer Sarah Jeong with host Jesse Watters... and made an overtly racist "joke" about Jeong in the process.[72]
  • Terry Hurlbut(link): He is of Conservative News and Views "fame." His videos are primarily Tea Party and birther related.
  • That Star Wars Girl(link):Comicsgate/The Fandom Menace blabberer who regularly rants about Kathleen Kennedy "ruining" Star Wars or about Brie Larson in general. Has a transphobic "I identify as a mutant" joke on her Twitter bio.
  • The Patriot Initiative(link): A right-wing website founded by Josh Moore, a conservative representative from New Hampshire who got into hot water over comments about breastfeeding women that were... questionable to say the least.[73]. Owner of a face that screams "douchebag".[74]
  • TheQuartering(link): Real name: Jeremy Hambly - Anti-SJW Youtuber best known for his obsession of Brie Larson, ranting about the She-Ra reboot not having large breasts, drunkenly pissing in his basement and cowering out of debates. He is banned from appearing at Magic the Gathering events and Gen Con due to his misogynistic harassment (and by extension, his followers) of female cosplayers.[75][76] He had a Twitter spat with trans content creator Keffals calling her a "groomer", he was challenged by Keffals to a debate. Unsurprisingly, Jeremy chickened out making excuses until he was "Sam Seder'ed" by Keffals with the help of ReviewTechUSA, a gaming review and news content creator. He has since been bleeding followers on Twitter.
  • Traditional Western Architecture(link): Hides behind pictures of European style architecture in order to attack modernism.
  • TL;DR (Teal Deer)(link): Tries to justify slut-shaming, denies Laci Green's sexual assault story. In his response to BadMouseProduction's response to him, TL;DR completely skipped out the part where BadMouseProductions explains how the people in the Western world being oppressed mainly to focus on the comment BadMouse made telling him to grow up. In his video response to Jacq'd Up, went on to use evidence to prove how feminism was never necessary.
  • Toku Time(link): Power Rangers and Super Sentai Review show run by EZ Rider. Often makes sexist comments in his videos such as "Top 10 Women of Kamen Rider", despite the show being aimed towards children. He put his sexism on display after the events surrounding MAGFest in 2013 when he chose to continue to associate with ReviewTopia after several other members left in the aftermath of LordKat sexually molesting a drunk girl during a livestream.
  • Tom Cotton(link): Conservative politician from Arkansas that wrote a terrible NY Times article where he suggested the U.S. military should be brought in to stop the BLM protesters after police lynched and murdered George Floyd in brood daylight.
  • Tom Richey(link): U.S. APUSH teacher. He put his conservatism on his shoulders when he said defended Milo Yiannopoulos from his fellow history teachers on Twitter even mention that in a livestream he did with Mr. C. titled "#FreeMilo Hangout".
  • Tommy Sotomayor(link): Listen to this ex-convict[77][78] explain how his fellow black people are the bane of human existence and how the Democratic Party and white liberals are keeping them down.[79] He makes Uncle RuckusWikipedia seem rational.
  • Tomorrow's World Viewpoint(link): Anti-LGBT and Anti-feminist right-wing Christian channel connected to the Living Church of God.
  • Townhall.com(link): Just plain crazy and to the right of National Review. It's one of the most popular right wing sites though.
  • Trash Alert(link): Anti-feminism response video channel from a guy hiding behind the disguise of a poorly drawn Microsoft Paint garbage can. Believes that solution to the dictionary definition of the word feminism is that people should get rid of it and label themselves egalitarians instead.[80]
  • True Legend Films(link): The website of Scooter Downey, a former contributor to Geography Now. This company makes right-wing documentaries, often co-directed with Mike Cernovich.
  • True Pundit(link): Known for fabricating stories about NYPD seizing Clinton's emails for child sex trafficking rings and alleged that Hillary Clinton wanted to drone Julian Assange (to be fair, Clinton's shiftiness on this question did lend an air of respectability to True Pundit's claims early on). Cited by Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn, alongside WikiLeaks, RT and other sources of such repute.[81][82]
  • Tsar GradTV(link): A news network that combines the worst aspects of Fox News and Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Turning Point USA(link): Neo-conservative think-tank that includes activists such as Tomi Lahren, Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens.
  • Twitchy(link): Twitter content aggregator founded by Michelle Malkin and striving to make wingnuttery "hip" for the young folks.
  • Undoomed(link): A hypocritical anti-feminist hiding behind the disguise of Slender Man. In his video response made towards Maja Anushka, he claimed that she was a broken record for constantly making videos about feminism, despite the fact that a good majority of his videos were about feminism. Many of his videos mainly just consist of him making insults towards the person without providing any actual evidence to back up his claims. Strawmanned Lifeofaunicorn's video where she came out and talked about her feminist experience, even the opening graphic of the video appeared, as the title of that video is called, "I'm an Idiot (Thanks for Admitting It!)". A good majority of response videos are made to teenage girls who are brave enough to get in front of a camera and calmly admit that they're feminists or why they're feminists.
  • Vernaculis(link): Recognized by his voodoo doll head avatar, he is an aspiring journalist who spends most of his time criticizing the media and "dangerous ideologies", and is of the same anti-progressive bent as Sargon of Akkad (who endorsed him) abi. His arguments, however, are best described as "appeal to ridicule", in that he presents the opposing viewpoint in such a way that makes the viewpoint ridiculous, usually by misrepresenting or exaggerating the argument and making his opponents out to be disingenuous manipulators. He consistently expresses an outright denial of research that opposes his viewpoints (such as the wage gap, workplace discrimination, or gun control), he quite literally goes TL;DR for studies that contradict his views, and he frequently contradicts himself in his own videos (saying it is "arrogant" to presume that anyone votes incorrectly, while also saying that it is "unintelligent" to vote for a woman based on her gender, in the same video). One of the newer anti-progressives on the block, he is fervently anti-feminist (believing that it is authoritarianism on the level of George Orwell's 1984), he dabbles in mild transphobia, and he holds Gamergate to be an example of good journalism. He denies or downplays systematic discrimination in Congress, politics, and the workplace, defended the cops who murdered Eric Garner, once implied that the election of Barack Obama is a sign of a post-racial society, and defended the Confederate Flag by denying that it is a symbol of racism or treason.
  • VeryNearlyViral(link): What happens when anti-SJW try to be funny. (Spoiler alert: It doesn't work.)
  • Vince Dao(link): Nationalist who helped found the American Populist Union and editor at American Virtue.
  • Vito(link): Made several videos about why he despises Star Wars The Last Jedi.
  • Vlad Tepesblog(link): Virulently islamophobic channel with far-right subscriptions.
  • Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park(link): North Korean defector who spreads numerous conspiracy theories surrounding North Korea and who often grifts for far-right causes, such as arguing that wokeism is worse than North Korean in her appearance on Glenn Beck's show.
  • VotingFemale(link): Fortunately, the blog itself hasn't been updated in a while. Unfortunately, this "conservative attack kitty" is still pretty active on Twitter.
  • Weather or Not(link): The personal blog of meteorologist Roger Edwards that is full of semi-paranoid, wingnut ramblings.
  • Weebo Jones(link): Female anti-SJW who makes videos in regards to her dislike of feminism and social justice.
  • Whaddo You Meme??(link) A homophobic and transphobic christian youtuber who has made videos bashing the LGBTQ+ community and Islam, as well as arguing against abortion even in the case rape and incest.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): True American Patriot Neoconservative wannabe cowboy. Everything wrong with the American right wing. A Tea partier, Christian fundamentalist, homophobe (believes homosexuality is perversion), islamaphobe, gun nut...whatever else of that nature you can think of he is most likely for it as he is very much the caricature of the stereotypical Republican. In fact, he could very much be considered a comedian for his videos that he makes about liberals/Democrats, "unmanly men", Obama, Hillary Clinton, Atheists, Hollywood etc. supported by some very bizarre rhetoric. In his most popular video "Secret Service Secrets" he tells us of some stuff that he learned from his supposed friends in the Secret Service (who are not very good at their jobs). George W. Bush is described as "intelligent and disciplined" while Michelle Obama is apparently a "hardcore racist".[83] Basically, Republicans = GOOD, Democrats = BAD. He will, however, occasionally attack conservatives, typically Libertarians who oppose his more authoritarian views. The most common targets are Ron Paul and Alex Jones.
  • Would You Like Borders With That Socialism(link): A rare instance in which an ultra wingnut blog at least attempts to maintain a (pseudo) intellectual guise.
  • Worth A Buy(link): 50-something Englander who is known for his outspoken opinions on video games. Unfortunately his honesty is often overshadowed by his incessant pedantry, PC elitism, off-topic conservative jabs at society, calling out "wokeness" in games, and generally complaining at how video games are not as good as they used to be. He also acts like his opinions are objective truth, made only more apparent when he is criticized for certain views and then insults people for being uneducated or biased in response videos (some of which he has deleted, which just shows how thin-skinned he is). In one such deleted review of 2020's Second Extinction, he criticized the inclusion of an African woman wielding a minigun, leading to him being called out by the developers of the game.[84]
  • XLetalis(link): YouTube Gaming channel known for posting playthroughs of RPGs. Made a video complaining about Netflix's new Witcher show because of the skin color of the characters in the show.[85] Often upvotes and hearts anti-feminist comments on his videos.
  • YellowFlash 2(link): YouTube reviewer and delusional anti-feminist and anti-SJW wingnut.
  • YogiOabs(link): An extremely misogynistic Ex-MGTOW turned Traditionalist Conservative. Sells Feminism is Cancer T-Shirts with the definition of cancer on the back of the shirt. Also, makes creepy videos where he rates his instagram followers. He further elaborates on his hatred of feminism on the about page of his second channel. [86]
  • Zach Hing(link): An Asian-American anti-feminist wingnut who claims that the democratic party is "a party of racists"... In spite of his support/friendliness with far/alt-right and/or racist individuals such as Gavin McInnes and Faith Goldy.
  • Zeducation(link): Main unfunny youtube "humour" channel of Tyler Zed, your average xenophobic, occasionally homo/transphobic wingnut Trumper.
  • ZUBY(link): Musician who often sides with conservatives on various topics, such as BLM and feminism.

Liberals, leftists, and reactionaries masquerading as "leftists"[edit]

  • Amelia Jane(link): Jumped on the "callout/cancel culture is bad" bandwagon when people started criticizing Peter Coffin for defending serial rapist Laurelai Bailey.
  • Angie Speaks(link): Often shoots her mouth off during livestreams. Compared victims of childhood sexual abuse with PTSD to vampires, uses classist stereotypes towards people who criticize her. Has a history of ableism.
  • Andrew Gavin Marshall(link): An "independent researcher" and activist who pretty much exemplifies Globalresearch.ca and Truthout at their worst. Left-conspiracist material abounds with a strong emphasis on the sinister Federal Reserve and corporate New World Order along with crank-laden woo that wouldn't be out of place in Infowars.
  • Being Liberal(link): As with Being Conservative above, it's a Facebook-like page, with nothing bad originally in concept. After BC started making its rounds, BL decided to "balance the scales" and essentially became your go-to resource for Republican and Libertarian bashing, with liberal bias all around.
  • Black Agenda Report(link): A group of tankies who often whitewash China. During rising tensions in Taiwan in mid-2022, they denounced NATO as an instrument of imperialism and spread unfounded claims about NATO committing ethnic cleansing and promoting Nazism in Ukraine,[87] the usual sort of lies peddled by Putin apologists on the left.
  • Burn Coalition(link): Is known for using ableist slurs and not distancing himself from his friends who don't share his leftist beliefs. Continues to defend Kanye West despite the latter's recent defense of Trump.
  • The Canary(link): For those that think The Guardian is too right-wing. Generally pro-Corbyn clickbait. Also employed shoddy ethics when discussing a doctor's suicide.[88]
  • Claudia Brown (as Ranting Feminist)(link): Despite her username, Ranting Feminist's videos are actually relatively tame. Makes videos discussing antifeminist arguments and debunking them such including a video illustrating how Milo Yiannopoulos actually wins his arguments against feminists. Though recently, it seems like she's more feminist in name only considering how she constantly plays defense attorney for Shoe0nhead. She has pretty much retired to the role of minor Twitter pundit until further notice, as her YouTube channel comparatively gathers dust.
  • Corbett Report(link): An alternative news site that despite being left-wing is as far from the Colbert Report as you can imagine. 9/11 conspiracies[89] and NWO schemes aplenty, which is not helped at all by his ties to Globalresearch.ca.
  • FCKH8(link): Takes real issues such and doesn't give them the weight and nuance they deserve. In a video about FCK H8 created by Marinashutup, she points out that they're known for being a sleazy company. They're known for denying that asexuality and pansexuality as sexual orientations calling the former an "emo fad" despite being created to fight against hatred towards the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Globalresearch.ca(link): Anti-globalisation, anti-war news aggregator website which unfortunately loves them some conspiracy theory and can't resist indulging in various woo topics.[90]
  • The Grayzone(link): Anti-Western website with connections to RT.
  • Grover Furr(link): On Stalin, communism or the USSR.[91] Once said he is "yet to find one crime that Stalin committed."[92]
  • Hakim(link): An Iraqi Sunni Muslim Communist doctor with often concise critiques of capitalism and fairly robust solutions on how to achieve proper socialist policies in government. He is a Marxist-Leninist. He does not support the characterization of the Uighur genocide as a genocide, denies the Anfal genocide against Kurds by Saddam Hussein.[93] Denies that Iraq prosecutes the Kurds at all,[94] often veers uncomfortably towards anti-Kurdish racism,[95] and does not believe Stalin caused the Holodomor on purpose,[96] [97]
  • ICOR(link): Short for International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and OrganizationsWikipedia. Saying they don't acknowledge the atrocities of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong is an understatement.
  • Infrared(link): Generic yankee-exceptionalist "patriotic socialist". Pretty much a reactionary in all but name.
  • International Communist League (Fourth International)(link): Webshite of the Spartacist League. Unique among far-left groups, they are notable for their "longstanding defense of NAMBLA" (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and opposition to age of consent and statutory rape laws, and believed that Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski did nothing wrong.[98]
  • Korean Friendship Association (link): A western pro-North Korean propaganda website.[99]
  • Maoist Rebel News(link): Tankie par excellence, Maoist and North Korean apologist. Denounces modern China as "Dengists who betrayed Mao" though.
  • Peter Coffin(link): Is known for letting his overinflated ego get in the way. Used anti-callout culture/cancel culture rhetoric in order to defend Laurelai Bailey, who has been known for being a serial rapist.
  • ProleWiki (link): A tankie wiki dedicated to promoting pro-Chinese and pro-Russian propaganda.
  • Qiao Collective(link): Crank magnet that promotes Chinese nationalist propaganda.
  • Real Brother Radio(link): Said "someone who's black who dates and/or marries non-blacks" is a sellout.[100]
  • Rugged Midwesterner(link): Recently jumped on the anti-callout culture bandwagon that people like Peter Coffin jumped on.
  • World Socialist Web Site(link): A Trotskyist news site of the Socialist Equality Party. While they occasionally gets it right about politics and problems facing workers and has some excellent film reviews, they have a habit of defending sexual predators, harassers, and convicted rapists (we're talking Roman Polanski, Andrew Cuomo, Harvey Weinstein, even Kevin Spacey) and call any leftist critic of theirs "pseudo-leftists" (which is what they referred the socialist Jacobin Magazine in another article[101]). Quite a few of the writers also have a disdain for anything remotely related to "identity politics" such as #MeToo. Uniquely among far-left groups, they oppose the concept of trade unions and argued that unions are extensions of capitalism, and workers should instead leave their unions and join the local SEP branch. Good luck with that.


  • Chat-Mort(link): Makes political commentaries from a libertarian and constitutionalist POV. Her YouTube channel has been gathering dust, but she is still very much active on Twitter.
  • Julie Borowski (AKA Token Libertarian Girl)(link): Paulbot who wants to "End the Fed" and return to the gold standard. Has declared healthcare, along with education, to not be a right, but instead a "good", and has compared universal healthcare to slavery.[104] Believes women aren't libertarian because they've been duped by the "liberal media".[105] In 2019, wrote an entire children's book for indoctrinating children into libertarianism, which was endorsed by Rand Paul himself.[106]
  • Lew Rockwell(link): Libertarian-flavored wingnuttery. Also runs columns by Ron Paul, Joseph Mercola, and Gary North. Lots of woo and general craziness as well: Creationism, Christian dominionism, global warming denial, diet woo, quackery, gold buggery, anti-vaccine, 9/11 conspiracy, raw milk, and Neo-Confederate rants. Runs frequent good columns (they're hardcore anti-war, critical of the culture of militarism rampant in the U.S., pro-drug legalization, anti-airport security and police overkill, etc.) and several columnists whom one might agree with almost always. The problem is all that good writing is side by side with the likes of neo-Confederates, Christian fundies and all that woo. Read selectively or just visit Antiwar.com(link) where you can get the good content minus the baggage.
  • Philip DeFranco(link): During the era of the ranting community, he got hatred for the overuse of fake titles, misleading thumbnails, and excessive jump cuts while exploiting the deaths of innocent people all while showing no human decency while doing so just to garner views. He is still a view whore who still doesn't have human decency, but now he does this by appealing to the anti-SJW community to the point where even Undoomed was citing him as a source. He also made questionable tweets regarding Donald Trump's "Grab Her By the Pussy" comment during the second 2016 Presidential Debate. Plays himself as the reasonable middle ground man, but actually doesn't discuss white supremacist racism and anti woman bigotry because that might lose eye balls to his show. Is seen as reasonable and well adjusted by many many red pill and traditional men.
  • Scotty M (as Libertarian Views Scotty M)(link): Made a video about how Nazi Germany was socialist despite it not even coming close to what socialism actually is. Claimed that the Nazis using the color red was proof of this, despite the fact the capitalist country he lives in having red in their flag.
  • Shane Killian(link): A holdover from the early days of YouTube atheism. His original Bogosity series focused on debunking your typical targets of skepticism: Moon landing hoaxes, creationism, etc. In later years his focus has shifted from general skepticism to promoting extreme libertarianism. He's come out in support of GamerGate on numerous occasions (despite admissions that he doesn't fully understand it), and has uploaded an epic 40-minute-long video explaining" feminism. Tends to call people who disagree with him in the comments LIARS in all caps.
  • The Smallest Minority(link): Another Randroid blog with wingnut tendencies.
  • Tom Woods(link): Paleolibertarian who is known for writing "The Political Incorrect Guide to US History", a paleoconservative retelling of America, to the point where he defends John C. Calhoun and thinks southerners referring to the Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression is justified.

Literal government propaganda[edit]

  • RT(link): Formerly known as Russia Today, this Kremlin-funded piece of work manages to straddle both wingnuttery and moonbattery in its reporting. Conspiracy theories and absurd amounts of craziness passed off as "alternative" news abound.
  • Korean Central News Agency(link): (KCNA) or StimmekoreasNorth Korean state propaganda.
  • Press TV(link): Iran's Official English-language news channel, with a special penchant for promoting Antisemitism.
  • TeleSUR(link): Hugo Chavez's propaganda channel and still a hardcore apologist for authoritarian socialist regimes even after he kicked the bucket.
  • CGTN(link):One of China's vast propaganda outlets.
  • Global Times(link): A division of the more tempered People's Daily. Basically the the CCP's version of the Daily Mail, with all of the dubious credibility that implies — it functions as a jingoistic rabble-rouser.[110][111] Notable headlines include denying the Uygur genocide,[112] and denying that Covid-19 originated in Wuhan, China.[113]


  • The Right Opinion(link): "The home of a twat with too much free time". British YouTuber who thinks political correctness and "SJWs" were responsible for why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Doesn't think racism played a role in why Trump won the election, and made fun of Laci Green's tweet about white people possibly playing a role in election results despite the systematic history of racism in America.[114] Has been known for making fun of left leaning positions. During the Brexit vote, he voted to leave because he thinks trade and the economy won't change and hates the democracy of the European Union and that they're a second corrupt government.[115]
  • Vegan Gains(link): Is in the camp of vegans who thinks any person who isn't a vegan deserves to die. Makes videos both commenting on people's bodies, such as saying Eugina Cooney isn't naturally skinny. Gains also makes anti-SJW videos, such the infamous "Laci Green raped me" which served as a parody of her false rape accusations video. Made fun of the people who were disappointed with Trump winning the 2016 presidency.


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