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Meredith "MeMe" Roth is an American activist and professional troll who is the founder of the anti-obesity "organization" the National Action Against Obesity, which would be considered the Autism Speaks of the health movement if it wasn't composed of only her. She was once referred to as a "bold purveyor of uncomfortable truths" by a writer for The Guardian[1] in a piece that ended up being against some of her crazy ideals, leading to her issuing "a formal complaint including a request for retraction and formal apology".[2]

While Roth is slightly less nutty than Vani Hari, she is best known for not even bothering to hide her nutty statements, wrapping up fat-shaming and food woo into a "well-meaning" package.

Her campaigns[edit]

In 2007, she complained on Fox News (of all channels) about American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks, claiming that she was a bad role model to little girls because she was overweight.[3] When people went to criticize her for her obvious fat-shaming, she replied saying she "100%" stood by her statements and then proceeded to appropriate legitimate reasons for fighting against obesity to shoo away people from criticizing her statement.

In 2008, she attacked the Girl Scouts for their tradition of fundraising by selling cookies, calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies demanding that "all civic organizations must cease" raising money by selling scout cookies.[4] Most longtime Girl Scout leaders were quick to call shenanigans on her idea.

When a blogger called her out for her behavior, she replied by claiming the astroturf organizations run by the food/bev industry were after her,[5] which was technically true, if only they weren't running on a stopped clock.

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